Commissioned by retl. This is Puppysmiles from Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes playing around in what I hope looks kinda like the inside of an empty Ministry of Morale facility! Balloons is her current objective. 

Also featuring two colors of Puppy.smls, an AI modeled after our little heroine in a fanon universe. (If I remember correctly, there might have been hints on her existing in the fic too, so I might be wrong about it only being just fanon).

And that’s the first commission this round. I ended up taking on one more from this guy, so there will be more Puppysmiles soonish. Or in the very least, after I’ve done the others on my list. 

She is amazingly fun to draw and a nice change of pace. I should’ve done it earlier. 

retl replied to your post:a lot of our neighbors are tea partiers or…

Normally I’d be all like ‘but maybe they’re good deep down’ but from all I’ve heard they’re horrid and unlikely to change. BEES FOR ALL

honestly? it’s more of a deterant to keep them from bothering me than an actual like…threat or anything.

a beehive won’t aggress against people who are, say, across the street. hell, they won’t even aggress if you’re nearby most times. bees are honestly quite chill. what neighbors are most likely to notice with a hive is an increase of bee activity in their gardens, but that’s it.

but being known as the BEE HOUSE might keep em from talking about how much they hate minorities to us or somethin. 

…also technically the bees would be on a small spit of land we own near the corner that is a good distance from all dwellings. i’d want them in the back yard, except that bees need to be in the sun to be happy. and you def want happy bees. irate bees are not ideal bees.