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The Insane Adventures Of Andy takes you on a very silly, existential trip into the mind of a Pong paddle, as he contemplates the futility of his life.

Created for the Mini-LD Jam #58, the dev has added a narrative to the age old game of Pong to create something that’s equal parts ridiculous and amazing.  Taking under ten minutes to complete, The Insane Adventures Of Andy is packed with surprises that will make you laugh and smile.  To say much more will ruin any surprises, but just play it, for Andy’s sake!

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Donkey-Me is essentially Donkey Kong, but beautifully re-skinned with classic movie themes – from Alien to Indiana Jones.

Gameplay is exactly the same as the classic Donkey Kong arcade game, simply avoid obstacles while attempting to climb to the top.   What makes Donkey-Me so amazing though is the attention to detail that has gone into creating the movie based themes.  The pixel art animation is fantastic, whether you’re jumping facehuggers as Ellen Ripley or bashing Stormtroopers on your way to the Millenium FalconDonkey-Me continually impresses.

With Alien, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Gremlins, Total Recall, Conan The Barbarian, The Exorcist, Flash Gordon, Rambo and Big Trouble In Little China all recreated in perfect pixel art form, complete with chip-tune theme tunesDonkey-Me is a must for retro gamers and movie enthusiasts alike.  Pixel perfect retro platforming.

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New Retro Arcade is a fantastic 80′s arcade simulator that allows players to explore and play real retro games on authentic MAME arcade machines, Super Nintendo’s and Game Boy’s.

We’ve seen similar virtual arcades before with Microsoft’s Game Room and Anarchy Arcade, but nothing with the amount of detail and ease of use of New Retro Arcade.  As you explore this retro haven, you really are transported back to the 80’s, complete with classic decor, full of glowing neon and classic movie posters.  There’s also a boombox that you can insert new cassette tapes into to change the music, from the Smiths to Michael Jackson – the devs really have thought of everything.

The main draw are the retro games though, every arcade cabinet looks authentic and is playable the moment you walk up to it.  You can even play a selection of Game Boy and SNES games, even changing out cartridges on the SNES to change games.   You don’t just have to stick to playing video games either – you can play darts, 10 pin bowling or even shoot some hoops.  To get fully immersed in the virtual arcade experience you can also hook up an Oculus Rift and truly enter the arcade.

It’s a sad fact of life that arcade gaming is dying out, but New Retro Arcade with it can live on forever.  It’s the perfect way to play classic arcade games the way they were meant to be played – in an arcade.  This really is retro gaming nirvana – highly recommended.

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Fix-it-Felix Jr. is a perfect reconstruction of the Donkey Kong inspired game from Pixars Wreck-It-Ralph, complete with MAME-style start-up screen, power-ups and exact recreations of the start and ending animations.

It’s a great homage to Wreck-It-Ralph and a perfect little retro game in it’s own right.  Play-It-Ralph!

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Super Mario 64 HD is a near-perfect recreation of the entire first level from Super Mario 64 in Unity 5, complete with Bob-ombs, Bob-omb Buddies, Goombas, coins, boulders and mini-mountain to climb.

The only things that are missing are the wing cap power-up and the Big Bob-omb, everything else is a perfect recreation, including all Mario’s animations and soundbytes.  Unfortunately the developer does not plan on working on this project anymore, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any more levels, but it’s a wonderfully nostalgic trip exploring Bob-omb Battlefield with everyone’s favourite plumber.

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Super Mario Bros. In First Person is (as you may expect) the original Super Mario Bros. game recreated in first person, making for a very interesting and surprisingly challenging experience!

What makes Super Mario Bros. In First Person so tough is that it’s still essentially a 2D game, it’s just that you’re viewing it from a first person perspective.  This isn’t Super Mario Bros. with Mario 64 controls – it uses the exact controls as the NES original (albeit with the ability to look around with the mouse).  When the classic controls and precision platforming of the original are translated to first person it can be tough and mind breaking experience (but ultimately a fun one).

Super Mario Bros. In First Person features 3 whole levels perfectly recreated in 3D at the moment and can be played on a controller, but it’s a (slightly) easier experience with a mouse and keyboard.  Either way it’s an amazing experience playing the original levels of an all time classic in first person – those goombas can be pretty scary when you’re face to face with one!

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Super Wolfenstein HD is a fantastically fun (and funny) game from the developers of Broforce, that introduces hilarious ‘realistic’ physics and fully destructible environments to the classic Nazi shooting gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D.

Super Wolfenstein HD only features a few levels at the moment, but they’re a riot from start to finish, as you stab, shoot and bash your way through jelly legged guards, vicious attack dogs and even a couple of bosses.  

All the walls are completely destructible too, with you able to bash your way through them to unearth hidden stashes of ammo and health.

It’s a gloriously glitchy mess, full of destruction and chaotic hilarity.  Highly Recommended.

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