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This is every color Gameboy Pocket ever made.

Some of these are extremely limited. The Atlus Gameboy for example, was given to employees of game developer Atlus in 1997. Less than 150 of them were ever made. Also, there were only 2,000 glow in the dark Gameboys ever made and they could only be won through a drawing.

Pictures taken from my personal collection.


3DNes Emulator is an awesome online emulator that allows you to play old NES games as you’ve never seen them before - in 3D (well technically it’s probably 2.5D, but that’s still 0.5D more than ever before!)

Play 3DNes Emulator, Free (Browser)


A real life treasure hunt.

In 2004, Nintendo released a gold colored Game Boy SP to coincide with their latest Zelda release: Minish Cap. Gold Zelda themed editions are pretty common for Nintendo but here’s where it gets interesting.

Nintendo decided to play Willy Wonka and hide a total of 6 golden tickets inside random Zelda SP boxes. If you found a golden ticket, they would send you an actual 24 karat gold plated Game Boy SP!

To this day, no one has ever found any of the tickets and claimed the prize.

With special editions like these, a lot of people tend to buy them and keep them sealed in the box as a collectors piece so someone out there may have a ticket and not even know it.