retina maps


I’ve gazed into your eyes more than I’ve looked out my own.

I’ve been lost in your eyes but have never once felt alone.

They are the mirror image of the universe we exist,

maybe lost within your eyes are the parallels to our what ifs.

Black holes drinking in the light i’m a pupil to your apertures,

that are filled with all our favoured moments not captured by our cameras.

Wishing we could go back in time, only if we bent the space in your Iris,

back to the moment I first felt small in the world,

the moment you opened your eyelids.

It wasn’t long before I saw galaxies, reflecting out the corneas of your eyes.

Retinas to a map of the universe, windows I look to surmise.

What if your eyes are parallels? could our future be any different?

Maybe I’ve been lost in your eyes to long?

Maybe thats why you’ve become distant?

- Cry Wolf