I know this is bts, but I still see this as Emma and Regina and I think to myself…

“They need to be sharing whatever is in that glass, then they need to share a kiss, and then later retire for the night and share the same bed, where they can fall asleep sharing the same space and air…”

Oh my romantic heart. ❤️

One of the great fears among a life of great fears, perhaps the last great fear is the fear of being no longer useful. We find a role in life, and we do that role to the best of our ability for as long as that ability is there. But all of us – even me, dear listeners – will someday hit a point where we no longer are able to do that thing that we define ourselves by doing. And more than the fear of injury, more than the fear of death, this is the fear that looms. The loss of self. The self that is self we imagined we were our whole lives.
But we were never that self, not really. We were only a series of selves, living one role and then leaving it for another. And all the time convincing ourselves that there was no change. That we were always the same person, living the same life. One arc to a finish, not the stutter-stop improvisation that is our actual lives.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, The Retirement of Pamela Winchell (Ep. 52)
The Perks of Moving In

TITLE: The Perks of Moving In


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: Tom learns the perks of having his girlfriend move in into his flat.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Thought of this because of moi. Haha don’t judge me. Comments are welcome!

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Through her eyes

“Sherlock, I’m home!”

Getting no response, Molly went to check the bedroom. She sighed when she realised that the flat was empty.

She was woken up when the mattress moved and the duvet was pulled, though not uncovering her.

“It’s just me. Go back to sleep.”

She hummed her response as she fell asleep.

She next met Sherlock just as she was retiring the next night.

“Where were you? No response to texts or calls…”

“Busy, have to keep in touch with my homeless network after all. You look beat, go to bed.”

“I’ll put the kettle on, let’s have some tea.”

But he was already in his mind palace, so she cancelled her tea plans and called it a night, though she did smile sleepily when later, he snuggled her into his arms and slept.

Living with Sherlock wasn’t easy and she felt she shared more romance with her cat and his Belstaf than the man himself.

And she wasn’t surprised in the least.

She had expected irregular schedules, abrupt departures and arrivals, long silences when he was in his mind palace or away solving cases. Insults, patronising barbs, impatience and him leaving her mid-sentence when he suddenly remembered something.

She knew the cases would take precedence, his ‘bored’ phase would get on her nerves and his experiments would driver her mad.

There would be fights, long discussions and intense arguments over minor things.

There would be minimum romance or display of affection.

But then, there were moments, rare and in-between, when he took her breath away.

When he would just hold her close, no questions asked, after a bad day or an autopsy involving children. When after a particularly tiring day, the fridge would be full and hot food would be ready on the table. When he would read through her favourite books just so they could spend a rainy day in, discussing and dissecting the books to its final words…who knew there were so many more angles to the Harry Potter series!

When he would look at her across a room filled with people and for just a moment the mask would fall and his eyes would convey the full force of his feelings. When he would kiss her passionately, make love to her tenderly, worship her.

When he would smile at her, gently squeeze her hand or kiss her head. When he would make her feel beautiful.

Yes, living with Sherlock Holmes was not easy at all. But when the heart was content, nestled in the warmth of true love, faults got covered by the truth beneath.

After all, even a rose plant had thorns, but the fragrance was still as sweet as ever.

The Tomorrowland Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You by Joe Penniston
Via Flickr:
I’ve expressed my distaste for wide angle / fisheye lens distortion in the past and the composition here doesn’t sit very well with me for that reason… that being said – I still feel it’s interesting enough to post here… Still haven’t had the chance to visit everyone’s photostreams… sorry : ( ___________________________________________________________________ Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day!

Return The Favor by songofafreeheart

Merida has known for days that the man is exhausted. She sees it in the ways he miscalculates in their morning training sessions. And the way he has to think so hard when someone asks him a basic question. (And the men are always asking him questions, because they seem incapable of thinking for themselves.) If he’s slept in the past few days, she’s not sure when. He’s still working when she retires at night, and already up when she comes out of her room.

That’s probably why he miscalculated that jump so badly. He manages to hold it together while he shouts orders, the men getting the Hobblegrunt tied down while blood drips from the three gashes the dragon left on his back. As soon as the dragon is secure, and they all take a breath as they process that the job is done, Eret turns to leave. Vanishing towards his own room. When Merida asks if someone is going to help him, the men all exchange glances. Hoark is finally the one to tell her that Eret doesn’t accept help.

Rolling her eyes, Merida runs after him, aware of the scars on her leg - and the fact Eret had been the one to bandage them for her.

She catches the door just before it swings shut, and Eret barely glances back over his should.

“Get out.”

But Merida’s never been one to take no for an answer.

“You’re going to clean that yourself?” she challenges, nodding to his back, and the blood that continues to drip on the floor.

She can tell he’s going to argue, but he sways dangerously before he can - blood loss and exhaustion catching up to him. She catches him, faltering under his weight, but getting him to sit down on the edge of the bed. He mutters something about her stubbornness, but she ignores it as she cuts off his tunic and undershirt, and goes to work cleaning the three gashes.

“I’m returning the favor,” she says.

Eret falls silent. Merida’s hands are calloused, and he knows well the strength in her small frame. She was already strong when she joined his crew, but he’s trained her over the past few months. But there’s still something tender about her touch. He remembers bandaging her leg, trying to figure out how to be gentle. No one’s tended to him since his father died several years before. And no one’s been tender since his mother, when he was a child - which he barely remembers. As she works, he starts to understand “gentle”. And realizes it’s something he’s wanted, without even knowing what it was.

Follow up to this
I started this one first, but finished them in chronological order.

Like Fire And Water - Revision - Part 15 - FINAL

The years of tension between the leaders of Team Aqua and Team Magma all finally came down to love, patience, and understanding.

For additional information about the Pokemon Remix universe where this story takes place, feel free read the helpful Pokemon Remix FAQ.

Warning!!! Adult content within!!!

By the time the party wound down, it was closer to dawn than midnight, which left many people quite fatigued as they retired for the night. Aogiri, to Matsubusa’s amazement, still had enough energy to carry the leader of Team Magma to his bedroom while humming a jaunty tune from one of the many songs played at the party.

Matsubusa slouched in Aogiri’s arms, resigned to his fate, as his arms dangled downward. “Are you even capable of feeling tired?”

Aogiri bent down to nuzzle his nose against Matsubusa’s. “Not when it comes to spending time with you.”

Matsubusa blushed darkly as his heart fluttered in his chest. “Y-you… you just say that crap so easily…!”

Aogiri entered his bedroom, pausing only to kick the door closed behind them, then sauntered towards the bed. “And it’s all true, Masky babe.”

Matsubusa made a noise in the back of his throat as he reached up to cover his face. “A-and what’s with carrying me like this?! I’m not… s-some blushing bride!”

Aogiri chuckled and made a show of laying Matsubusa onto the bed. “Nope, you’re a blushing Masky.”

Matsubusa huffed as he sat on the soft bed, his face still a deep shade of crimson as he glared at Aogiri. “A-and you’re… an idiot!”

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perona, after a ton of eating, meeting old friends, dancing, and fun, retires for the night.
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