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Pop Culture Builds 3: Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Fire is often thought of as the most volatile and destructive elements, suited to violence and rage. However, even such an energetic element works best from a position of understanding and wisdom.

Former crown prince of the fire nation, a retired general, and uncle of Prince Zuko, Iroh rejected the violence and lack of enlightenment shared by the majority of his people, particularly his family. Studying the version of fire bending taught by the sun tribe, as well as various other bending techniques, he sought to understand all four elements and their role in the world, all the while seeking to aid those in need and negate the evils of his brother somewhat from within.

Thanks to his understanding and wisdom, Iroh was arguably one of the mightiest firebenders of the age, and in theory might have been able to defeat his evil brother if Aang the Avatar did not. Regardless, he was one of the most instrumental mentors that Aang and Zuko ever had, lending them both his wisdom.

Though human on the show, the real important thing to remember is that Iroh is definitely in the elderly age category.

The class I would recommend for his build is the very poster child of benders in pathfinder: the kineticist, specifically a pyrokineticist with a minor in air to grant lightning as an element. Iroh would definitely focus on fire, however, taking many techniques to help shape and control both his flame and lightning, diversifying into those that blend elements from other sources, such as defense, which is rarely seen in most fire benders in the avatar setting. He should definitely take the fan of flames at least, demonstrating Iroh’s signature flaming breath attack, though torrent and explosion are also good. Overall the build should consist of a mix of blasting and control, picking utility talents based on manipulating flame.

Iroh is also an excellent hand to hand combatant, so in addition to feats playing off his ranged attacks, also consider adding Improved Unarmed Strike and other appropriate feats.

The wise old man doesn’t carry much in the way of equipment, relying on his powers in combat. However, I imagine that a wise old kindly man such as himself would favor a tea set, various books useful for referencing information, and the like.

Of course, there are a few other ways to build Iroh, such as going for a more authentic bender experience by taking the elemental purist archetype, to make for a kineticist that can only ever bend one element. Though this does mean he loses out on lightning, it could easily be replaced by plasma, and the ability to take any wild talent regardless of prerequisites does emulate learning from other styles quite nicely. Alternately, a less spectacular build might be a pyromancer mage, or a monk focused on fiery elemental fists.

If you’re interested in an older, more experienced kineticist, you could easily strip the lore away and have a great stand-alone build!

“And now I am with you. Days have passed, years have gone by, but my love for you has not changed”

two cute old cinnamon rolls celebrating the throne/ wedding anniversary

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yeah and like its one thing to be disappointed that you cant get retired items without shelling out and another to point fingers at the staff like they’re somehow withholding your prize from you

especially since FR staff has obviously been trying really hard to limit that problem

like they had no reason to expect anyone would flip shit over a monthly limited edition item being retired and thus rare - as happens on about a million other sites without incident - and when people did get upset staff’s reaction was basically “okay so we’re going to NOT retire the next set of familiars and explicitly tell you so in advance. oh, not good enough? okay how about… how about y’all VOTE on what doesn’t retire next time, look, you chose crowns, and we’re even delaying their release instead of flooding things like we did with the bears because y’all complained about too many bears after two goddamn years of complaining about not enough sprites so this is good… no? okay, just. *sigh* okay, you know what? fuck it. nothing retires. no more holiday retirements. we’re just. we’re just going to give you all a goddamn magic box, and it’ll be super rare and expensive so your extra 2014-2017 favors that you bought extra of aren’t actually ‘devalued’ much even though we damn told y’all what would and wouldn’t retire so you wouldn’t expect it to be worth as much as 2013-14 favors, and we’ll give you a nice shiny coin so you can guarantee one of the pretty new things instead of having to rely on randomness, iS THAT GOOD ENOUGH? IS THIS FINALLY GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?”

“ugh but we still want the sprites AND for the other festival stuff to be ‘retired’ long enough to become as valuable as the sprites ALSO it’s too expensive and limited, what are we supposed to do, budget our treasure instead of spending it on other stuff and wait a year or more to be able to get all the recolors?”

