retire :(


‪Just a heads up, guys. I’m planning on retiring this fursuit after BLFC this weekend. I’m hope I can get pic of him with all my friends!❤🦊📸✨‬

Thank you all so much for the love you’ve given him over the years. I’ll be getting a 2.0 fursuit of Ace, so the character will still be there, but this particular suit has run its course.

 At UFC Fight Night 107: London, Brad Pickett made his final walk to the octagon, as he was set to retire following his bout against Marlon Vera.

 Pickett made his professional MMA debut in 2004, and is one of the pioneers of the light weight-classes and their rise to the big stages such as the UFC and other big combat organizations.

 Debuting for Cage Rage and essentially fighting for just the competition aspect, Picket made his rise and gained a wide following during his stay with WEC before being bought out by the UFC, in which provided the cage for his farewell fight, and countless new fans from all over the world.

 The England native fell defeat in his last bout, getting knocked out by a head kick in the 3rd round. Pickett stated: “When I was younger, I would have eaten that kick and continued on”, showing why it was time to hang the gloves up, or in his case, take the hat off.

 Pickett left every fight in the cage, and dedicated his body for entertainment and fun competition. A true warrior, and pioneer of this sport.

 Thank you Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett.

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After Otabek and Yuri retire they open a cat cafe. It’s called Catspresso and Kitteas. They take in all types of cats! Floffy cats, hairless cats, disabled cats, short haired cats, the works, and on the grand opening all the other skaters come to the cat cafe. Somehow they magically all left with a cat, how weird right? Anyway, Yuri makes the breads. Everyone thinks Yuri makes the pastries, but no it’s, Otabek. That man can make a mean pastry I tell you. They also sell coffee and tea. There most famous drink is there chai tea. They have a menu of drinks inspired by all the skaters.(JJ’s is just really watered down coffee. It’s bad and no one orders it but Yuri makes them keep it up there.) There best pastry is there lemon cake, it’s really good goddamit. They sell cakes that are inspired by their skating programs. After a long day at work they go home shower off all the cat hair, and snuggle in front of the tv with a blanket and fuzzy socks(they both totally wear fuzzy socks I will fight you on this). They keep the cafe open until they are both of old age.

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