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Judaism, Monsters and Fairies

Hi! I am a Gentile author, and I wish to add a pair of Jewish characters to my most recent writing work, which features a very large amount of Monsters as characters. I want to make sure they’re both as fleshed out and lovable as all my other characters, so I’ve been doing my research. I’m close to done, so I wanted to send an ask your way!

The characters are Armel, a Werebear gentleman, and his daughter, a Golem named Ava. In the story, Ava is the leader of a local Biker Gang called the Wild Hunt, and Armel is retired, but he houses and hides Ava’s girlfriend, Sofia, when she is targeted by a rival gang.

A key point of both the characters’ backstories is that Armel, at a young age, became stranded in the woods which surrounded his rural home, and was taken into a Fae community, which fostered him until adulthood, in return for him teaching them about Judaism. Is this alright? I’ve looked into Reform Judaism (the type of Judaism he practices, chosen for being more lenient), and nothing I’ve found speaks against interacting with Fairies. If there is anything forbidding the teaching of the faith to outsiders, I’ve not read it, as long as the convert is willing to learn and grow and be a part of the community.

The reason I wished for Armel to teach was because of the second character, Ava. I’m trying to go for more traditional depictions of the characters, and I know that Golems were traditionally created (in folklore) by Rabbi to protect Jewish communities. while I know he’d have been nowhere close to an actual Rabbi, I was hoping his position as a teacher would count. Ava is by no means a traditional Golem, possessing a personality and mind of her own (probably due to pesky fairy magic). If this is disrespectful in any way, I will be sure to change it.

And a final question: I’ve not been able to get a definite answer as to the nature of lineage in Reform Judaism. Some sources tell me your Mother determines your status of being Jewish/gentile, while others say it’s your father’s side of the family. If you know which, I’d be very thankful to know! :D

Thank you so much for reading my (stupidly long) ask, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply!

1. Teaching outsiders about our culture and faith is okay; it doesn’t make them Jewish, though– the fairies would have to actually convert on purpose (which it doesn’t sound like is part of your story; don’t worry about that.) I also think it’s very sweet that even as a child his Jewishness was important enough to him to maintain it even without other Jewish adults around. There are countless stories of kids who got rescued by Christian families and were therefore raised Christian, so I like your version.

2. The Golem sounds fine to me but I’m no expert. I do know that the golem in The Golem and the Jinni definitely has her own mind and personality, although you can tell that in some ways she’s totally different from human personalities.

3. Some other denominations of Judaism hold that descent is entirely matrilineal but from what I’ve heard of Reform, either parent being Jewish + raised in a Jewish household is enough. (The reason for matrilineal descent is that, with the exception of trans pregnancy, you absolutely know who your mother is because you literally were in her womb.)

–Mod Shira

Movie idea: realtor and ghost dynamic duo where the realtor gets rich off of reselling the haunted house every few month because the ghost scares the owners off so she just keeps getting commission for selling the house and when she’s made enough to retire she buys the house herself and moves in with her ghostie friend and idk paint each other’s nails and stuff


How Not to Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor

Donald Trump wants to slash Medicaid, Social Security disability, and food stamps in order to expand the military and give the rich and corporations big tax cuts.

There’s a far better way to help balance the federal budget – cap tax expenditures.

The federal government is diverting hundreds of billions of tax dollars every year to help the wealthiest Americans become even wealthier through tax expenditures that are the equivalent of government handouts – allowing the wealthy to deduct or exclude from their taxable incomes large amounts of employer-provided health care, retirement savings, and mortgage interest.

These tax expenditures demand reform for three big reasons:

1. First, they are unfair. Middle and low-income workers don’t get from their employers nearly as much health insurance and retirement income as do corporate executives. Many get none at all. And their mortgages– if they have any– are usually much smaller, because they live in homes that don’t cost as much.

2. Second. these deductions and exclusions are nonsensical. Originally, they were put into the tax code to give people financial incentives to get health insurance, to save for retirement, and to buy a home. But the rich don’t need financial incentives to do these things because they’re … rich.