*staff gives up and tableflips Joxar’s entire stall into the Great Furnace*


Supergirl + Parks and Recreation Quotes pt. 12

“This could be my crowning achievement. I could retire. I mean, I wouldn’t. I’m gonna work until I’m 100 and then cut back to four days a week. Oh god, I’m already so bored thinking about that one day off.” -Leslie Knope (7x1)

UWF Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy
[May 30th, 1986]

The Universal Wrestling Federation was owned by Bill Watts, which was formerly known as Mid-South Wrestling. Because of the change, the Mid-South North American Championship was retired, and thus a tournament was held to crown the first ever UWF Heavyweight Champion. On May 30th, 1986, Terry Gordy defeated Jim Duggan to become the first ever champion, kicking off a reign that would last 6 months before Gordy was defeated for the gold by One Man Gang.

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Sir, if I recall, you create sweaters and scarves for the Sheperds during the cold seasons or when travelling to Ferox. Have you ever consider opening up a clothing shoppe when you retire? With the money you saved up, your connections to the crown and Anna, I'd say your set. Also when you create this store, what are you going to call it? Fredrick's Fleeces...Stalwart Stitches...oh, how about Chrom's Chilling Clothesline.

“When I ‘retire’, I intend to have my body burned and my ashes interred beneath the Ylissean Hall of Chivalry. Knitting, sewing, and hemming are simply activities I perform on the side to help my lieges and my comrades make it through difficult campaigns with a good set of clothes on their backs.”

“…Though I do admit that ‘Stalwart Stitches’ has a certain ring to it. While I am certainly no tailor or habadasher, I suppose I could put a bit of my post-war funds into helping some local talent open shop. It would be a good way to give back to the community at large, and clothe the masses.”
“In any event, I am a knight until death should come to claim me. Be it preparing tea, knitting, or caving my enemies’ skulls in with a blunt object, all that I do is for the good of the realm.”
Things JYP needs to do in 2016
  • promote DAY6 more
  • retire and surrender JYP ent. to Park Ye Eun aka Ha:tfelt aka queen 
  • let Wonder Girls do their own music and choose their own lead singles
  • more Miss A comebacks!!!
  • promote Baek Ayeon more (with her own songs)
  • promote Baek Yerin more (with her own songs)
  • promote Park Jimin more (i think you know where i’m going but with her own songs)
  • let 15& do songs that they like (or you know, wrote themselves)
  • let GOT7 rest, like pls
  • but also at some point a jj project comeback
  • promote 2pm better
  • let park jimin/jamie park/your girl jamie become the variety queen she was meant to be
  • jokwon’s comeback
  • give g.soul what he deserves
  • give bernard park what he deserves
  • sunmi’s solo comeback with a song by yenny
  • Ha:tfelt’s solo comeback (without all the salt just cause he ain’t as good as she is)
  • kim yubin’s mixtape k thx bye
  • pls make sure that all the girls in twice are comfortable with what they’re doing and don’t overwork them but also don’t do what you did to miss a
  • TWICE-MMS/japanese line/mimosa subunit thanks
  • jihyo’s solo debut
  • chaeyoung’s mixtape
  • JYP nation concerts with special stages
  • retire.

tl;dr promote anyone but himself more and retire so that yenny can be crowned queen ceo of jyp and let jype artists unleash their full potential

I know it’s been suggested before but they really should retire the crowns/goblins and jump right to recoloring them. Nobody is happy to get one in their Joxar box (even recolored crowns would be a booby prize imo), and retiring them would at least be a step towards making them valuable.

Wedding Day Preference (4/4)

Requests are open. 

Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at writing a preference. I realize they are all on the longer side but hopefully they don’t feel like that. This preference contains images of the dresses I envision the girls too be wearing in these situations. These situations are purely fictional. 


Your bare feet burning from the scorching pavement underneath them. Your best friend and maid of honor stood in front of you. Alternating which foot was on the pavement, she turned to give you a reassuring smile, before walking out of the makeshift room and down towards the beach.

For a moment it was just you in the room alone with your thoughts. You turned to give yourself a once over in the full length mirror the staff had provided. Your fingers releasing the tension of your tightly curled hair, making them appear more natural. When you were satisfied with the way they looked, your hands fell to your small belly that was drastically outlined by your form fitting gown.

You never pictured yourself getting married in a form fitting dress and you sure as hell didn’t imagine yourself getting married pregnant. But you fell in love with the dress a year ago when you first discovered you’d be spending the rest of your life with Calum. There was just something about the lace appliqués that made you forget about your dreams of being in a princess ballgown when you walked down the aisle. Your unexpected pregnancy came as an even bigger shock to you three months ago. You sat in your room crying realizing you weren’t going to be able to wear your new dream dress. Lucky for you, your precious bundle of joy was on the smaller side allowing you to squeeze into the dress today.

