retired players

Au where Jack didn’t go to Samwell and after a few years and a cup with the Falconers he gets traded to a team in Canada, so now he lives around 2-3 hours from his parents.

Meanwhile Bitty graduates and is hired by Alicia Zimmermann to be her assistant, partly because he was a Samwell alumni but also because he was super sweet and brought a pie to the interview.

Bob tried to poach him within a week, but Bitty thought he was only joking. So did a lot of the retired hockey players once they tasted the pies including Mario. Alicia doesn’t allow Bitty alone with Bob or his friends anymore.

Which is why she made Jack promise to stick to him like glue during a charity event she won’t be able to attend, but that Bitty will be at.

“Jack, Eric is the most efficient and pleasant assistant I’ve ever had. He’s also charming, hard working and discreet, and when I had the flu last month he made me go home to rest and brought me chicken soup on his day off. If your dad or his friends try to take him from me again, I can’t be responsibly for my actions.“

This is how Jack somehow ends up playing interference and trying to distract Bitty from talking to anybody at the charity event.

And wow ok this isn’t exactly unpleasant and Bitty is gorgeous and funny, and played hockey.

Bitty is in the middle of trying to explain how increasing his social media would be beneficial, and how he could use his platform for good when Jack sort of blurts out.

"Do you wanna get coffee?”

And Bitty paused, looks at him and smiles, “sure! I’d be happy to go over everything with you again over coffee.”

Jack is too flustered to explain that was a very lame attempt to ask him out, so he goes along with the work orientated coffee situation with the intention of maybe asking him properly afterwards.

Of course, then shenanigans occur where Alicia thinks Jack is now trying to steal Bitty to be his assistant and casually invites herself over for the coffee, so obvs Jack doesn’t ask Bitty then.

“I trusted you,” she says very dramatically when he comes over for dinner that week. “How could you be trying to take my assistant?”

“I am not trying to offer him a job,” Jack groans dramatically, “I’m trying to ask him out!”

Alicia paused, considers this and does a complete 180.

“Jack! This is an amazing idea! I fully support this, oh I can’t believe I crashed your date.”

“It wasn’t a date,” mumbles Jack.

“Ok, we need a plan. You need to woo Eric, he’d be such a wonderful son in law.”


Meanwhile Bob is quietly watching this whole exchange and making his own plan. He absolutely supports Jack’s interest in Bitty, and Alicia is right he’d be a wonderful son in law.

But also Bob does need an assistant since he can’t seem to keep one for more than 2 months at a time, so he’s now planning to steal Bitty while his wife is distracted playing matchmaker.

Bitty had no idea what’s going on, he just wants to continue working for Alicia since she’s so nice and amazing, save enough money to open his own bakery and try not to let in on the fact he has a massive crush on Jack.

I mean, how unprofessional would dating the boss son would look!?

No, he’s going to keep things strictly professional because that’s who he is, a professional who totally doesn’t have the hots for the son of Alicia Zimmermann.


Sawamura Eijun: Captain + Cleanup AU

Love on the Ice ~ Klance AU

-Lance is a World Champion ice skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

-Keith is an All-Star hockey player and on a World Champion NHL team called Voltron

-Hunk is also on team Voltron as the goalie and he’s quite popular for his excellent blocks

-Pidge is an Olympic silver medalist and is being coached with Lance

-Shiro is a retired Voltron player and is now the coach of Voltron

              -Him and Keith are stepbrothers

-Allura and Coran are retired couple skaters and now are coaching Lance and Pidge.

-Shiro and Allura dating but no one really knows

-Lance and Hunk are childhood friends and they never miss each other’s games/performances

              -If they can’t make it they would watch them together on Youtube  

-Keith is new on the team but earned respect when he basically won the championship with the most goals

-Pidge is a very smart person so her performances have clever stories and choreography that people just love

              -her favorite types of songs to skate to is techno pop

-Lance loves to skate to pop songs and Spanish songs

-Keith and Hunk become friends after a while of Keith ignoring his introductions

              -Hunk gave him and the rest of the team cookies

-Hunk convinces Keith to go an ice skating competition close by

              -Keith thinks it’s too girly

-Keith watches Lance’s performance and falls in love with the sport and the boy

-Lance and Pidge goes to one of Hunks games and oh boi you know what happens

              -Keith took off his helmet and lance melted

-Since their careers are more important than a love life they pretend to hate each other