3. Finally these deductions and exclusions are hugely expensive. They cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year– $348 billion in 2015 alone– the lion’s share going to high income families.

Instead of wasting these billions on making the wealthy even wealthier, we should be using these resources to provide better healthcare, retirement security and affordable housing to low and middle-income households, including households of color, who are currently losing out.

There’s no reason why America’s wealthy should be able to deduct or exclude from their taxable incomes more than, say, $25,000 a year for employer-provided health care, retirement, and mortgage interest.

Limiting those deductions and exclusions would be rational, fiscally responsible, and fair. Unlike Trump and Republican budgets that want to slash Medicaid, Social Security disability, and food stamps.

Can I get a prayer request? My manager (the store manager) informed me today that this week he is going to start training me for his position. He isn’t planning on staying there forever and has plans to retire and buy a house with his son. I’m really excited but I’m also pretty nervous!

Hogwarts!!! on ICE

Okay, I figured it was time we had us some Discourse™ as a fandom SO HERE’S WHAT I’M GONNA DO

There’s this blog, @sortinghatchats, see? They do things a little differently. They assign characters a primary and a secondary house–a primary house is based on why a character does things, and a secondary house is based on how a character does things. Neither is more important than the other, despite the names; they serve different purposes. You can check out more info here. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO:

Our sweet darling katsudon Yuri Katsuki is a Slytherin primary. I can already see the heads shaking and the eyes popping, so let me explain: Slytherin primaries are all about loyalty to themselves and their own. Initially, Yuri appears to be the variety of Slytherin primary that’s kicked themselves out of their circle of people they care about. But when Victor comes on the scene and starts coaching Yuri to believe in himself, we see a more selfish side of Yuri kick in. He becomes incredibly driven to reach gold in the Grand Prix, and we definitely hear some possessiveness in his internal monologues during his Eros performances. It’s a little downplayed, but we also see that Yuri doesn’t particularly care about people outside of his little circle: Victor, Phichit, his family, the Nishigoris, Minako–not that he doesn’t like other people, but he can be distinctly aloof and distant, probably best seen with his relationship with Minami; it takes Victor’s prodding to get Yuri to show the poor kid some consideration. But as mentioned, Yuri sometimes focuses more on “his own” more than himself. Despite his love for Victor, he always comes back to thinking of ending their relationship so that Victor can go back to what Yuri perceives as what Victor really wants–to be back on the ice in Russia. And despite having crushed on Yuko in the past, he doesn’t harbor any ill-will over her marriage to Takeshi.

As for his secondary house, I believe Yuri to be a Ravenclaw secondary. Ravenclaw secondaries solve problems and achieve their goals by stockpiling knowledge and skill sets–not necessarily through reading and bookwork, like one might think. In Yuri’s case, he cultivates his ice skating skill. Yuri’s at his best when prepared for situations, and isn’t good at improvising beyond what he knows. When thrown for a loop, his prior knowledge and ability is what he falls back on, and so he practices and practices and practices.

Victor Nikiforov is a Ravenclaw primary. His worldview is a system he’s constructed on his own, through which his actions and experiences are filtered. His system is everything. Victor’s in particular is built around his ice skating career. We heard it from his opening monologue in episode 10; skating has been his entire life for a long, long time. Everything he’s done has centered around it, to the detriment of other important things–in his words, love and life. His realization of this led him to start into a process known as Falling, where a Ravenclaw primary loses faith not only in their system, but in their ability to form systems. But then along came a certain very drunk Japanese skater, and then the skater’s surprise internet video, and Victor found himself a new system.

