Some characters I came up with out of the blue. They are Op-TICK and Ret-NAH. Their names are spins on eye terms. They have eyes for heads and their mouths are located on their chests. Their bodies are made of gel like thing that morphs. Op-TICK and Ret-NAH eat human flesh and use their morphing and other abilities to kill their um ‘prey’. I have no idea how their bodies work, but there you go.

Their names also hints at their personalities and likes. Oh and they hate each other and shockingly have a human pal named Eies. I don’t know what to do with these three, but for now I’ll refer anything related to them Walking Eyeballs.

I’ve mentioned it before but Op-TICK and Ret-NAH are slightly bigger than humans. I do mean bigger, not taller. They are bigger in size than humans/creatures with human proportions.

Though I suppose, since Op-TICK and Ret-NAH can morph their bodies, they can ‘shrink’ into human size if wanted. They can’t morph their heads and mouths though. In any form they morph into they can’t change those two things. Think of their bodies as jelly, you can move it around and change it’s shape, and think of their eyes and mouth as stolid hard objects in the jelly, you can’t change a hard object’s shape. You can however change the jelly around it. That being said though, their eyes and mouth can change size when they change size, but only that, no morphing.

Op-TICK & Ret-NAH don’t really like to change size though. They rarely do, if ever. Just isn’t their style I suppose.

I decided to clean up an old Ret-NAH sketch, you may remember it from here. Although looks it quite a lot different now! I figured should post more Ret-NAH doodles to even out all the Op-TICK doodles. I thought it was a little unfair to Ret-NAH. But than again what about poor Eies? Haha. Anyway Ret-NAH wears her sweet biker outfit when she’s ridin’ on her cool motorcycle that she custom made since normal ones would be much to small.