Pandora Hearts Meme: Seven retraces
↳ LIX: Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again [3/7]

Forget what I did? Turn my eyes away?!! My memories, my mistakes, all of my suffering, the past, the future, I have no intention of giving any of them up to you!

I am Elliot Nightray! And I will not let you take that away from me!!

Elliot, Y U no let me kill you?

I didn’t know you had suicidal tendencies.
Ooc/ No, Elliot, why did you die? Mochizuki Jun! You evil storyteller! However, I always have respect for authors who kills off an attractive character, she’s got guts. Still, Elliot, you’ll always be remembered. (lol, maybe he’ll appear in a later chapter)

Pandora Hearts 30 day challenge

Day 16 - Saddest episode (—>Retrace)

I cried, I threw a fist on the wall, while still trying to hide in my room, pretended that I was sleeping so that my parents wouldn’t find out I’m sobbing T.T Even after a couple chapters I still thought: “This is not right… Jun will bring him back… this must be it…” 

Now… it’s kinda like… I gave up hoping… still I love you Elliot… damn… why am i crying again…