retro bowling

Bowling disappointment

Well, if you’re thinking of buying the new Bowling SP because it adds a new social group activity to the game I think you should reconsider.

  • Sims don’t talk when they bowl, not even if they “bowl together”. Heck, bowling doesn’t even fill their social need bar.
  • Sims stand up in an idle position while waiting for their turn (instead of sitting down chatting or watching the other players)

  • Sims don’t show any reactions when the other sims fail or succeed.

It’s a little unnerving with a completely quiet bowling alley to be honest. If you’re looking to have a fun time bowling in sims I’d suggest you load up TS2 instead, it’s way more fleshed out! I think I’ll be focusing on TS2 for a while now, it’s my happy place after all. ^_^ 

Atomic Bowl

When I heard about the bowling stuff pack, the first thing I thought about was building a mid-century modern bowling alley in Oasis Springs.  I figure a retro bowling alley gives me full license to go all out kitsch so I went with the most “go big or go home” MCM architectural style that ever existed - Googie.  This build has given me a major headache but I’m happy with how it turned out.  I’ll show more photos when I start playtesting soon (if anyone is interested, I’ll be sharing this build).