The familiar song began to play indicating it was time for you to head down the aisle. You took one last glance at yourself before leaving the room. Your toes sank into the sand with each step you took closer to your new life. You eyes didn’t meet Calum’s until he was right in front of you. His usual bright brown eyes were hidden behind the glossy film of the tears he was holding back.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered. Taking your hand in his he lead you carefully to the gazebo.

You wanted to remember everything about this moment. Every face in attendance, every sound from the waves, every word the officiate spoke and every feeling you felt. You wanted to take it all in but you couldn’t force yourself to look away from your future husband. It took all your strength not to kiss him right there and seal the deal. When it was finally time for the awaited kiss, your lips locked momentarily. A sweet kiss that made you grumble when he pulled away. You couldn’t stay mad for too long as he bent down to peck you small belly.

“I love our little family.”


It was true what they said about little girls and weddings. Long before you even thought of boys romantically you were planning your dream weddings. Over the years you began collecting all sorts of pictures and ideas. Deeming a binder for all your research, by the time you were twenty five and ready to wed the binder was filled to the brim with ideas.

There had always been one fatal flaw in your planning. The most important detail was missing, a groom. You spent years stressing, fearing that you’d never have the wedding of your dreams because you couldn’t find a guy to handle you. As the years progressed you worried that there was something wrong with you that made men too afraid to commit.

Your fears were put to rest on a random December day last winter. The proposal came out of nowhere causing you to cry for an hour after it happened. From the moment your eyes met Ashton’s four years ago at some random coffee shop you knew that was the man you were destined to marry.

With only a few short moments left until you descended the grand staircase down towards the alter you decided to read the letter Ashton had written you that morning. Fanning the tulle of your blush dress around ensuring that it would still look fluffy when you exited the room. Carefully you sat on the delicate chair in the corner of your room.

Good morning Princess. Are you ready to retire that tiara of yours in exchange for a crown? God, I sure hope you are. I love you so much I can’t wait to see you. Everything I need to say to you is written in our vows. I’ll see you out there love. -Your Prince Charming.

By the time you finished the letter and wiped the tears from your eyes it was time for you to walk down the aisle. You descended the grand staircase into the ceremony room. Your father waiting at the end of the staircase to walk you to the alter.

Ashton stood just at the end of the aisle. The curls of his hair falling slightly in his eyes but not enough to obstruct his vision. His lips trembling as he attempted to hold back tears. You knew how much he hated crying in public that a slight chuckle escaped from your mouth as he struggled. You had always loved the effect you had on Ashton. He tried so hard to conceal his emotions but they always unraveled when you were present. It’s what made you fall in love with him.

You hadn’t realized you were crying until you were next to Ashton. His thumbs gently swiping under your damp eyes being careful not to smear your make up. The small gesture only made you more emotional.

“You really are a princess,” Ashton breathed taking in your glory.

He took your hand in his and guided you into a circle, making the tulle of your dress spin with you. He need to see the full beauty of this dress. The full beauty of the woman he was about to marry. The room chuckled softly at your actions and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Let’s get this fairytale start.”


Luke and you didn’t disagree often expect when it came to big life changing events. You argued about if it was time for you to move into his apartment. You argued about getting a new car after the two of you had saved up enough money. You argued over the fact that your engagement ring cost a small fortune and that he needed to return. Given this, it was expected that the two of you were going to argue about your wedding.

He wanted a grand wedding, a guest list of a over a hundred people a budget that didn’t exist. You of course wanted the complete opposite. A wedding was about the couple and their friends and family coming together as one. It wasn’t about gloating about your relationship in front of strangers.

The two of you bickered about every detail, compromising along the way just to settle the disputes. The two of you settled on an average sized venue and guest list. You reminded Luke that if you had never met the guests he intended to invite than they didn’t deserve to attend. With this rule in mind your guest list was just shy of a hundred. You ended up having a larger bridal party than you would have liked because of Luke’s desire to have his best friends accompanying him at the alter. It was as if the only thing the two of you didn’t bicker about was the eagerness to get married, which was a good sign as far as you were concerned.

The day had finally come and you were more nervous than you expected to be. You weren’t necessarily having second thoughts but you’d be lying if there weren’t doubts in your head. Not doubts about marrying Luke, you knew for a fact you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. It was more doubts about the location and details of your event. It felt like you had compromised so much to pull this thing together and fulfill both your dreams.