              -Hunk and Pidge made them meet each other

-They almost always go out to eat after to eat after practice, so hunk and pidge have to eat through constant arguing

              -Hunk and Pidge are suspicious

-Lance is insecure and homesick cause we have to have some Langst

              -He moved from Cuba to America to train


-Hunk and Pidge finally make them hang out ALONE

              -they give each other skating tips

-Mutual Pinning

-Lance spills his insecurities on, the one and only, Keith

               -Keith hugs lance

-They become more flustered with each other after that

-Private skating sessions become more common

-One day one of Lance’s favorite cousin dies from suicide and goes into a state of depression

              -he and his family are really close and since he moved to America he                 hasn’t talked to them much

              -he feels like it his fault since he hasn’t been there to notice anything                   wrong

              -he doesn’t eat, sleep, practice, or leave his house for days

              -Hunk forces him to go to the rink with Keith to get out

              -at the rink, with Keith he almost passes out

              -Keith, of course, catches him and takes him home

              -takes care of him for a few days and talk about his family

-Lance and Keith become really close and their fans start to notice

              -Klance is trending on almost everything

-Voltron is in the NHL championship and everyone is there for support

              -They win of course

              -Keith and Lance hug and Klance is trending on everything again

-Ice skating comes into season and lance makes it into the finals

              -It was lance’s toughest performance on an emotional level

              - Same thing again, everyone come for support

              -Lance gets gold

              -Lance and Keith kiss after his performance and Klance is trending                     for a week


Okay, I have no idea if this has been done before so please forgive me if it has.

i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out

Has anybody ever considered a GilmoreGirls inspired au?

With Bitty as the young father with a baby girl who moves into Samwell, a small town filled with weird but wonderful people.

(Like in my head the kid is adopted because one of his cousins got pregnant and didn’t want to keep the baby, and he moved them away so the baby wouldn’t grow up being looked down by people.)

And maybe he had a boyfriend at the time who was a little older and said he wanted to be a dad, and was willing to make things work but then bailed and Bitty was heartbroken but decided to do it alone.

The cousin would play the part of Christopher sort of, so they’ll play the part of unreliable parental figure who drops unannounced and mess things up.

You have Lardo and Shitty, their quirky neighbours who are a bit nosy, and live in a refurbished barn/studio that is very cool and filled with Lardo’s art, they mean well and are always happy to babysit.

Shitty is the only lawyer in town and has semi retired after making a ridiculous amount of money with big clients, but then having a massive crisis of conscience and decided to leave that corporate world and work with small clients.

Then Ransom and Holster share the mayor position, and spend half the time arguing with each other about the laws and half the time putting ridiculously over the top festivals to attract tourists.

Dex is the grumpy mechanic/handy man for everything in town. He likes Bitty because he isn’t annoying and didn’t act weird when he asked him for help to learn how to cook.

Nursey has a bookshop, and he is always breaking things, so it’s a bit dangerous inside, and he is always calling Dex and the two of them fight a lot about repairs/the state of the shop.

Once Dex brings him a homemade pie, and Nursey blushed so hard he almost passed out. They are dating now.

Chowder is the guy who has a million jobs around town.

Bitty starts working in the bakery/coffee shop as the waiter and worked his way up to management once the owner retired.

Jack is a retired professional hockey player, and the owner of the ice rink, and the coach for the high school hockey team. He is grumpy and frowns a lot and can’t stand the ridiculous traditions in town, but has a massive soft spot for Bitty and his daughter.

Bitty’s daughter is the first girl to join the team, and Jack’s star player. He has a soft spot for her and Bitty, who comes to see almost every practice and definitely every game.

He and Bitty flirt/banter a lot, and Jack’s always dropping by to the coffee shop.

And I dunno, take it anywhere you want to but yeah I just had this vague idea in my head.

Cup Magic Bonanza ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, somehow the Stanley Cup gets damaged/cracked or whatever, goes missing, and a Pandora’s Box of weird spills over the league. 

The Aces can’t stop breaking into song. The Schooners have swapped bodies with the Kings. No two Bruins players can be more than three meters apart. Every Panther is now sporting Jagr’s mullet from the 90s, but Jagr himself is bald. The Hurricanes just disappeared mid-game. All of them. Poof.

