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I can’t get enough of the new Phoenix since it dropped yesterday. It’s literally left me smiling for hours on end. The French rock heroes are more lustrously vibrant than ever on J-Boy, a new wavey, italo disco-y, hyper jubilant, feverish glinting spectacular. It sparkles and twinkles, shimmers and swirls, twirling us around within its whirlpool of dizzying euphoria. J-Boy brings to mind some of M83′s tunes off recent album Junk. As it turns out, the long time, much loved French house purveyors have described their forthcoming album Ti Amo as being related to “summer and Italian discos”, so the M83 Junk comparison isn’t too far off the mark. A summer of effulgent italowave and retro disco sounds more than splendid to me. Ti Amo arrives on June 9th. 

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