retiring after 11 seasons

Am i the only one who doesn’t want Yuuri to retire?

I see all kinds of theories about the ending and season 2 possible plot out there… but honestly, i really really want Yuuri to go on a couples of years more. 

Victor retired at 27. Chris is 25 and although he knows his time is running up, he still has no intentions to retire after this season  (from what we have seen in episode 11) 

I just feel that Yuuri truly loves the sport. It’s his passion. His higher calling. 

It’s because he loves it so much that he’s so utterly crushed every time he fails. And it’s because he hates that feeling that he wants to give up. Because that’s what failure can do to someone with low self-esteem and crippling anxiety: it makes you want to run the hell away, isolating you from pretty much everything, where you can feel safe: nothing can go wrong… because nothing happens

Every time he talks about retiring, it never comes from a good place. It’s always when he’s feeling low. 

He has grown a lot as a character and as a skater. He’s finally reaching his true potential, the potential that was always held back by his mental state. “Mental weakness” Yuuri would say, with a little self hatred. 

But he’s more confident now. He’s willing to take on challenges he has only ever dream of, and with Victor by his side, he has found the love that truly drives him. 

Now imagine he retires now, unsatisfied… but it can’t be helped since he’s not such a good skater anyway, what else can he do to top what he has already done? Of course, it would be cool to win at least once, but if he doesn’t, well, he’s not good enough and he’s not ready to deal with losing again. This is what i hear when Yuuri talks about retiring. After last year’s defeat, he never wants to feel that way again.

What about his dream of someday be someone with enough confidence and skills to pick his own music and choreograph his own programs, just like Victor?

I’m sure that after that, Yuuri will look at others skaters, some of them close to him, reaching new heights… and he will regret it. He will regret not trying to go on for a little longer with them, and he will feel left behind. 

To me the best scenario would be Yuuri allowing himself to enjoy his new found confidence. To explore his true potential. To truly reach all those new places he has yet to discover. And then, with all those new battles, with his victories and loses, with all that new experience and emotional grow, he retires. But this time, his decision would come from a better place. He himself will be in a better form, more satisfied, and in a better mental state to become someone else coach should he choose that path.

I truly believe he can have one, two or three more wonderful years in competitive skating with Victor at his side. With the right circumstances that he always felt he lacked. I believe in my boy. 

Right now he has just found a new door. Let him enter for a little while, before he decides to get out and close that door forever, because he’s finally ready to open a new one. (Like Victor, who accomplished the world before he lost his passion, one he has found again in Yuuri. But that’s another story)