for those who can’t watch the overview, or have not yet

  • Doomfist is one of the leaders of Talon
  • He is an offensive hero
  • He uses his gauntlet in a “rocket punch,” which is a wind up attack
  • His rocket punch ability passes through shields/barriers to do knockback and damage (it’s a projectile like fire strike)
  • He’s sort of like a fighting game character, has combos 
  • Rocket punch does more damage with the knockback if the enemy hits an object, like playing pool
  • His other ability is an uppercut punch, launching himself and the targeted enemy into the air
  • When Doomfist is in the air, uppercut ability or not, he gets an attack reticle on other characters that allows him to “seismic slam” them
  • His primary attack is a shotgun shell in his fist
  • Ultimate ability Meteor Strike - target reticle like mentioned above, he rises in the air, crashing down on them and stunning them. Like a Reinhardt ult from above (He’s like Thor from Smite)
  • His passive is a temporary shield, gained by punching enemies

So in conclusion, he will be harder to kill the more combos he is allowed to land because he has a shield (though it will decay) He is an excellent dive character and will quite possibly be one of the most tankiest offensive heroes

What if high level Sburb weapons fuse with you

I saw this post ( and really liked Vriska’s hand

And that gave me an idea

High level sburb weapons fuse with you. They alter your body in some aesthetic way to match their theme

Over time, Vriska’s hand become noticeably blue. Her 4 fingernails and 4 knuckles gain become crystalline and gain dots, making them match her dice

Eridan’s Science Wand turns each finger chalk white
Ahab’s Crosshairs makes your pupils turn into reticle design. His fingernails become pointed and match the shape of the gun’s tip

The Unbreakable Katana gives you anime hair. It just does that. Your hair is almost razor sharp when dry and styled

Any more ideas?

@classpect-weaponry got anything else?

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Recently you talked about reflex sights - what are the differences/pros and cons of reflex vs red dot vs holo sights?

The short, slightly sarcastic, and not completely inaccurate answer would be, holo sights cost a lot more.

Reflex sights are optics that use a semi-reflective surface to provide targeting information. These will bounce a light off said surface, usually a red or green LED, which when viewed from the appropriate position, will tell you roughly where the object is pointed. I’m phrasing it like this because reflex sights are actually used for a lot of different things, including nautical navigation tools, telescopes, and even some disposable cameras.

The advantages for reflex sights are that they’re relatively cheap, and they usually have a fairly substantial battery life. The internals are just an LED and a reflective glass layer. (Technically, there are a few variations of the technology; for convenience I’m describing the one used with firearms.)

Holo sights are, as the name suggests, actually holographic. They use a laser diode to create the targeting reticle in three dimensional space. This opens up some additional functionality that’s either difficult or impossible to obtain with a reflex sight. The big feature is the ability to adjust for range and windage. Finally, unlike reflex sights, they don’t need to have a tinted layer to catch the reflected light, so the optics are slightly clearer.

The most common firearm reflex sights are red or green dot sights. These use a red or green LED to create the targeting point. That said, some holo sights use a dot aim point. In that sense a red dot sight is more descriptive than an identifier.

Picking a color comes down to user preference. In general, red light has the least affect on night vision. Also because of the prevalence of ruby lasers and red LEDs, some people do approach firearms with the feeling that red is the “right” color.

The human eye is more sensitive to subtle differences in green than any other color. This is part of why some night vision setups display their feedback in green monochrome. In theory, this makes green dot sights easier to see. For some people this honestly seems to be the case. Also why you’ll sometimes see green lasers used as targeters on firearms.

Red and green aren’t the only options. Common LEDs include blue, white, and yellow, so if someone wanted an amber dot sight, that is an option. (Though, you’re going to be paying extra.)

There are other factors. Red was used because red LEDs were very cheap to produce until relatively recently. Blue LEDs only date back to the 1990s. There’s also the direct physiological factors. Historically red light has been believed to produce limited or no eye adaptation, and had the least effect on night vision. My understanding is, that’s not really true, and that green/blue light actually interferes less with night vision, but this is a discussion I’m not fully versed in.

