retina ipad

I do wish I could pick Henning May’s voice as the soundtrack of my life.

Even if I don’t speak a bit of German, I get super excited every single time I realize they’ve worked really hard for a long time now, and it’s pure bliss to know that they’re on their way to get even bigger. I seriously can not wait for Alles Nix Konkretes.

Made for iPad retina screen, 2048 X 2048 -feel free to use! Probably making one of the whole band soon.

Pictures taken from AnnenMayKantereit’s facebook page, their tumblr, tumblr user annenmaykan,Vollmond. Many of these were taken by Fabien Claret.


Hi !

I very much like sketching on my iPad mini, with apps like Fifty Three’s Paper or Procreate. But… like any drawing app on iPad, the problem is that your hand palm is in contact with the iPad glass, and seen as a finger tap.

So, you need a good PALM REJECTION SYSTEM, that some apps try to implement with more or less success.

Here is my home made palm rejection system, 100% efficent. I bought some Decathlon RUNNING GLOVES for 5€ (4$). And I used good scissors to cut thumb, forefinger and middle finger parts.

It works perfectly with any app !

Note: Decathlon is a French sport retailer. You should easily find thin gloves for joggers/runners anywhere.

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