retro look

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Shinee as teachers


old fashioned math teacher, handsomen always makes lame jokes, students and teachers loves him, his classes are always qquiet bc he speaks in a lowe tone sexy voice but ends up in a happy mess bc of his cute puns


Young philosophy teachers, wears dark clothes, doesnt know what to say but ends up saying alot, always ask questions but never get answers and he likes it, he love cute students and try to invole himself in their personal lives


Hottest litterature teacher, retro look and proud walk, young students got grush on him, chronic bi*ch face and super hard tests


Pe teacher, always wears same clothes, goofy and always late, students know about his personal life and gossip about it, gets friendly with guy students and doesnt even know girls students names


Sexy science teacher, classy look and very nice body, is very serious but stutters during anatomy courses, a lots of rumors around him but in reality he’s very shy and runs away from students love confessions