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had our senior class retreat this weekend- came home and made a physics study guide for a unit test tomorrow!

(inspired by @studyguideverified)

Jesus Lord though REALLY??

I am so sorry to new followers, I typically avoid major wankages in the Sherlock dumpster fire fandom but some things are too ugly to ignore.  Yes it may seem silly, but it isn’t silly to me.  Not at all.

I’m a survivor myself, of childhood trauma, but trauma nonetheless.  Seeing those posters make light of true victimhood is not ok.  You don’t get to make images that misrepresent the characters of a tv show to manipulate people into thinking they embody TRUE abuse.  What makes it truly horrible though, is that the person put real, actual abuse hotline numbers and women’s organization phone numbers on these images.  Damn.  ૮(ꂧꁞꂧ)ა

I’m fine with Johnlockers chaffing til the cows come home about their ship not becoming canon, but the continued outright LIES have to cease.  Write your fanfic.  Drawn your fanart.  Fix the show in those ways, that’s fine.  We all do it.  But you guys have to stop poisoning the rest of the fans who enjoyed this thing with outright falsehoods.  Move on, find a new thing that gives you what you want, fix the thing in your head…but stop ravaging the rest of us with your bitter cucumbers of buttock fruit.

PARADISE FOUND: Globe-trotting CNN anchor Anderson Cooper takes refuge from the 24-hour news cycle in a heavenly tropical compound nestled in the postcard-perfect Brazilian town of Trancoso - photography: Simon Upton - text: Mayer Rus - AD August 2016

  • “An assortment of Brazilian devotional oratories and an antique confessional chair are arrayed against a turquoise wall; the ceiling lights and dining chairs are Uxua Casa, the table is vintage, and the floor is waxed concrete.”

Skyhold Garden

Where whither grows the simple scent of sprigs anew in furrowed soil,
For on the vine are yours and mine, a bounty blessed by honest toil.
Though brave in war and ways we are, and wander thus in victory,
It’s on the vine where yours and mine are graced with health and history.

In home and hearth and battlefield, our sustenance is common held,
If on the vine are yours and mine, and always there we are compelled,
For turning home is not retreat when home is why we fight at all,
And on the vine is yours and mine, entreating in our heart the call.

So of the boons you cannot buy, there are but two we’re certain of,
Not on the vine of yours or mine, is first the cost of truest love,
And that denied a purchase price, we turn our gaze to what’s in hand
And of the vine are yours and mine, tomatotl from our own land.

──From A Garden’s Grace: Songs of the Field, collected by Maryden Halewell

the types at a party
  • intj: shows up, is immediately disinterested, and starts to leave but gets unwillingly pulled in by the crowd
  • infj: shows up, and after about half an hour gets roped into a counseling session with a heartbroken stranger
  • intp: arrives halfway through the party and ends up drunkenly lecturing someone on astrophysics
  • infp: shows up and says hi to two people before getting overwhelmed by the crowds and retreating home with a good book
  • entj: shows up and ends up drunkenly bragging to everyone before crying in the bathroom
  • enfj: goes into hyper "mom" mode and helps three different couples work through their relationship problems
  • entp: spends the half the time trying to excitedly explain their newst plan to everyone before giving up
  • enfp: becomes best friends with everyone there, and busts out their dorky dance moves while somehow looking cool in the process
  • istj: is uncomfortable for about half an hour before unwillingly ingesting several cups of alcohol and becoming a party animal
  • isfj: ends up driving about seven people home who can't drive themselves
  • estj: is the designated driver, and is actually responsible
  • esfj: eagerly socializes for the first half, then consoles a heartbroken friend for the second half
  • isfp: stays on the side of the room, and forms a meaningful bond with the cat
  • esfp: somehow has amazing dance moves and makes everyone jealous
  • estp: dances with the esfp, and manages to look pretty cool (but not as cool)
  • istp: mysteriously enough, doesn't show up before posting a picture later of his/herself at the top of a mountain halfway across the world

Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy) 

Fic Summary: When Branch’s new bunker below the Troll Tree floods, Poppy finds a way to help him cope with his past (And learns a few things about her own history while she’s at it.)


Poppy loved the rain.

Well, Poppy loved almost everything–but rain was one of her favorites. So when she had awoken to the pitter-patter of water hitting her roof, she was thrilled. She spent most of the day cozy in her house, watching the drops hit the leaves of the trees around her while she worked on one of the many scrapbooks she had lying around. Her friends managed to drag her out for about an hour to enjoy an impromptu ‘singing-in-the-rain’ party, but she was quick to retreat home as soon as the cold started to seep in.

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