On the other hand, Victor is a Slytherin secondary, incidentally making his sorting the opposite of Yuri. Victor acts by reacting, and is quite adept at making things up on the fly. Recall when Phichit started a fuss over Yuri and Victor’s “wedding rings”–Victor didn’t waste much time in coolly asserting that they were engagement rings, and that he and Yuri would only be married once Yuri won gold. Or we can go earlier; when Victor saw Yuri’s video, he dropped everything to fly to Japan to be Yuri’s coach. Or when Yurio showed up in Japan, and Victor came up with the Hot Springs on Ice exhibition. But all this adaptability and flexibility can feel like a mask, and so in the presence of those he particularly trusts, like Yuri or Yakov, he sheds the layers and facades and becomes more relaxed and honest.

Now, Yuri Plisetsky‘s primary is harder to pin down, since his motivations aren’t made as explicitly clear as Yuri and Victor’s are. However, I think I’ve settled on a Slytherin primary for him. His circle of people is very small, certainly including his granfather, Victor, and Otabek, probably Mila and the rest of the Russian team, too, and eventually even Yuri Katsuki worms his way in despite Yurio’s best efforts. And, of course, himself. His ambition is almost always on full display; the first thing we hear from him is in episode 1, where he declares that he’s going to win the gold medal in the next Grand Prix, so Yuri should just retire already.

His secondary house, on the other hand, has been glaringly obvious from day one: Yurio is a Gryffindor secondary through and through. He charges into every situation head-on, with frightening ferocity and passion. He’s highly reactive, like a Slytherin secondary, but instead of being flexible, Yurio plants his feet and screams at the other person to move. When he finds out that Victor, who has promised to choreograph his short program, has suddenly left to coach some loser in Japan, he drops everything to drag him back to Russia, whether he wants to come or not. This brashness gets him far–see his success in getting Victor to do his short program, and his record-breaking performance of it at the Grand Prix achieved through constantly pushing himself to his limits. Yurio is also unapologetically blunt and refuses to play around; when he says something, he means it. Of course, not everything he says is something he ought to say, as with his nigh-relentless mocking of Yuri, even when he’s not around to hear it, and Victor calls him out on it.


  • Yuri Katsuki: Slytherin/Ravenclaw
  • Victor Nikiforov: Ravenclaw/Slytherin
  • Yuri Plisetsky: Slytherin/Gryffindor

aus i wanna make:
- post-scarif force ghosts
- 18th century pirates, bodhi sick of captaining for the British East India company eventually joins paths with a band of anti-imperialist pirates led by cassian. Maybe there’s krakens involved, jyn has a Mysterious Secret (she’s a weather witch its awesome), and Chirrut is good with ghosts even though it kind of makes Cassian unconfortable.
- of course the subway au in which cassian’s on his way to a protest and bodhi’s on his way back from testifying as a whistleblower and they find and share a full bottle of wine on the train, maybe ending up at the same protest afterwards
- coffee shop/kinda superhero au where cassian runs a coffee shop by day and is a vigilante by night and meets bodhi, a photographer and ex-getaway driver looking for a place to showcase his student’s work
- everyone lives au where they retire to a tree house after the battle of endor and accidentally adopt a ton of war orphans

Bambi, Daddybek and Beka

As everyone knows, @victuri-oh-nice writes so damn nice Otayuri stories.
 And all I did was using my sick brains for imagine some interactions between the three Otabek who’s in my favorite ones. Yeah, YoI stuff inside some Yoi stuff. YoI-nception.

You don’t know them? Let me introduce you to them!

Bambi: The Otabek Altin from “Unsteady”, and his dream is to become a famous DJ. He does an original mix of the famous “Unsteady” song by Yuri Plisetsky, and after listen that Yuri decides to make the guy  into the main event of Tomorrowland in one single year.Bambi (Mila gives him that nickname) is that cute boyfriend who’s gonna make believe you in love again, briding your hair and singing to you original songs where we wants to stay with you “until we turn gray and old”. He’s sweet and shy, careful and considerate.

