retired cheerleader

5 things I miss

- Oreo in the center of TGLC’s dances

- Kelsey’s double double

- Amanda Graceffa serving you point jumps

- Kiara’s pass that punch fronts into another pass

- Santwan’s double landing in a balls crusher

This one goes out to the retired allstar cheerleaders

Retired Cheerleader Woes

i just want the feeling of stepping out onto the floor again.

i want the feeling of setting out your uniform, bows and shoes the night before.

i want the feeling of looking into the crowd and seeing nothing but lights, your team and the glitter on your uniform.

i want the adrenaline before you compete standing backstage getting in the zone

i want the sense of peace you get after nailing your perfect routine

i want to go to practice and come home smelling like the gym

i want to feel like i have something to look forward to

i want the feeling of being angry at something throwing a basket and seeing all the anger leave your body as you toss your flyer

i want to let my cheerleading alter ego out again & feel unstoppable