The idea of a dot sight, as opposed to other reticles is purely preference. A dot has a cleaner profile, but provides less information to the user. Just a simple, “bullets go here (we think).” Ring sights, or lines can be useful for judging drift, and can help the user adjust their aim. Alternately, the reticle selected may simply be to speed up target acquisition. This one really is about personal preference. A ring sight isn’t better than a dot sight, it’s about which works for the user.

On more expensive reflex sights (and most holo sights) it’s fairly common to have the ability to switch out the reticle on the fly. So, picking the right one is sometimes about choosing what’s right for this moment, not just picking one and sticking with it.

I will say, video games tend to gloss over these things. I can’t remember the last time I played a game that actually tinted the window for a reflex sight (maybe Far Cry 4), and I don’t think I’ve ever played one that attempted to display a holo sight properly.

Incidentally, some stuff that you can, technically do, includes open reflex sights, where the glass layer exposed to the air. You probably wouldn’t want to do this, because of the potential for damage, but it is a real option, and (partially) open reflex sights do exist. Ultimately reflex sights do need a surface to bounce off of. The name “reflex,” is a shortening of, “reflective,” not a reference to the user’s ability to react quickly.

One thing you can’t do is have a free floating hologram over the weapon. Existing technology doesn’t really allow for this, so you can’t have those neat holographic heads up displays you’ll occasionally see in sci-fi. That said, it’s just not something we can do today, not something that’s impossible.


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so i was playing around with hanzos settings last night and i found something that helped me aim a little better and line up headshots more easily and maybe it’ll help y'all with him or some other projectile heroes ??? but anyway i changed his reticle to green + circle + bloom turned on (to help me see how charged the arrow was). i like to line up the circle to the general direction i want to shoot and having the bloom turned on shrinks it to a dot so that helps with more precise aiming at the end of a charge, and it rly helped me track faster targets like tracer and genji a lot better too so i thought I’d share with u guys ! :>

i grew up a screw-up

Story time!

A few months ago, a skype video chat request popped up on my screen out of the blue. I nearly accepted it (one of my friends was notorious for doing this unsolicited at the time) before realizing that it was no one that I knew. I was pretty new to using skype, so I wasn’t aware that strangers could ping me in this way.

I tried to ignore it, wait for it to time out, but the tone kept sounding for an annoyingly long time and the call persisted. Eventually, I clicked decline, only for another video chat request to immediately spring up. I declined it again, and another insistently popped up in almost the same beat. This went on for six or seven iterations before I finally got fed up.

Like I said, I was new to skype and was not only unsure about how to block this person in between the frightening barrage of chat requests, but I was also morbidly curious as to what they wanted from me. I didn’t actually have much on my profile, just my name (which I quickly deleted after this ordeal) my age (ditto), and a shitty cartoon representation of me as my icon. So I sent this person a message over the chatroom system like ‘who the fuck are you.’

Unsurprisingly, it ended up being a dude. He apologized profusely for bothering me, said he only was looking for friends. I did not accept his contact request, despite his wheedling for me to do so. He said he was 25. (His skype profile said he was 38.) Our conversation started out cordial enough; we talked about respective employments, our favorite cities. Then he professed his love to me. (Of course.) Then he started badgering me for pictures of myself, nude or otherwise. I’d refuse to, and he would apologize, we’d change topics, but he’d consistently steer the conversation back to him asking for pictures of me. I quickly got pissed off.

Eventually, tired of refusing his demands for selfies, I started sending him pictures back. Pictures of my favorite sniper rifles. (I’ve been fascinated by war aesthetic since I was little, sorry.) When his simpering request for just one picture of me came through for the umpteenth time, I dropped an image of a PGM Ultima Ratio I got off google into the fileshare box. He accepted the file eagerly and immediately. Then silence.

'What is this?’ he asked. I told him what it was, why it was my favorite, chattered enthusiastically about range and ammo and specifications. He laughed it off as a joke, asked me what I really looked like. I sent him a picture of a SAKO TRG-42. This continued sporadically over the course of several hours. I must have sent him over fifty pictures of guns I liked, blank files that he accepted with increasingly manic desperation in the hopes of finally seeing a picture of me. His messages became discernibly nervous. I cluttered his inbox with pictures of ordnance.