Beka: The Otabek Altin from “The World in Dazzing Colors”.
From a canon divergent fic, he’s basically an older version of Otabek, who’s retired from ice skating  for being a musician and singer,living paceful and happily  with his husband Yuri Plisetsky, also retired for working into “House of Dance”, a famous dancers school. He’s that quiet man in the day (proud father of Sarina, their adopted daughter, and perfect husband for Yuri), and a sexy lived-guy who’s gonna never get tired of your body in the years at the night, more than happy to explores kinks like edging while blindfolding you, whispering how a “good kitten” you are.  (He’s my favorite btw)

Daddybek: The Otabek Altin from the AU Oneshot “Smooth Criminal”.
The youngest of the other two, he’s basically an hot head who’s living a lowlife with his partner in crime, the infiltrate Agent Yuri Plisetsky. We know just a little about his BG, but it seems that the author is gonna fix that soon after being too much annoyed by everyone who’s now want a long fic, we did it guys aha, so be ready for that. For now, all we know about him is that he’s into spanking and some dirty talk, and if you’re work into a police station, he’s okay  to being arrested just for see you. And pressing you against a wall, for good measure.

So that’s it. Here’s the thing:

Bambi: *sighs, while watching daydreamingly  Beka’s wedding ring*
…I want to get married too.

Beka: Well then, why you don’t pop the question? I didn’t had the chance, Yura did it first.

Bambi: Lucky.

Daddybek: Fuck me, I want to do it too! Hey, One of you two knows how to remove blood spots on a wedding suit?

Bambi: …Why you need to- *being shushed by Beka, who slowly makes “no” with his head*

Beka: …Don’t ask him that.

Daddybek: You know, just in case. Better to know. *Cross his legs on the table while loudly stretching his back, while the other two shivers, Bambi more than Beka*

anonymous asked:

Can I just complain about how working in a retirement house is almost the cutest thing. Expect when their families come to visit once in a blue moon and start saying we aren't doing our jobs right. Honey your mother is thrilled with us everyday with how we treat her. Maybe you should visit more to realize that.

By The Willow Shade

TITLE: By The Willow Shade


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a witch (on Earth) and accidentally summoning Loki. He gets angry and confused, but ends up actually liking your company and teaches you more magic.



    When Loki had left Willow after that afternoon’s lesson to return to Asgard, he had every intention of finishing the book he had begun to read that morning in the hours left before he would have to make an appearance at dinner; instead he found himself mediating an argument between Thor and several of the men that made up the king’s council. He truly wondered how long they would be able to hold their positions whenever Odin passed on the throne now that Thor wasn’t the oblivious, battle-obsessed idiot he once was.

    By the end of it Loki had been so fed up, he went straight to the kitchens and barked an order to have his meal sent to his chambers before retiring there himself, leaving Thor to make his excuses for him in the dining hall. He had just managed to calm down when he received a summons from Odin, only to be scolded and berated the moment he set foot in the king’s hall. Once that was over he left the room seemingly calm - though he was positively seething inside - and, deciding that he didn’t want to be in the Realm Eternal for a moment longer, snuck off to Midgard again.

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I know I vanished from here and twitter since like Friday or whatever. I didn’t even talk to friends or anything, I kinda just needed a break from everything. I’ve been fighting a cold/virus too. Sooo on another note, I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for about 7ish years now, I’ve whined about it here and there in posts so some of you know already. Anyway I’ve been doing physical therapy for about 5 months now with basically no improvement—it actually got a lot worse and I started having numbness in my limbs and stuff. So they put me on this new medication yesterday for that and now they wanna do this procedure for the pain on June 12th. It actually makes me really nervous and I’m paranoid as fuck that they’re gonna fuck it up and paralyze me or make my pain worse cause I ALWAYS seem to be in that 1% of possible risk when it comes to medical things, like agajdkjd fuck. But a big part of me is like, wow if this actually works and even for a few weeks/couple months? Fuck, even ten minutes would be appreciated as long as they’ve found something that helps.


Phichit: Take care of Yuuri, okay?

Viktor: I will.

Phichit: If you hurt my son, I’ll destroy you

Yuuri: Phichit I’m older than you I can’t be your son.

