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“Donald Trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers.”

I posted that earlier to my facebook feed, and I’ll be honest…  When I did it I was kind of hoping it would encourage my friend who studied the life of Fred Rogers extensively to chime in because I knew he would have something pertinent to say.  I was not wrong.  

“Fred Rogers had such a huge problem with both Regan (who he programmed his show against) and Bush Jr. (The latter of which is much more complicated as they had a relationship that tested Fred’s boundaries.) that I can’t say “I can’t imagine how Fred would react” I know how Fred would react based on his interactions with the lesser evils of Reagan and Bush:

1. Had he not been retired, he would have themed weeks specifically against what Trump was putting in the news cycle. When Trump mocked a disabled reporter he’d have a week on disability and inclusion, when Trump promoted sexual assault, he’d program a week on respect and physical boundaries, when he bad mouthed women he’d have strong women on for a week. Fred would have travelled to do a week on Mexico and he would have moved in an Islamic neighbor.

I know this for a fact because these are the actions he took with Regan both with his “conflict weeks” and his traveling to Russia for remotes during the Cold War.

2. Fred would have attended events Trump invited him to but he would do so on his terms. He would participate in these events as well as long as it was on his terms. Because Fred would rather speak truth into those spaces then avoid them. But Fred would not accuse, he would just bear truth, refuse to be seen as supporting an evil and exit.

This is what he did to respond to the love the Bush family had for him and his work. He even offered prayer at one of their fundraisers: but it was a challenging prayer, one insisting that those in power and privilege use that for the least of these and especially children. After delivering that prayer Fred exited the building and sat outside like a kid after soccer practice waiting for his ride, spurning the thousands of dollars a plate dinner not even gladhanding with the bushes after.

When asked why he said he had reached the limit of what he could do before becoming an accuser. He wanted to challenge but never accuse as accusation was what Fred associated with the devil.

3. Fred would accept invitations to news programs when those programs allowed him to educate parents on countering the negative things coming from the president for their children. He knew those things affected children so he wanted to spread tools on helping them reject war, violence, hatred, oppression and racism.

He did this during any presidents term if it didn’t prevent him from meeting an obligation to children (he once turned down a spot on Nightline to talk about violence and children, one of his main causes, because he had a visit to an elementary school that same morning and knew he wouldn’t be mentally present for it if he was planning for Nightline in the afternoon.)

So we need to be like Fred. Getting in between children and any normalization of Trumps ways or words. Fred would have been diligently working on how to handle Trump in the land of make believe. Just like when King Friday started building nuclear bombs with money he promised to schools. Yeah Fred wasn’t subtle.” - Rev. Kevin Ireland

My Dear Lance
—  Lotor, Voltron ‘84

Argh, the thing on my mind after watching 11x19 is that it and 11x11 each have such specific relevance to one particular Winchester per episode when it comes to the little mini arc set up in 11x04 where Sam asks Dean about something with someone in the life.

11x11 and Eileen seem specifically about Sam, romantically, and Dean is even paired off quite blatantly with Mildred, the most excellent “romantic false lead” ever to show us the two of them being paired off and Mildred even intervening to let them have alone time after vicariously shipping them together herself as a way of ascertaining Eileen’s interest in Sam (I mean… I assume so, if you guess she’s super canny and kindly about being very manipulative, and she literally drags Dean away from Sam and Eileen at one point :P). Eileen is also very compatible thematically to Sam as someone he can reflect on as well as attach to… She has similar mental landscape to Sam, with the cold open showing something happening to her while she was in her crib, a life-long thing to hunt, getting revenge but not going to a law career, etc.

