Pandora Hearts Meme: Seven retraces
↳ LIX: Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again [3/7]

Forget what I did? Turn my eyes away?!! My memories, my mistakes, all of my suffering, the past, the future, I have no intention of giving any of them up to you!

I am Elliot Nightray! And I will not let you take that away from me!!

Elliot, Y U no let me kill you?

I didn’t know you had suicidal tendencies.
Ooc/ No, Elliot, why did you die? Mochizuki Jun! You evil storyteller! However, I always have respect for authors who kills off an attractive character, she’s got guts. Still, Elliot, you’ll always be remembered. (lol, maybe he’ll appear in a later chapter)

Retrace 76... rejection + thoughts

So I just wanted to clarify to anyone who may be wondering about Alice saying she was denied or rejected (as different scans have used different things)

I’ll start with going back to when Elliot rejected Humpty Dumpty. He uses the Japanese 否定 (Hitei - ひてい) which means reject/negate/deny. Alice also uses the same for when she is saying what Oz had done.

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narrendor asked:

2, 20, 23, 36?

wOAH got really sidetracked and I have no idea when this was sent, but sorry if it’s late? maybe? (also heey! how are you, friend?)
This is for Pandora Hearts questions right? I think that was the last one I reblogged?

2: Favorite character?
Oz and Elliot! They’re tied, and i can’t choose between them hahaha

20:Opinion on the Baskervilles?
I love them all! I still really want to cosplay Lily…. maybe one day I will hahaha

23:Moments that made me cry?
Retrace 59…. yup….
 a lot of moments actually hahah
Also can’t forget retrace 104. I cried so hard reading the last chapter (mostly because it ended, but also because wOAH that chapter)

36:Favorite character backstory?
I actually… don’t think I can answer this because there’s so many character’s with so many really interesting backstories? They’re all so complex and great. I love them all