You stepped into your dress, shimmying it up past your hips. Your mother behind you chasing the zipper toward the base of your neck. You smoothed the fabric at your torso ensuring it wasn’t bunching up. It was as if the dress was magic, all your doubts slowly leaving your head. You finally felt like a bride.

The bridal party filtered out of the room getting ready to start the ceremony. You hugged each and every one of the girls before heading over to the mirror to touch up your make up before it was time for you to walk. By the time you reached the vanity-your heels giving you grief on the white carpet that floored the dressing room-there was a knock on the door. You shuffled yourself toward the door only to be met with a familiar pair of blue eyes.

“Luke,” you gasped. “You’re not supposed to be here!” You tried hiding behind the door. Call it superstitious but you didn’t want him to see you in your dress. There was no way you were going to risk your marriage being plagued by a stupid curse.

“I wanted to see you. I needed to take in the full beauty of you in this dress without any distractions. Jesus, you’re beautiful,” he admitted.

His words coaxed you out from behind the door. You watched as his eyes grew wide, tracing ever curve and imperfection of your body in the dress. Your face grew hot under his intense stare. Sure, you had held his attention before in much less clothing mind you, but you felt even more vulnerable now than you ever did before.

You began to fidget growing self conscious when his eyes refused to look away. “Can you stop staring,” you whimpered.

Realizing he was making you nervous Luke took you in his arms. Closing the distance between you but making sure to not crush the work of art that was you in that dress. His hand rubbing your back in soothing circles while the other toyed with your hair.

“I’ll never stop staring at you. You shouldn’t either. You are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Every moment looking into those gorgeous eyes of yours,” he paused. He kissed you quickly his lips lingering over yours for a moment before speaking again. “Now let’s go get married.”


As a kid you didn’t dream about getting married. No one in your family had managed to sustain a marriage and because of that you swore that you wouldn’t follow in your dysfunctional family’s footsteps.

Your disregard to get married never stopped you from attracting male’s attention. In fact, it usually drew them in. You were the ideal girl for douche bag guys who would date you for a few months and then leave. You hadn’t had a serious relationship ever until you met Michael.

Michael was everything you never knew you wanted in a boy. He was far from perfect, but his imperfections were what made you fall for him. Your imperfections and his merging together to form one imperfect yet perfect relationship. From the moment you realized you were in love with him you knew you were in trouble.

He knew how you felt about marriage so when he proposed he was ready for rejection. As much as you didn’t want to become another divorce statistic for your family you couldn’t muster the strength to deny your red headed boyfriend. When the wedding plans began your anxiety grew. You begged him to just elope somewhere but you knew Michael wasn’t going to deny his parents the right to witness their only son get married. Instead you decided to have a small wedding, small meaning no more than thirty guest were in attendance.

The two of you had decided to ditch almost all of the typical wedding traditions. Instead of walking down the aisle with a random family member, you were to walk down alongside your future husband. The two of you also decided to throw out the rule of not seeing each other before the wedding.

Michael was sitting in the room as you stepped into your gown. It was going to be the first time he saw you in it and you were quite nervous. As you pulled the fabric up around your body you instantly regretted letting your mom talk you into getting the over the top dress. With no other option, you turned around to meet Michael’s gaze.

His face growing red at the sight of your flesh through the mesh corset of the dress. He gawked you, ruffling his hair as he got up from his seat. Michael loosened the tie around his neck suddenly feeling like there wasn’t enough air in the room. His gaze softened as he approached you, peppering your face and neck with kisses. You shied away from the affection causing his green eyes to meet yours.

“Who knew I just needed to put on a dress to get this kind of attention,” you teased. You instantly regretted the decision as hurt flashed across Michael’s eyes. You tried to correct yourself but Michael interrupted your mumbling with a kiss.

“The dress is nice, but on you its gorgeous,” he marveled. “What did my mom say when she saw it?”

This time it was your turn for your face to grow hot. “Um, something about how it’s a shame it’s going to end up on the floor at the end of the night.”

Michael groaned, regretting ever asking. Leave it to his mom to say something like that. He let the words mill over in his head before speaking once more. His hands absentmindedly running up and down your sides, “I guess she’s right. It will be a shame. Maybe we should get this show on the road so it has a few moments of glory before making a home on the floor,” he winked.