She was very clearly someone fitting the description of what Sam had been wondering about in 11x04. She’s very clearly a mirror and parallel to him, as well as someone who represents what he actively wants, because I really don’t think you can pair the 11x04 conversation and Sam stashing a retirement home leaflet as being JUST Sam planning for his future. That’s a ridiculous romantic keepsake that reminds him of that excellent day, because Eileen did not have the presence of mind to give him a freakin’ lock of her hair or something more appropriate than stealing a pamphlet on the way out the door of the retirement home…

In 11x19 Jesse and Cesar are a bit more of an abstract example for Dean, but show him basically what he could take away from all this - he dismisses Sam in 11x04 asking him about it all, but in 11x19 he’s so surprised he derails their discussion of the monster to croak out his question about what’s it like settling down with a hunter, as if seeing for the first time. (I mean, seriously, I haven’t re-watched in ages, I’m amazed at how creaky and off-guard he sounds as he asks after seeing it in gifsets mostly since then…) Then someone else has to interrupt back onto the monster exposition dump they’d been in the middle of until Dean (of course) managed to blurt out enough words to make Cesar be like, come on babe, this is going to be so awkward, I’m just going to tell him, and Jesse scowled like, fine but don’t blame me if they hate us, and Cesar was like, nah this guy is cool, just… going to randomly reveal we’re married to him like, I toootally don’t feel a comfortable level of kinship with this dude or something hahaha that would be ridiculous (sorry, that pretend inner monologue turned into me being snarky >.> There’s no characterisation consistency in my rambling :D)

So Dean and Sam are split up again and Jesse represents some pretty different emotional stuff to Sam, dealing with the brother stuff and all that (just like Mildred dealt more with the retirement and old age theme to Dean of making him long for a sunset without necessarily bringing in romantic connections unless you’re me and have the Gas n Sip logo tattooed on your eyelids), while Cesar and Dean mostly just hunt and bond a bit. They very specifically have a conversation about revenge on the drive to it, which reflects Eileen’s parting comments about the hunt feeling no different despite it being her revenge resolution hunt (meaning she continues hunting, as Sam does, though with a tease that they could come together and bear the life together… I’m just… not thinking outside of season 11 right now okay). Both Jesse and Eileen get on-screen origin stories and their revenge on the monster that caused them, but Jesse and Cesar get to have a happy ending and drive off into the sunset because they have each other and a firm understanding of when they can stop hunting and knowing when it’s all over. Sam stashed the leaflet about the retirement home in his box of special things, but as 11x19 ends as well with them still having looming work to do, they just can’t think about packing it in quite yet, though the point is made in both, that this is the discussion on the table - hunter endgames.

Dean’s understanding of Cesar’s relationship with Jesse and the understandings they have and Cesar’s read of it founded ON the revenge thing and “peace when you are done”, to borrow from the road so far song, is what informs his decision not to ask them to help with fighting Amara at the end. His interpersonal arc with Cesar was much more openly muted than Sam and Jesse having the emotional encounter with the old sheriff and the very obvious links with Jesse yelling about his brother, which makes parallels that on this show can always be read from space when someone says “brother”. It leads Dean to the important decision of understanding what to do about letting them go raise their horses in peace. Dean is personally connected to the side of the story about their marriage, and split off with Cesar who is just married into the revenge mission whose only connection to care about it is because of what it’s doing to his husband, and not for his own sake.

Essentially, the fact they were married hunters is presented to surprise Dean (and he’s seen married, heterosexual, hunters before so that question may have been answered honestly by Cesar just to the pressures of marriage in a dangerous crappy job, but seems to mean with Dean asking, wait, you can MARRY another MALE hunter what the heck i never even - ) and he’s the one who asks (and since Jesse is surly and untrusting as a result of the discrimination of this town (and in both episodes understanding is presented as belief in monsters - Mildred is good because she already saw a ghost and is willing to believe… Jesse is living a metaphor where the town’s intolerance is both of him being gay AND the fact he kept saying he saw a monster - the intolerance metaphor is soubled down on by the sheriff and his reaction to discovering his daughter was taken, and I hope the point of the metaphor was that the chitter monsters were how intolerant people SAW gay people *from their perspective* of it being so bad you’d disown and never talk of it etc). Cesar, the one linked to Dean more - I mean he even saved him for starters and it was Dean sent off into the woods to make first contact with him by a fortuitous phonecall, though if there was nothing going on on a higher narrative level Sam could have just have easily done that). Dean’s the one split off on the side of the story about their marriage with Cesar again, and he’s the one who makes the judgement call about them being allowed to go settle down and have some peace and safety together.