Enter ‘The Council’ - the retired players and part-time guardians of the Cup. Which up until this point was just a group of Hall of Famers Bob saw twice a year for drinks but is a really serious thing he apparently is now in charge of.

With their former chairman a farm animal, Bob is tasked with restoring order to the League – which would be great if anyone knew anything about what the hell is happening – and calls upon the only unaffected hockey players he can trust to find the cup: his son’s boyfriend and the bros of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.


  • Rough and tumble Eric Bittle in eye-black and figure skates
  • A de-aged, seven-year-old Jack Zimmermann that’s super shy and only speaks French 
  • Chowder single-handedly saving the San Jose Sharks from actual sharks
  • Ransom and Holster getting married after being sucked into an Aces musical number
  • Alexei Mashkov as ‘The Bear’
  • ‘The Stick of Destiny’
  • The soothing sounds of Kent Parson and his Las Vegas Aces
  • Wayne Gretzky as an actual goat

Today one of the most successful and talented German player retires. Not only will we miss you captain, but the world of football too. Thanks for so much passion, loyalty, kindness. Thanks for being a true bavarian role model. Can’t wait to see you again

Let’s celebrate Fips last 5 Bundesliga matches with his best moments (5/5)


Overhaul at the Daily Prophet

Following last week’s firing of infamous reporter Rita Skeeter, the Daily Prophet continues to demonstrate its commitment to change by revamping its ancient premises.

The crumbling brick and marble building at 20 Diagon Alley has been demolished and rebuilt. The result: a sleek, glassy affair, its entrance emblazoned with the Prophet’s redesigned logo.

All members of staff have been issued staff passes and colour-coded business cards, which they must carry on their person at all times. 

This is in keeping with the newspaper’s newfound commitment to journalistic integrity. For the first time in three centuries, a company motto has been adopted: Renewed, Ready, Responsible.

In another canny PR move, head honcho Jeremiah Cuffe has manoeuvred retired Holyhead Harpies player Ginny Potter into place as the unofficial face of the new establishment. It is rumoured that she only agreed to this on condition of Rita Skeeter’s immediate termination.

More 21st century wizarding here


I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

Football fandom on tumblr is so weird. Because there are so many different people, like;

  • the ones who only want to suck dicks
  • the ones who support 3 clubs from every league but also like other 5
  • the ones who support 5 nts because their favorite club’s players play for them 
  • the ones who make amazing edits and gifs but never talk
  • the ones who reblog everything and you are so confused because which team do you support
  • the ones who give history lessons about their favorite clubs 
  • the ones who have the best football related urls but rarely blog about football???
  • the ones who hate rivalry and want to be friends with everyone
  • the ones who tag their hate to annoy everyone because they think it’s funny
  • the ones who post really bad memes they found on twitter
  • the ones who follow one player and support the every team he plays for
  • the new ones who ask about formations and positions because they are confused
  • the onest who post streams, calendars, team news etc
  • the ones who cry over retired players
  • pessimists
  • optimists
woso *gays*

DISCLAIMER:I do not know any of these people, I do not claim to know these people, therefor none of this is factual information (except of course the McLeods who claim their love for one another on the daily) please don’t attack me if you don’t like someone I put on here:) If there is somebody missing or somebody that is a big no no to be on here message me and I will kindly fix it:-)

Erin McLeod(CANWNT/FC Rosengard) & Ella Masar McLeod(FC Rosengard)


-aka mcmasar

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It’s kinda weird to think that I fell in love with the 2015 WWC Team and since then my love for the nt has declined a lot. I’m not going to blame it all on Jill ( yeah most of it is her fault) but players retiring and stuff affected that. I feel like that team was destined to be put together since they were born. I feel very lucky that I got to see that team quick ass and come out winning big.

I know it’s weird but I think the creation of that team and players playing the way they did and them being in the position for them to be selected is pure destiny. (Idk if this makes any sense)
The reason I now clearly see this is because ever since the first person to retire retired that chapter came to an end. That team will never play together again. Ever.

Seeing how things are going now it makes very upset. There’s people on that team that don’t deserve it (pickle or dickle…whatever her name is) and just cause shit. And then there’s people that should be on that team but aren’t cause the coach brings personal opinions into decisions. (Like yeah I get ali makes you mad cause she all facts and you ain’t shit but she’s the best bitch!)

