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I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out

Cup Magic Bonanza ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, somehow the Stanley Cup gets damaged/cracked or whatever, goes missing, and a Pandora’s Box of weird spills over the league. 

The Aces can’t stop breaking into song. The Schooners have swapped bodies with the Kings. No two Bruins players can be more than three meters apart. Every Panther is now sporting Jagr’s mullet from the 90s, but Jagr himself is bald. The Hurricanes just disappeared mid-game. All of them. Poof.

Enter ‘The Council’ - the retired players and part-time guardians of the Cup. Which up until this point was just a group of Hall of Famers Bob saw twice a year for drinks but is a really serious thing he apparently is now in charge of.

With their former chairman a farm animal, Bob is tasked with restoring order to the League – which would be great if anyone knew anything about what the hell is happening – and calls upon the only unaffected hockey players he can trust to find the cup: his son’s boyfriend and the bros of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.


  • Rough and tumble Eric Bittle in eye-black and figure skates
  • A de-aged, seven-year-old Jack Zimmermann that’s super shy and only speaks French 
  • Chowder single-handedly saving the San Jose Sharks from actual sharks
  • Ransom and Holster getting married after being sucked into an Aces musical number
  • Alexei Mashkov as ‘The Bear’
  • ‘The Stick of Destiny’
  • The soothing sounds of Kent Parson and his Las Vegas Aces
  • Wayne Gretzky as an actual goat
The Chapecoense Official Squad For 2017

Squad Notes:

There are a lot of youngsters from Chape’s youth system in the squad and a few players who weren’t on the flight. A few of the players not on the flight were only loanees, and returned to their parent clubs, and one player retired, but the rest will still be playing this season.

Only one survivor of the crash will still be playing for the club, the centre back Neto, but we don’t know yet when he’ll be able to go back on the pitch. Alan Ruschel, another survivor of the crash, is currenly on loan from Internacional until may, and should be back at his parent club before he’s ready to start playing again.

There are a lot of loanees, and only a few players came in as actual signings, but the team is in a rebuilding phase and it’ll take a few years until they get their bearings together.

The club will be managed by Vagner Mancini. He’s a former player, and played mainly for small Brazilian clubs, with a quick stint at Grêmio in ‘95. He retired in 2004, when he played for Paulista, where he also started his career as a manager, also in 2004 

Chape’s first match after the accident will happen tomorrow, January 21st -a friendly against Palmeiras  

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these are a few of the accents I’m selling right now!! I’m doing a bit of a hoard clean, and these are all no longer used. I have several more that are for sale for too, but the darn photo limit is stopping me haha

These are all old and/or retired, some by players that are no longer active. In a lot of cases, I’m the only one selling them on the AH. please consider buying!! seller is Anemia :)

5 times Hinata Shouyou made Oikawa flustered + 1 time Oikawa finally gets to use a move on Shouyou

A/N: Rival Volleyball Coach AU. For OiHina Monthy, September 2016, “Flustered” but flustered is…used loosely here.

This was supposed to be a drabble haha, just wanted try to subvert the idea that only Oikawa could make Shouyou flustered, but clearly this got away from me.

(I imagine Oikawa to be about 27 years old? and Shouyou to be 24/5) 

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In the five years that Oikawa Tooru had coached the four time Miyagi representative, Aoba Johsai High, he had never seen this coach before. 

He must be new, Tooru thought with an eyebrow raised, eying the blob of bright orange hair from across the court. Said New Coach was the coach of Karasuno High, the school Seijou was playing against in the semi-finals taking place now. 

He remembered the old coach for Karasuno, a tall—clearly a retired player—glasses wearing blonde with a disapproving frown perpetually pasted on his face, the real opposite to their new coach…who was currently jumping up and down, gesturing wildly to his players. 

Tooru didn’t what to think about this enthusiastic…person. Instead he turned back to his own players, gathering them around to form a circle. 

“Trust each other,” he said simply. Usually he would stop here and let the captain take over, knowing the team he has built was independent and clever, but it seemed like this year could be different. “They have a new coach, so take your time to think and adjust.“ 

“Yes, coach,” Iwaizumi Hajime, the captain, answered with a curt nod. 

Oikawa nodded at his team, and went to sit at the bench. 

The second he sat down though, he looked up to find Karasuno’s coach in front of him. 

“Hi,” he greeted with a bright smile, sticking his hand out. 

Tooru’s eyebrow found its way up again. “Hi,” he said politely, shaking the other’s hand. It was smaller than his, but when their hands touched it was unmistakable—the callouses, the grip—he was serious about volleyball before he stopped too. 

“I’m Hinata Shouyou, I’m the new coach for Karausno,” he introduced himself. He looked young, certainly younger than Tooru, with his short stature and non-lethal expression. 

“Oikawa Tooru.” Tooru said cooly. Never in his coaching career had a rival coach come introduce themselves willingly; this Hinata Shouyou had to have an angle. 

“Aoba Johsai is really strong,” Hinata said, his chin lowering, a kind of intensity filling his large brown eyes deadly. Tooru was about to thank him smugly until he added, “But my team will beat you." 

“What,” was what came out of Tooru’s mouth. 

The whistle blew from his right, and suddenly Tooru realized they still had their hands gripped together. He instantly pulled his hand away, recovering from his brief lapse of cool. “You can try,” he said, “It was nice to meet you." 

Just as quick as Hinata turned serious, his face turned bright and smiley again. “It was really cool to meet you too!” he chirped, bouncing away to Karasuno’s side of the court. 

What the hell was that. Who the hell was that. 

“Coach, your face is kind of red,” Iwaizumi said. 

“No it’s not!” he protested, turning to face the captain. “Who’s serving first?" 

Iwaizumi pointed at Karauno with his thumb. “Karasuno,” he answered.
Tooru moved his gaze towards Hinata, his team surrounding him as he took part in the team huddle as well. 



Hinata Shouyou was so loud during the match, he was given a yellow card by the near end of the first set. 

He squawked every time his players made a good serve, shouted in celebration along with his two brash players, screamed “don’t mind” when they lost a point. He was so loud, Tooru couldn’t help but look at him with exasperation instead of watching his team sometimes. 

Worst of all though— 

“Yes!” Iwaizumi cried, having just spiked past a two person block. He received pats on his back and Tooru smirked. He turned to the setter, Yahaba Shigeru, and gave him a nod. 

Then he proceeded to turn to Hinata Shouyou from across the court and gave him the most childish face he could muster, his tongue out and a finger pulling down his left eye. 

Hinata’s face scrunched up adorably—adorably?—and returned the sentiment: he squeezed his eyes shut and stuck his tongue out at Tooru back. 

Tooru humphed, turning his face away. 

—he made Tooru just as childish as he was. 

He wasn’t worried at all, it was Seijou’s set point now, soon they’d take the match too and move on to the finals. 

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