Cesar in basically every way does as a side-character function for Dean what Eileen does for Sam. Except the obvious second level remove here with him already being married, and the fact that Dean is also un-pairable in 11x11, hence Mildred, who by being romantically interesting to Dean (look, they watch a sunset together, you don’t have to ship them or think they actually would ever - but that’s a romantically coded moment and he has a big heart so it’s still a Thing even if it’s a go-nowhere thing. It’s a thing Sam could later tease him about and Dean would blush and smile fondly about Mildred’s attention even if he had no intention of hooking up with her…) kinda has the opposite but identical effect of a sexy hookup where there’s no romance, just a fling. Mildred was absolutely Dean’s meaningless girl of the week if you wanna be technical about her role there :P Anyway in both cases Dean just sees and experiences, and in his specifically tailored episode on this theme, he only sees an example of what he could have, not as Sam sees, someone who could very easily be that exact endgame.

Because, as Mildred says, Dean was very obviously pining for someone else.

And Dean’s personal relationship and retirement introspection episode comes wedged in after 11x18, where he’s just lost Cas to Amara in a sort of ridiculously painful doubling down on how *much* he’s lost Cas, even in spite of Amara’s presence… And soon we will get the direct testing of these rival bonds… But that’s a whole other web of meta on the main arc relationship parallels which I spent all of season 11 and most of the hiatus after mired in, so I think we’re good here :P

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Todos los veranos del mundo

Theme: Retirement doesn’t suit us.
Rating: T.
Pairing: Reaper/Soldier:76.
Comments: My fic for the Reaper76 Summer Event! Thanks to @kerrigore and @ukelelerapgirl for being kind souls and offering to take time to beta read this mess.
Summary: Jack and Gabriel are given leave after the end of the Omnic Crisis. They go on a hiking trip around the Andes.

(In which Gabriel needs to make a choice and Jack is emotionally constipated.)

Read @AO3.

14 years ago today Jay-Z released his classic “retirement” project The Black Album. Originally planned to feature 13 tracks by 13 different producers, TBA was recorded as a testament to Hov’s astounding career; covering the time between his classic debut in 1996 to now standing as the undisputed King of Rap in 2003. It was ranked #349 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” and #90 on Pitchfork’s list of the 200 best albums of the 2000s.
The Black Album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 463,000 copies sold, making it Hov’s sixth consecutive #1 debut. It has since been certified 3x Multi-Platinum by the RIAA, with sales of over 3.5 million in the US alone. In 2005, The Black Album was nominated for “Best Rap Album” at the 47th Grammy Awards, but lost to Kanye West’s The College Dropout.

In 2004 Roc-A-Fella Records would release the Fade to Black documentary, which tracked the recording of the album and supplied footage from his legendary retirement concert at the Madison Square Garden.

Recorded over just a few weeks, the rapper’s impending retirement is a recurring theme throughout, with Jay celebrating all he and Roc-A-Fella Records had managed to accomplish in such a short time. He made sure to use multiple themes, flows, rhyme patterns, and production styles to demonstrate how he had perfected every element of this rap thing. 

Hov first had the idea for a “Black Album” in 1998, and he had wanted close friend DJ Premier to lock in the studio with him and produce all of the tracks. That project never eventuated (Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life would make it to shelves in ‘98), but he revisited the concept for his retirement album - but instead enlisting a different producer for each track. In the end Hov ended up with 10 different producers across the 14 tracks. DJ Premier and Dr. Dre were planned to make contributions, but Jay never found the right beat

Votes for the 10K BakuDeku Fic Theme:

Retirement Home AU: 28

The Wonder Duo’s been together for many years – even, to the worst (best) of their luck, landing in the same god damn retirement home. But when Izuku gets the offer to live closer to his children, Katsuki realizes what it could mean to finally lose the other fish that’s been around him for … well. Forever. 

Cops + Childhood Memories AU: 34

Katsuki and Izuku turned to the path of becoming cops instead of heroes. They’re stuck together, even if they don’t quite get along. When a rather grisly case opens up in their childhood park, the two reflect on their earlier years while seeking out a culprit …

As it currently stands. I’m sleeping now – whatever it is in the mornin’, decides it.