Anyway what I was trying to say is that I want them to get destroyed and I want a coach that sees greatness and not age.

And Jill I hope your team chokes (except for mal she cool)

Sin Bin Meetings

I like this and i think its cute so if you dont i dont care.  But if you do letting me know would be delightful.  Jeff Skinner is an adorable human i love him.  


Originally posted by puckducky

           You were an off-ice official for the Carolina Hurricanes, meaning you kept things in order behind the scenes.  Similar to the on-ice officials your job was to keep the game going, make sure everything went off without a hitch.  Mainly you made sure that before the game, during the game and after the game the players of both teams didn’t interact in negative ways.  Quite a few of the players know each other from past teams or from minor leagues so sometimes they chatted before the games and it was always nice to see old friends interact.  But of course from time to time there were little scuffles between players in the halls away from the fans and away from the cameras and it was your job, despite your size, to clear the little scuffles away.  You did various other things but keeping the peace behind the scenes was always the number one priority for you.

           “Are you sure there’s no one else that can do it?” you ask your boss “absolutely positive?” You had been told about twenty minutes after your arrival to work that the regular penalty box official couldn’t come in today.  His wife called saying that he could barely sit up he’s that ill.  Now your boss told you that there was absolutely no one else that could fill his position and the one other man that could have done it was out of the country.  

           “Yes (y/n), there’s no one else that I trust to go out there and do that job” he says simply “I would do it but I still have to run things in here, and unless you want to trust that the canes won’t get any penalties we can’t leave that box empty.”

           “I don’t even know what to do once I’m in there” you sigh using your last, very weak line of defense. Being honest, you know what to do, you were taught when you first got the job because you had to but were promised you’d never have to use the skills.

           “Yes, you do, we both know you had the training” your boss says shutting down your lie right away.

           “So, I don’t have a choice then” you roll your eyes “asking me was just telling me.”

           “Pretty much (y/l/n).” You have a good relationship with your boss but his decision to put you in the box might change that “Go talk to Greggory and he’ll answer any questions you have and help you out to the box. Oh, and don’t be nervous, you will do fine.”

           After asking Greggory, the other penalty box official, many questions you felt there was nothing left but doing the job.  You were put in charge of the home team penalty box which made you feel a little bit better, being familiar with some of the canes ‘trouble makers’ you felt slightly better to be there than in the visitor box where it was possible some of the Florida Panthers would be sitting tonight.  

           The first period goes off without a hitch, with no penalties that is until the middle of the second when a fight breaks out between a Jeff Skinner, who surprised you a little bit, and Jaromir Jagr, who kind of scared you.  Jeff Skinner, not at all a fighter or someone that got very many penalty minutes at all and Jaromir Jagr, someone that will probably never retire and a player that has raked up some penalty minutes.  Both of them got charged with fighting majors and once you finished writing down the information you got a chance to actually look at Skinner.  

          “Shit” you say quietly, his lip was bleeding and he had a cut on his eyebrow that would probably need to be tapped, you hold out a towel to him and he takes it thankfully.

           “Is it that bad?” he asks looking at the bloody towel and then at you.

           “No, but you’ll probably have a scar” you say looking at his eyebrow “the hair might grow in a bit strange too.”

           “Chicks dig scars though right?” he asks flashing you an award winning dimpled smile.

           “I don’t know, wonky eyebrows are a bit of a turnoff” you smile back at him.

           “You’re usually back in the hallways, why are you out here?” he asks holding the towel to his eye. Wait a second, he notices you? You can’t help the giddy feeling in your stomach or the blush that creeps onto your cheeks.

           “The regular guy was sick and the backup is out of the country and I’m the only one with the proper training” you tell him simply.

           “Is it alright if I ask you a question?” When he doesn’t reply, you continue “you don’t take penalties very often, let alone fighting majors so what happened out there tonight?”

            “He’s been chirping me since the first face-off, I wanted to put an end to it” Jeff shrugs “I don’t fight but he got under my skin.”  

