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Happy Birthday Depeche Mode Release single ‘Heaven | All that’s mine’ 31|01|2013 (digital eu & us)

Heaven was released as the lead single from their 14th studio album Delta Machine. An accompanying music video for “Heaven” was directed by Timothy Saccenti and premiered on VEVO on 1 Feb 2013 link; 

The single retrieved Gold in Italy but In the UK, by contrast, the single reached only #60, the first initial single from a Depeche Mode album to fail to reach the UK Top40, otherwise they still hold the record of MostTop40 Hits without reaching No1 in the UK: 40 !

Highest Chart Peaking: #1 Hungary #1 US Dance Charts

so phoenix and edgeworth are at some stuffy district attorneys’ gala thing that they’re both rly tired of but miles was obligated to attend and nick went bc he’s a good husband, anyway, they’re trying to sneak out of the parking lot when someone they’re talking to notices miles has a dog harness in his backseat. “prosecutor edgeworth! you have a dog? i wouldn’t have guessed”

“WHY YES I DO” miles turns around to respond and immediately pulls out his wallet to show this poor person ACTUAL PRINTED PHOTOS of pess that he has on hand at all times. “she’s a purebred retriever, beautiful honey-gold coat, and she’s nearing ten years old but you would never know because she can keep up on a run like she’s barely two, and she…”

phoenix groans and drags a hand down his face because holy shit now they’re gonna be here all night. he attempts to distract him to no avail. “babe. trucy needs us to come home. miles. hey. it’s getting late.. miles… okay. i’ll just. i’ll just go back inside…. and wait this out…… at the bar probably”

Twilight Moon gazed at the sun
Wishfully waning away in waters of evergreen sulfur
Manually the noose retrieves collective gold gooses
All chanting backwards a remedy
To quell hate seeping into serenity
And when indecency proclaimed evil as retribution
The sun mounted falsehood through levitated papers filled with ink
Galloping away a stead steeped in filth
Yet clean are the faces who hold up the hooves