Yuuri Week 2017, Day 1: Terra Incognita
Optional Theme A: Future
Title: I have decided
Genre: Angst, Anxiety
Pairing: Victuuri
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov
Rating: Teen and up audiences
Warnings: None
Summary: After the Rostelecom Cup, Yuuri flies to Japan. His thoughts won’t leave him alone. He knows he has to do something. And so he silently decides about his future. But will it be a final decision?
A short fan fiction centred about Yuuri Katsuki. Takes place in episode 9.

The airplane took off. Yuuri silently watched how sky was approaching closer and closer.

For some time, he was just looking on stars, on the black sky, and on the lights of the city. Then, tired from the competition and his own thoughts, he tried to sleep a little bit.

He didn’t sleep at all.

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do you know if anyone ever made a gifset of nayeon from cheer up to that old slasher film scream with drew barrymore? because TWICE did that. They're always referencing horror or aliens or something dark. lol

i personally haven’t seen a gifset of only nayeon & the scream reference but there might be one out there!! but yeah i love when they do horror/supernatural themed videos!!! i thought likey would be like that somehow since it was released in october. i hope they don’t retire the halloween themed videos!!!

SPN 12x03: Let’s speculate!

The first three episodes of a season usually give us a lot of information on what may or may not happen in the rest of it. These are some of the clear ideas this season has given us so far:  

  • Cas will be hunting Lucifer along with Crowley and the occasional help from the Winchesters
  • Rowena will be a key character to put Lucifer back in the cage
  • The theme of retiring that began in season 11 hasn’t been dropped. It’s back thanks to Rowena and even Mary in the first episodes. I’m sure they won’t be the only ones thinking about it.
  • We’ll have to find out what the real motives of the British Men of Letters are
  • The mysterious man coming from London to deal with Sam and Dean will be a pain in the ass
  • We will learn Lady Toni Bevell’s backstory at some point so that we understand her personal agenda
  • Cas is and will continue to be another member of the Winchester family
  • Mary will spend the season trying to come to terms with everything that’s changed in the 30+ years she was gone
  • Dean and Sam will have to deal with Mary leaving (and it will be especially hard for Dean, who has always had abandonment issues)
  • The fact that Cas isn’t interested in going back to Heaven will be important for Dean at some point. Everybody leaves him… everybody except Cas

AND there’s something that’s bothering me, but I can’t help reading it this way:

The fact that Mary got possessed in episode three, which marks the path for the rest of the season is a clear piece of foreshadowing. In this episode, Lucifer kept having issues with his vessel. I know someone had already talked about the possibility of Lucifer possessing Mary at some point. I didn’t want to accept that possibility, but now I have to say that’s the way I’m reading it.

This season will be painfully emotional, and though I’m sure I’ll suffer a lot, I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the story.

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What are your thoughts on splash mountain getting a retheme to princess and the frog not saying this is happening just wonder what you think about that

Okay this is a loaded topic and I am going to be honest about it so my opinion is a little controversial. I think that banning the film song of the south is a move to hide the ugly history behind rather than tackle the issues of that being a “Disney film” head on. So I think the film should be re released but with historical context and information on the DVD just like Warner Brothers does with their old outdated and frankly racist cartoons. NOW onto the ride itself it’s no doubt a staple in the Disney parks canon but is this the property in today’s world that deserves to be a full out attraction?

Should it stay simply because it works I mean at least for Disneyland I know Princess and the Frog could work due to Critter Country being adjacent to New Orleans Square. Tiana at Walt Disney World already made a splash in frontierland so her being here wouldn’t really puzzle guests either. And a ride centered on Disney’s first black princess certainly seems more valid to me than an attraction that is based on a film that doesn’t seem to have such a positive shine towards a community of people. It’s beloved for its placement and history as a park attraction but does it deserve that given the film it’s celebrating is Song of the South? 

To me I view it like the Washington redskins thing it’s time for it to be retired. At least theme wise granted Splash is no where near as bad but the cultural issues are still present and I think in the future should a retheme happen I would honestly be all for it (given the right theme). I mean this is a ride based on a film that was called antiquated and fairly offensive but Disney’s own CEO. But I digress. Either way my opinion on this is rather worthless given that ride is going nowhere anytime soon.