With that final exchange the two of you made your way down the aisle. The ceremony was short and sweet, the reception following in similar fashion. At the end of the night Michael kept his promise, making sure the dress that cost a small fortune was safe laying on your shared bedroom floor.

Moriel Dancing Fic

This fic is for Day 1′s prompt Dancing for Moriel Week hosted by @acotarshipweek. Yes, it’s a Starfall fic. Kill me now.

The First One

I found her sitting all on her own on one of the balconies high above the House of Wind where she could watch the party below her. She was neither a part of it nor outside of it. Merely a spectator unable to move closer. She wouldn’t let herself tonight. It was a wonder any of us had even made it without…

I sighed, feeling the shadows grip my pulse to soothe. We were all dealing in our own way. Amren hadn’t bothered to show, nothing unusual for her to miss Starfall. Cassian had given half the night his best go before giving in to the liquor and retiring early. And Morrigan sat watch above it all wishing the crown was on Rhysand’s head where it belonged and not her own. Cauldron only knew what he was up to Under the Mountain with her.

But Morrigan knew she couldn’t leave Velaris without someone to look to for encouragement tonight even if she stood apart from the crowds to do it. Rhysand would want her there both for the sake of his court and herself. He’d want her to be happy. He would want all of us to be happy even if we couldn’t really be. Not tonight.

A good hour went by in which I stood against the stone wall just watching Morrigan sit and idly drink her champagne. The glass was still half-full by the time I moved closer as if she were so heartbroken to spend a Starfall without her cousin - the one she teased and tormented mercilessly on a normal day - that her appetite wasn’t interested. Even the dress she wore of deepest black, though it sparkled like the night sky above us, seemed to suggest a state of mourning.

She kept her gaze firmly ahead of her as I sat down on the hard stone bench. She’d fixed it somewhere between the souls plummeting through the sky and the fae dancing below, only appearing to take it all in when really she was trying desperately to ignore it. But her shoulders gave a little shake that told me she was fully aware of my presence and maybe feeling a little too vulnerable tonight. For a moment, I wondered if it were a mistake to invade her personal space on so intimate a night as Starfall when I knew what it was costing her and would continue to do so for the next fifty years. But an hour watching her stoop lower and lower into her depression was too much.

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Words cannot express how much joy I felt by JJ seeing the two youngest competitors as the most looming of his competition. Who represented as JJ’s biggest threat? Not the current GP silver medallist or the previously named ace of Japan or even the rising star able to enthral a whole stadium. No it’s the barely legal dark horse from a country I doubt JJ could find on a labelled map and the fairy-like fifteen year old kitten. I love how these two are the focus.

I also think it’s foreshadowing for Yura and Beka dominating future competitions although I hope JJ deals with the pressure this creating a trio of young skaters to inherit the crowns of the soon to be retired Chris, Yuuri and Victor.

Why #GiveDivasAChance Is More Important Than You Think

We don’t usually speak about televised sports on this blog but this is a movement that we simply cannot ignore. For many years now World Wrestling Entertainment has been ignoring the excessive skills of its female wrestlers and as of Monday the 23rd of February 2015, the WWE Universe has taken it upon themselves to stop this stigma on the female talent. This is more than just a fight for entertainment, it’s a fight for equality in a world that is so against the idea of it. And we can end up winning.

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Ok there are so many different things we can do with the new book title.

The Crown

Okay so are Maxerica retiring?
Does Eady get the crown?
Is she giving the crown to someone else?
Is she bestowing the prince consort crown on one of her gentlemen?
Is the crown (aka monarchy) going bye bye?
Does Eady get a new crown?
Does ‘Merica die and have to pass her crown to Eady?
Does Kile get a crown? He looks dashing in them.
Is it in reference to Ahren’s new crown?
Does everyone get a crown?

Reunion sex,” he said. “Nothing like it.”
“Hotel sex? Sex on the roof? And what about that time in the back
of the squad car?”
“Oh, right. You know I’m very sorry to hear the NYPD is retiring
the noble Crown Victoria from the fleet. Fuel economy is one thing.
A spacious and, might I say, firm, backseat is another.

Raging Heat, Richard Castle

That sound you hear is thousands of fangirls whispering ‘I knew it’. 

In this very moment I bring, put it on everything
That I will retire with the ring
And I will retire with the crown, yes
No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes
Clap for the heavy weight champ, me