Phichit: If you hurt my eldest son, I’ll bury you in sacks of rice before you can even say “Bangkok”.


Yuuri: eldest? You have other child?


Phichit: I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Guang Hong: don’t even lie you posted it on Instagram “#MyLilBabyisOnHisFirstDate #ProudFather”

Phichit: Oh sorry for bothering you with my attention. I see that none of my sons want me in their life anymore. I guess that’s how children are, huh? You take care of them, let them in your life, then they kick you out when they’re in love.

Yuuri: Oh my God, Dad, not this again…

Viktor: *whispers* we should put him in the retirement house

apparently australia has the biggest houses in the world on average lmao someone wanna show me what australia they’re talking abt because this dump is not measuring up

yuu dies au

basic summary: “i thought kagami treated me horribly but then i met you lot” – mika

no one is happy and mika is the least happy”

the agenda:
- make everyone sad
- make ourselves sad

nory: heyyy remember yuu dies au
bee: r u about to angst on us nory
nory: welll i was thinking about it some more
bany: Oh Boy

created by moi, @distressedphilosopher​, @forblazes​, and @celestialshinoa

GIANT HUGE CONTENT WARNING for: suicide, self harm, fucked up mental shit, fucked up coping methods, disordered eating (kinda??), pain and suffering

Setting: during the Final Battle, yuu goes seraph and sacrifices himself to cleanse the entire world. kinda like what he did at nagoya but on a larger scale

yuu was secretly planning smth like this ever since they started planning the final battle (in sanguinem?? tokyo again???) and he was dropping hints leading up to it and being super duper affectionate and emotional towards everyone and spent a lot of time reassuring them all that he loves them so much etc etc. and insisted on mika drinking from him one last time the day they leave bc that means so much to both of them. n at the end of the battle yuu goes seraph and does the thing and there’s this huge explosion/burst of incredibly bright light and a huge shockwave and it lasts for several minutes and when the dust clears yuu is lying at the epicenter of a huge crater

and mika gets to him first and the others just hear him scream with grief/pain and they Know. mika is completely incoherent and refuses to leave yuu’s body and doesn’t let anyone else get close for a while……..maybe that’s the first time mika tries to kill himself…this is getting a lot darker than i first intended

ok so it’s after the battle right and yuu’s body is at the morgue and the shinoa squad is back at their house recovering physically and emotionally from everything

like it’s their first day back from staying at hospital overnight

and it’s morning and mika drags himself out of bed and downstairs and he’s dissociating like whoah; and he opens the fridge and the first thing he sees is the several bottles of blood. and it’s yuu’s blood that they made before the Final Battle; and mika just falls to the floor sobbing bc yuu is gone, he’s dead, and yet a part of him is still here?? and feeding mika was always something special for the two of them, it was calm and safe and bonding time

and after mika drinks this yuu will be gone for Real

he’s just hit w all this existentialism and reality of the situation

shinoa runs into the kitchen and finds him and he’s totally inconsolable

the remnants of the JIDA become the new human government and they let the shinoa squad, including mika, retire early to a house in the countryside for their service.

t starts off w the squad in their new home and it’s up in the mountains and it’s nice and quiet and there are fields for them to grow their own food and they have a goat or chickens or smth idk but it’s empty and they’re all grieving

no one really knows what to do w themselves bc not only is yuu dead but they’re all retired indefinitely now

kimizuki tries to distract himself w cooking

mika sleeps All The Time like for days at a time bc of vamp metabolism is weird af. so if u add in severe depression and grief u get….sleeping for 3 days straight. also in attempt to get mika out of bed kimizuki ropes him into House Chores™. picture mika and kimizuki at the sink. mika is robotically peeling onions mika and kimi become the food prep team

 he likes feeding the chickens. shinoa takes up crochet. shinoa gave the chickens all stupid names

everyone struggles to cope and mika is actively suicidal and the squad tries to bring him out of it

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