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Call for Help. =(

I had hoped I wouldn’t need to make a post about this, since I thought I had solid plans in the works. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it went.

I have been unemployed since January 1 of this year. The company that I was working for went out of business. I then got in contact with a former employer, hoping that they would have a place for me. We had a phone interview, and things were truly looking up, until they just… never called me back.

I am also in the process of applying for unemployment at this time, ftr.

I still have my computer, and I still have Photoshop, so I would much prefer people commission me for artwork rather than me just straight up asking for donations while I look for another job.

If you have something in mind, like a photo retouch or anything, send me a message here on Tumblr or you can send me a detailed email at

If you do have anything to spare, my PayPal address is also

And, of course, if you’re not able to commission me or donate, a reblog will always be appreciated to help spread the word.

Please consider helping a broke ass Latina out. LOL.

all these queens are livid about paper magazine not retouching their photos and i would fucking be too like yall are really gonna publish unflattering + badly lit + untouched shots of DRAG QUEENS? unprofessional

professional photo retouching

So basically I’ve been trying to make some extra cash and because I don’t have the time to have a job while I’m a full time student, I thought I’d offer up my Photoshop services :)

I can do:

-acne and blemish removal -color correction -background blurring -i could even change the color of your eyes if that’s what you want lmao just tell me what you’d like and I’ll tell you if I can do it

DM me if you’re interested :) 

Battle of Los Angeles

The photo published by the New York Times in 1942 has been cited by modern day conspiracy theorists as evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. The say the photo clearly shows searchlights focused on an alien space ship.

However, the photo was heavily modified by photo retouching prior to publication a routine practice in graphic arts of the time intended to improve contrast in black and white photos. (source)