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List of Pandora Hearts Subtitles - Part Two

(It is a list of chapter names, with their English title and their Japanese title, divided up by volume. I will only be translating the comments Mochizuki-sensei has made concerning some of the titles.)

Part One here. Part Three will be up soon! :)

-Chapters 50 & 55 (Volume 13 & Volume 14)

Retrace: L Reverse Corte -鳴らない鍵盤 (Soundless Keyboard)-

Retrace: LV Back to Back -ひだりの闇 (Left of the Darkness)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: While looking at a dictionary of dance termionolgy for the Headhunter volumes, these were the subtitles I decided on.

-Chapters 53, 57, 59, and 60 (Volumes 13, 14, and 15)

Retrace: LIII Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall -ハンプティダンプティ(Humpty Dumpty)-

Retrace: LVII Humpty Dumpty had a great fall – 閉鎖 (Closing/Closure)-

Retrace: LIX Couldn’t put Humpty together again -エリオット=ナイトレイ (Elliot Nightray)-

Retrace: LX Egg Shell -喪失 (Loss)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: In the Headhunter volumes I was allowed to use the Humpty Dumpty rhyme from English literature’s Mother Goose. “No one was able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. All that were left were egg shells.”

-Chapters 66~70 (Volume 17)

Retrace: LXVI Jack – 雪が降る日に (On a Snowy Day)-

Retrace: LXVII Lacie- 紅を纏う者達 (Those Who are Clad in Crimson)-

Retrace: LXVIII Glen – 彼女を落とすもの (The One Who Drops Her)-

Retrace: LXIX Alice – アヴィスの意志 (The Will/Intention of the Abyss)-

Retrace LXX Oz – 真実 (Truth)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: The entirety of Volume 17 is the “People’s Name Series”.

-Chapters 71, 72, and 74 (Volume 18)

Retrace: LXXI Black Rabbit -君の生まれた日 (The Day You Were Born)-

Retrace: LXXII Bloody Rabbit -鎖 (Chains)-

Retrace: LXXIV Broken Rabbit -からっぽな掌 (Empty Palm)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: This is the “What does the ‘B’ in 'B-Rabbit’ stand for? Series.” The Japanese subtitle for Chapter 71 was consciousnessly meant to be the opposite of [the Japanese title for] Chapter 47 [Unbirthday (The Day You Weren’t Born)].