retro game hunting

Most of my time inside the game. I spend working on enemy collision and creating level 1-1 (this lvl teaching player how he should play ) Also I been creating this world text.


This is the best craigslist pickup I have ever found (or probably will ever find). I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across it. But there it was in all its retro glory. A fully functional Vectrex.

This console has eluded me for years. I often searched both eBay and craigslist for one, but eBay sellers wanted upwards of $150 plus shipping and I’ve never seen a working one on craigslist until today. Even better, I happened to see the post literally minutes after it went up.

I bought it from an older man who said it had just been sitting in his garage since the ’80s and I was the first to call him. He plugged it in and showed me the built-in game Minestorm. The vector monitor looked beautiful. When I asked him how much, I expected at least a Ben Franklin. But no. After a long pause, he said, “Sixty and it’s yours.” I didn’t even try to barter. I just wanted to get it in my car.

I’m still excited about it as I’m writing this. I truly never expected I would find one of these in the wild for so cheap. But man, persistence pays off! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play some Minestorm.

-Posted by Mike B.