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My TAZ animation is finally done! 

The first time I listened to the scene with Garfield the Deals Warlock, I had an inspiration to draw him as if he were a shopkeeper npc is a retro video game! I was heavily inspired by the Undertale style of shopkeeper, since I think the humor of it all kinda fits in well with TAZ.

This was for fun, I hope you all like it even though it’s short and silly ! <3 

So, this is the new HUD, made with HUD Maker! Pink is Hearts, Blue Purity, used for Purge Skills and recovered by guarding, and yellow is your Rank! Star is the currency. On the other side there’s healing items, which also gives a bonus for each equivalent stat (Ambition, Patience and Versatility, linked to the elements of the Zodiac Qualities system, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable!)

Now the HUD doesn’t appear on scenes! It’s all perfect and fine!

I’m really proud of this one, I think I could use the minimum space without interfering much with the map (there’s more space in the map, but if I recorded in the game’s full screen the gif would be gigantic)! This is also a WIP cave :3
Sonic Series: Sonic 3 & Knuckles – morgankitten – Medium
This is the final part of my series on the Mega Drive (and Mega CD) main series Sonic games! I recommend going through in order as each…
By morgankitten

Finally, the last part of my series of articles focusing on the Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic games is up, finally about many fans’ favorite game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles! As usual, it’s illustrated by many gifs I took especially for the article to better present my points and explanations! Please give it a read and share if you liked it. 


The Pinball Wizard Arcade unexpectedly closed its doors for good last weekend. By sheer, utter chance, my wife and I decided to visit on what happened to be its final day. After discovering the news, we spent one last evening playing all our favorite machines, then joined the list of patrons looking to give games a good home. We rescued three.