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retoreizer asked:

Important question: Who's your main OTP that you cry about everyday? We all have one (Right????)

Oh damn, that’s a tricky one. I can’t really give a definite answer as it changes day by day but atm it’d probably be… uhh Emi x Hisao from Katawa Shoujo? I dunno, I just love their interactions and how they support each other. Like Emi brought Hisao out of his post-heart attack depression and improved his fitness level so he could do more without risking a heart attack, and the mere fact that Hisao is there to help Emi through her own struggle. I dunno, I just love it so much c:

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Last beverage: i had an orange, pumpkin, pear, apple, carrot,etc. juice mix~ >/////<
Last phone call: … Lel I never answer the phone in my house… Random relative perhaps some long time ago~
Last text message: College friend~
Last song you listened to: Hidamari Memoria - (Symphogear) Miku’s theme!
Last time you cried: Since Plastic Memories… -crys-

Have you ever….
Dated someone twice: NEVER DATED. Single life is what I like~
Been cheated on: Um never dated~
Kissed anyone and regretted it: yea.. IT WAS BY ACCIDENT!!!! I SCREWED UP HARD. It’s such an embarrassing story~ 3 of us were walking home together after school and I somehow kissed the person I liked’s best friend WHILE thinking of the girl I liked WHO WAS RIGHT THERE WITH US!! Even I was like, “WTF WAS I DOING” Ugh.. And thus begun my awkward high school life of pretending that I liked the girl I liked’s best friend. *deep breath* Make an anime please~
Lost someone special: ..Maybe. I’ve never considered anyone really special to me.
Been depressed: I’m probably always depressed~ >u>
Been drunk and threw up: I’m like immune to being drunk~ I drink it like water hahahaha. SO NO. (** I only drink when offered, I am not an alcoholic **)
List your three favorite colors: Blue, Black, Red

Made a new friend: College friends and internet friends <3
Fallen out of love: Meh~ I haven’t been in love since highschool
Laughed until you cried: Sure! Most likely from an anime
Met someone who changed you: Mhhhhm NOPE
Found out who your true friends are: I’m such a bad friend.. Like I never really consider anyone really close to me but this one person has stuck with me despite my introverted personality since elementary school. Thank you Kurt.. <3 He’s in the same college as me right now.
Found out someone was talking about you: Um probably my new college friends trying to figure me out~ Nothing bad I don’t think..
Kissed anyone you follow/follows you: NAH.

do you have any pets: HAD. They all died. Goodbye hamster, guinea pig, fishes and parakeets~ Don’t give me any pets >u> (Jokes jokes they were natural causes)
do you want to change your name: People like the way my name rolls aparrently ~ Chris Cruz is like Bruce Banner or Clark Kent
what did you do for your last birthday: Pizza for one~
what time did you wake up today: 12:00PM
what were you doing at midnight last night: drawing while streaming
name something you CANNOT wait for: To be a ghost like in Nanana’s buried treasure~
Last time you saw your mother: 5:00AM?? She was preparing for work and I helped her make breakfast~
what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I were less introverted. My personality has been a big problem for me and other people. I’M SORRY!
what are you listening to right now: Walker’s Ridge - City Sleeps
have you ever talked to a person named Tom: MAYBE? I’m not so good with remembering people’s names…
getting on your nerves right now: Life~
most visited website: other than tumblr.. youtube??
blood type: O-
nickname: None unless you consider my URL or my OC Epherma
relationship status: THE SINGLE LIFE!
zodiac sign: Capricorn
pronouns: he
elementary: don’t even remember
high school: hated high school
college: currently in Automation and Robotics
hair color: Black
long or short: short hair
height: 5′6″
do you have a crush on someone: MY ANIME DAUGHTERS
what do you like about yourself: I like my honesty~
tattoos: none
first surgery: does having your wisdom teeth removed count?
piercing: none
First best friend: She died before I moved here~ And since then forgotten her name.. But I will remember her as the girl who kept taking my hat!~
First sport you joined: Basketball
First vacation: Montreal, Quebec
First pair of trainers: I don- WHAT?

Eating: Ate breakfast EGGS AND RICE
Drinking: coffee is good~
I’m about to: play games
Listening to: (This was asked before lel but now)  Rain (Alternate Ver.) - Breaking Benjamin
Waiting for: Waiting for the next episode of Symphogear~
Want kids: I LOVE THE SINGLE LIFE!.. But I don’t know. Maybe later adopt a child..? Can you even adopt as a single parent?? I wonder~
Get married: Heck NO
Career: working towards that in College
Lips or eyes: eyes~
Hugs or kisses: I rather have hugs <3
Shorter or taller: if I had to like someone, they have to be shorter..
Older or younger: around the same age; a bit older or younger doesn’t matter~
Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic i guess~
Nice stomach or arms: stomach??
Loud or sensitive: someone sensitive like me~
Hook - up or relationship: hook-up?? I don’t want to commit…
Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker.. I like random~
Kissed a stranger: NOPE
Drank hard liquor: Someone has yet to offer me any.. SO NOPE
Lost glasses/contacts: Barely use my glasses but I know where they always are~
Had sex on a first date: WHAT DATE?
Broken someone’s heart: Ugh. I’ve always hated refusing people back in high school. It makes you feel like.. shit~ I would’ve said yes to any of them but I didn’t want them to regret dating me because of my personality.
Had your own heart broken: You know that girl I liked? She started dating someone then which made me feel like “If I hadn’t done that.. What if?”
Been arrested: Nope~
Cried when someone died: no, not in real life. >~> Anime characters? Yes, I cried inside~ >u>
fallen for a friend: yea the girl I liked~ I don’t even know if I still feel the same way I did then

Yourself: yes. I believe in what I am competent and capable of~
Miracles: Nope
Love at first sight: Yes! .. That is for my potential anime daughters~
Heaven: no but it would be nice
Santa Claus: Maki Nishikino does~ I think that’s cute <3
Kisses on first dates: I don’t know~ i haven’t been on a date~
Angels and demons: It would be really cool~ But I won’t believe it until I see it.

