retrace 81

Pandora Hearts Retrace 81

I have effing mixed feelings about almost everyone whom where in this chapter… I mean again this mangaka plays with my affection and emotions toward characters. I still want to care and like a lot of my favorite characters and others too but then there is this ultimate other side of them that gives me these mixed feelings…


While I am on the “I love PH characters” topic, let me talk to you about this classy motherfucker.

Here’s Doug Baskerville. Probably one of the less seen and most underrated character of Pandora Hearts. He pops up on one or two pannel(s) every ten chapters or so. He’s the Baskervilles family papa/uncle, he’s the one who always has their backs, he’s the one always taking care of the others. He’s the one, along with Fang, who had the idea to put this tattoo on his face to make Lily feel better. He’s the one who looked for Lotti at the Yura party and more or less saved her from Break. I could go on about what he’s done but he is basically a giant teddy bear, just a rather very intimidating teddy bear. And here he’s the one who came down right away when he heard Lily’s screams and the chaos happening downstairs and he’s the one who actually calmed Vincent down and put him away from Break (which, by the way, might just have saved Break for now). Anyway he’s done a lot, most of which we were probably never shown in the manga because those guys’ backstory is a complete mystery, BUT LET’S JUST APPRECIATE DOUG IN ALL HIS MAJESTY!

Also let’s not forget he is a super talented artist and a sweetheart.