           The rest of his penalty is pretty quiet until thirty seconds left when Jeff starts to speak again “So I lied a little bit, when we first got on the ice and I saw you sitting in here I wanted to talk to you, I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while but I could never make myself so you were sitting in here and I figured if I got myself in here then I would have to talk to you so I provoked him, I knew Jagr would fight.”

           “You got a penalty to talk to me?” you ask smiling “Was it worth it?”

           “Yeah, very much so” he says smiling back at you “would it be weird to ask you to write down my number?”

           You shake your head and write down the number he tells you on, promising to text him tonight when you got home.  Once he gets out of the box and back on the bench your sure the rest of the guys know what was going on because they’re all laughing and Jeff is blushing probably telling them to ‘fuck off.’

uswnt ask meme
  1. Most positive thing you can say about the 3 back
  2. Dream captains in [send year] (i.e. 2024)
  3. Who would you bring out of retirement?
  4. Who would you bring out of retirement besides Cheney?
  5. Favorite player to follow on social media
  6. Least Favorite player to follow on social media
  7. Your NWSL team
  8. Favorite crack ship
  9. Favorite crack ship (so’hara doesn’t count)
  10. ESPN/ABC or FS1/Fox broadcasts
  11. Player whose closet you’d steal
  12. Favorite game of all time
  13. 1 Player you think should always start
  14. 1 Player you think should always start besides Becky
  15. Favorite kits
  16. Least fave kits
  17. (If you read it) Fave WIP fanfic
  18. (If you read it) Fave completed fanfic
  19. Starting XI from current pool
  20. Favorite player to watch
  21. Favorite player to watch besides Tobin
  22. Favorite woso meme
  23. Favorite non-us national team
  24. Your True Thought and Feelings on [send player name]
  25. Your True Thought and Feelings on [send nwsl team name]
  26. Favorite friendship
  27. 3 players you’d pick to be stuck on a desert island with
  28. First game you watched (if you remember)
  29. One thing you’d change about the way the team is run
  30. One thing you’d change about the way the team is run besides firing Jill
  31. If you could guest write a sporting chic post what would it be about
  32. Who has the best kits in the NWSL?
  33. Who has the worst kits in the NWSL?
  34. Favorite US Soccer youtube video
  35. Favorite newbie (23 or younger)
  36. Favorite New New Kid
  37. Favorite New Kid
  38. Favorite USWNT child/baby
  39. Favorite woso journo
  40. All-time favorite #1 draft pick
  41. Favorite uswnt blog on tumblr
  42. All-time favorite starting XI, past present future
Counting on Love

A/N: So, I’ve made it and can’t believe it. Only took me about 4 years. ggg

This is for the February challenge “Love is …” at @loveinpanem and will most probably be a Two-Parter. The second part still needs to be finished, so no idea when that one will be published. Hopefully not in another 4 years. ;)

There would be no submission if there hadn’t been a couple of ladies and their support and help. So, thank you @thegirlfromoverthepond for your constant cheerleading and handholding. You brought me back to wirting, I never realized how much I missed it. Thank you @greetingsfromthenorthernsea for our brainstorming and all your very helpful comments. And last but not least @honeylime08 for the incredible betaing. I loved all those little comments you gave at certain parts. Without you this story would be in terrible shape. ggg

THANK YOU, ladies!

Enough now, let’s start with the story. Hope you enjoy! :)

You can also read it here: FFn


Part 1

Numbers were her thing.

Ever since her first lesson in mathematics back when she started school at the tender age of 6, Katniss loved to solve equations. She added, substracted, multiplied and divided. She draw graphs, she solved page long math riddles.

She loved numbers.

And even though there were people out there who thought it boring and stupefying, Katniss also loved being an accountant.

Oh, and she was good at it. It was fulfilling for her to know every aspect of her clients company, to know its monthly debits and credits to the T, to have the books clean and correct and always up to date.

No matter how chaotic or unorganised a new client was whenever they sought out her company’s help, Katniss made sure the books were up and running within a short matter of time.

Tax authorities loved to work with her, always breathed a sigh of relief when they read her name as responsible for the account of the company they were reviewing.

So it took her by surprise when on Tuesday afternoon (she remembered it being a Tuesday because she had a burrito for lunch, and Tuesday was burrito-day in the cafeteria) her supervisor knocked on her office door and introduced her to her newest client.

And in stepped the most handsome man Katniss ever had laid eyes on.

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