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I don’t have xkit on here but,

Blondcockerel - True, and as the Haruspex this time I’m aware of the fact that they’ll steal my weapons.

Mera - Your save file was probably better than my save file, i.e. it feels haxy - I was stuck on that day where you have to find a bull, remember, and the apiary wasn’t open. I will not like the bachelor better thank you very much he’s a city boy and he (trails off)….

But in all seriousness I like the Steppes lore so I doubt the Bachelor will be more my style. And now the other person scared me.

Get to know me and shit

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Name: Izaak
Nickname: Lautrec, Iza, Hindenburg (why)
Starsign: Pisces
Gender: Male
Height: 6′3 or 6′4, not sure
Favorite color: Deep dark green
Time right now: 9:04pm
Average hours of sleep: 10-12 hours.
Lucky number: 5
Last thing I googled: torsteins kvæði
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 in winter like right now, 0 in spring and summer
Favorite fictional character: This is difficult, but probably Emi Ibarazaki
Favorite famous person: Mark Meer
Crushe(s): None atm
Favorite Books: I’m gonna assume this includes visual novels ehuehu. Clannad, Majikoi and Majikoi S, Katawa Shoujo
Dream trip: Everywhere, I want to go everywhere. If I had to pick a specific place, maybe Scandinavia? I dunno
Dream job: Just a job that makes me happy and brings in a decent amount of $$$, not fussed on what profession.

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anonymous asked:

dude you argued with someone who works with hussie on a daily basis

So? It’s not like this person told me “you’re wrong cause author of the comic confirmed this and this, retore retora”. People who work with creators don’t always know more than readers; see mangaka’s helpers who ink the pages and add backgrounds who might know earlier about the plot of next chapter than rest of the world (before publication), but rarely know future of the work and are forbidden to spill how it goes.

And as I already said, I’d rather be proven wrong than regret my doubts when it comes to how Hussie stays faithful to archetype of fool (clown, jester, palladin, etc.)

retoreizer asked:

1, 2, 10, 47, 45, 46, 50, 28 (´・ω・`)

Very well sweetheart c:

1: Kissed grills?
Yeah, not in awhile though.

2: Kissed Buoys?
Once, sometime last year.

10: Changed my hair colour through unnatural ways?
Nah, never felt the need to dye my hair. I like my natural colour.

47: What d’ya like in yer partnership with another, pardner?
Mutual Trust. Can’t have a healthy relationship without both parties trusting each other yo.
I’m just listing one of the most important things, it’s not the only thing there needs to be for a relationship to work however.

45: How Many people you been with all romantic like?
Just 1, was long distance though and didn’t work out. She was great though.

46: How can I get yer heart beatin’ for me?
Just be a decent person I guess. Like, don’t be judgemental I guess? I can’t really explain well but try and always be fair and don’t take sides when it’s not necessary. I dunno yo :T

50: Religion or nah?
I wouldn’t say I’m religious in the normal sense? Like, I believe in an afterlife and spirits of certain shit inhabiting rivers and forests etc, not sure what you would call that.

28: Self-made tunes in the shower?
If no one’s home, hell yeah. Otherwise not really :c

Get to know the deathlaser and shit.

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Name: Jesper
Nickname: Galler, Retoreizer, Jeppe(…..)
Starsign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Height: Err… i have no idea i haven’t measured my self in so long. Nothing special. Not too short not too tall.
Favourite Color: Orange!
Time: 11:27
Avg. Hrs of sleep: Fluctuates a crap ton. If i’m lucky, 8. if i’m not, fuckin’ 2.
Lucky number: 13
Last thing i googled: New zealand time zone GMT because i’m an overprotective piece of shit and i needed to know exactly when kappafacenospace wakes up and stuff because i need to keep track of my friends as if they’re gonna fall into a sewer if i look away
Number of blankets i sleep under: 2, if it’s not too hot, although i don’t really sleep under them i just cuddle them like Yuki did in the second episode of Gakkou Gurashi.
Favourite Fictional Character:

Favourite Famous Person: I wouldn’t call him famous but Justin Sane is a moé babe with a jawline that creates a little bit of a disaster in my downstairs region


Fave books: I really don’t read books, they don’t interest me. Switching the attention to Visual Novels,  Sakura Fantasy because clothes-eating slime and underwear
Dream Trip: I’d love to go to Seattle and see the needle or New York, but really anywhere other than fucking sweden jesus christ. Fun Fact: I have never been outside of sweden still.
Dream Job: Guitarrist, Engineer, Animator, There’s alot of things i’d love to do but the chemistry in my brain just doesn’t allow for much of it. like biology or some shit, as long as it brings in enough dosh for me to be able to have internet, a computer and my guitar.
I tag: Justin Sane, Fredrika, ephemeral-moon and EVERY SINGLE DOG.