He finally blocked me after I sent him an image of a Barrett M82 laid out in the desert, in response to one of his feeble demands for me to finally show my face. It’s one of the most hilarious things that has happened to me to this day.


Obzor 1P63 Tactical Combat Scope w/ Solar Dual White/Green Multipurpose Reticle, AK/AKM Mount. This is the newest collimator made for the Kalashnikov. Representing a new generation of Russian optics production, it is already being used by elite units in Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD): police, Spetznaz Special Forces, OMON, etc. Such units aren’t going to use anything but the best. The Kashtan and the Obzor are use leading edge technologies developed by the NPZ factory. The scope reticle changes its shape in response to light conditions so you literally have three different reticles for daylight, twilight and night conditions. It also has a lever activated tinted lens filter that gives great reticle clarity in bright light conditions, it is a very cool feature and makes this collimator one of our favorites. It not only fills the role of the traditional CQB short range/fast acquisition sight, but also has unique features designed specifically for longer range combat shooting. The reticle and scope ability is geared for a single shot kill on an AK-74N at 400-700 meters. It’s fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view allowing for fast acquisition of moving and spaced targets. The advanced battery-free, illuminated white&green reticle allows the Obzor be used in ANY conditions. You have an unlimited field of view and maximum ability to register incoming targets. The precision optic system combined with the striking field of view produced by the high quality lens system provides far superior accuracy at distances exceeding those capable with iron sights. The scope has very accurate windage and elevation adjustments in small increments (every turret’ click moves POI by 3 cm at 100 m). The special protective lens coatings protect the scope from scratching and fouling in the extreme battlefield conditions where it was designed to operate. A light-dividing mechanical and coating system produces exceptional dual visualization of the target and reticle at the same time so you see both in high resolution for better targeting.

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ok but how do u like,,play hanzo???? how do u not suck at him? how can u even land a shot on anyone???????

practice practice and more practice. I’m gonna type this on mobile so I hope the formats not to weird but yeah I could write a book about how to play hanzo, but I guess the first part is finding that sweet spot for aim sensitivity and a good reticle. 

