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1966 Beauty Ad, Fresh-Start Skin Care by Pond’s, with Young Barbara Bach in Hot Blue & Pink by Classic Film

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<br />Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Fresh-Start skin care by Pond's, featuring young model-later-turned-actress Barbara Bach (b. August 27, 1947), 1966. Bach was chosen to play beautiful Bond girl Anya Amasova in the James Bond film &quot;The Spy Who Loved Me&quot; (1977) and married former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in 1981 (they're still married today). Her role in the Bond film skyrocketed her into fame as a sex symbol around the world.

Tagline: “Spots are in, but not on your skin - New Fresh-Start by Pond’s cleans out oil-choked pore openings, the breeding ground for blemishes”

Published in Ingenue magazine, April 1966 - Vol. 8, No. 4

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