However, research has shown that comprehensive immigration reform would not be a threat to Social Security’s long-term financial outlook.  In fact, as the analysis of the Social Security Actuary has demonstrated, the net result will be to significantly improve Social Security’s solvency.
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There will never be another like you. The game won’t be the same without you. Thank you for all the great memories. Thank you for always giving it your all, night in and night out. Thank you for playing through injuries even when you didn’t have to. Thank you for always putting the fans first and never disappointing them. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the game of basketball. Thank you, Kobe Bryant.


The Top Countries To Retire To In 2015

Retirement in the U.S. once meant a one-way ticket to Florida — but not anymore. Many Americans today are choosing to retire abroad, capitalizing on the lower costs of living, vivid scenery and culture, and considerable benefits for retirees that countries around the globe have to offer.

For aging transgender population, retirement can be bittersweet refuge

She calls it her “firewall.”

At home, Alice can live as the woman she knows she is. But at work, she has to use her “boy name” — the one on her birth certificate. There’s a co-worker that has joked about using “fags and trannies” as target practice. The day she goes to work as Alice would probably be the day she quits, or gets fired.

At 60, Alice has been forced to make the choice between living an authentic life and living her retirement in poverty. Her firewall is more than a matter of principle — it’s a matter of survival. In Missouri, where she lives, Alice could still be fired for being transgender. That’s why there’s a firewall between home and work, and why she asked to be referred to only as Alice. Her firewall is her double life.

“The problem is, most of us who are older are looking at life after work,” she said. “And we realize that it could well be lived in poverty. We can be true to ourselves, but at what price?”

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(Photo: Kate Sosin)