retired carts

140110 Sukira - Sneak peek of Kyungsoo's lines in 'Cart'
  • DJ Ryeowook: You didn't shoot it[the movie] yet, right?
  • D.O: Nope, I didn't.
  • DJ Ryeowook: You probably didn't do the reading(script reading) either?
  • D.O: The reading, I did! I read the script.
  • DJ Ryeowook: Oh, then show us a little! Something that you remember. [Make it] Short!
  • Chanyeol: The thing [line] you do often, D.O!
  • DJ Ryeowook: Oh, he does it often at the dorm?
  • Chanyeol: Yes. I bother him a lot at the dorm. And there is something he always does/say...
  • DJ Ryeowook: He probably has script all day long, then.
  • Chanyeol: He always has it beside his bed. So he looks at it everyday and... (to D.O) Try it.
  • D.O: (soullessly) "When is dad coming?"
  • Everyone: LOL
  • trans credit: jjolbodyo
Quand les 6e pensent que, lorsque tu leur demandes d’attendre quelques secondes dans le couloir le temps de retirer les cartes avant une évaluation de géo, c’est en réalité pour désactiver “l’alarme de la salle”.