  •  my current settings are 34 vertical/19 horizontal/30 aim smoothing/70 aim assist (for console) /linear ramp with bright green short crosshairs with bloom turned off. if ur playing on console I also remapped my buttons bc I have small hands, so his primary fire is L1, jump is R1 (this enables me to strafe more easily without taking my hand off R3 to aim), and scatter and sonic on L2/R2. My average accuracy with him ranges between 26-32% a game, which considering I shoot a lot of sonic arrows is pretty darn good. 
  • the next tip I guess is don’t think of hanzo as a sniper. You will not get good use out of him if you try to play him like widowmaker because he’s a projectile hero and u have to be good at predicting where your target is gonna be a split second later, whereas widowmaker is hitscan whose shot connects immediately when u hit the button + she has a scope. there’s also the fact that using hanzo long range relies too much on luck rather than skill, and you will miss a lot of his shots bc it’s out of his optimal range. That being said the best way to play hanzo is as a mid range flanker/scout. Hanzo is best placed on high ground or behind your tanks or just behind your team. However, if someone jumps you Hanzo can also be a dangerous close range duelist with enough practice. 
  • use sonic arrows the second they’re off cool down. Around corners, at chokes, anywhere the enemy could possibly flank. It helps your team just as much as it helps you and keeps the enemy from getting a surprise advantage. I also find shooting it at reins shield is super helpful bc his team is often times gathered around him and it lets u get a cheeky headshot on anyone who’s out of position :’) 
  • scatter arrow is ur get out of jail free card if u get jumped, but it’s also a great way to take out hard to hit targets like tracer and lucio. It’s also good for taking down tanks rly quickly and getting dva out of mech. Aim a little in front of their feet (about a foot or so ??) to get the full 450 damage with a fully charged shot. 
  • keep ur reticle centered about where most of the head heights for the characters would be for optimal headshots. 
  •  hanzos biggest threats are dva, Winston, genji, and pharah. With enough practice the only one who should still give u trouble is genji bc he’s hanzos hard counter. Dva can be taken care of with a few well placed shots and scatter arrow, so long as u don’t let her get TOO close. Winston will throw a bubble around himself and shoot u, so get as far away from his bubble so he has to chase you. You should be able to pummel him with enough shots to kill him when you bait him out of it. Pharah takes some practice to hit, but the best way is to play peekaboo with her by strafing behind cover and shooting, or simply wait for her to land and she’s as a good as dead. Genji can be difficult to take down no matter how much u play, but the best thing to do is to bait out his deflect and wait for him to land after his double jump. 
  • I recommend pairing ur ult with zarya/rein/mei ults, so communicating with ur team is key. However, if ur feeling cheeky shoot at sharp angles and through walls. Never shoot long range and expect to get a kill from across the map. It rarely works so don’t try it. Hanzos ult can also be good as a zoning tool for clearing points, and don’t hesitate to use it bc it is one of the fastest charging ults in the game. Getting those 1 or 2 kills can help give ur team a rly nice numbers advantage. 
  • this is just a general tip but thank ur healer. U will be low priority for healing playing hanzo and it won’t make ur team like u bc he has such a bad rep for attracting toxic players. However, say hello, dance with ur team in spawn, thank ur healer, be flexible and willing to swap—-most teams will warm up to u and be willing to work with u if ur rly nice!!! 
  • run practice drills in a custom game with headshot only Ana bots about thirty minutes before u start playing. It’s a rly good warm up and helps u get used to him. It’s also a rly good way to explore the maps and see just exactly where hanzo can get and where his best perches/positions are.

Today I’m at the Great Zora Bridge with one goal: to shoot myself.

You’d think it would be easy, but it’s actually… very not easy. That faint white streak you see in the center of the image, just above my aiming reticle, is an arrow that I shot straight up with a Traveler’s Bow. Despite aiming as high as I could, the arrow still has a strong forward trajectory.

The Ancient Bow, which shoots more straight than most, was even worse. While it did shoot straighter, that just means that the arrow gained more height than the others, and it eventually got so far away that it despawned.

To give myself a better chance of catching up to the arrows, I used a five-shot Savage Lynel Bow so I could keep track of them more easily (you can see the arrows in the sky above the arches) and used a Speed Up 3 elixir. Unfortunately, the arrows just get so far away so fast that there’s no catching up to them.

Even shooting from the top of Zora’s Domain (with Shock Arrows to make them more visible) didn’t give me enough of an advantage to catch up to them. When they hit the water below, however, I noticed something interesting: each arrow generated its own electric field.


When shooting at water closer to you, the arrows don’t have a chance to separate as much, so the fields all overlap much more. Also neat!

I tried shooting the water (with a single Shock Arrow) while I was standing on a Cryonis pillar within its radius, but it doesn’t seem to affect me. Huh. Is it because I’m not in the water, or because it’s my arrow?

Shooting directly in front of me while in waist-deep water doesn’t do any damage, either. Can you just not hurt yourself with Shock Arrows?

I decided to test this at Daqo Chisay Shrine just outside Gerudo Town, as I know for a fact that the electric field generated by shooting these metallic cubes will hurt enemies, and that you can hurt yourself with them if the electricity is supplied by another source.

Ready, aim…

Nothing. There are so many different ways to hurt yourself in this game, but Nintendo apparently decided that you’re not allowed to electrocute yourself with Shock Arrows. Huh.

I decided to try the other arrow types as well. While Fire Arrows set the temperature gauge on fire, the flames from them die out before Link catches fire or takes any damage. What if I kept shooting them at my feet, though?

Oh yeah, that definitely works! You have to work at it, but you can actually hurt yourself with the fire from Fire Arrows.

Ice Arrows, however, form crystals and burst far too quickly to change the temperature in the immediate area, even when using a three-shot Forest Dweller’s Bow with a Quick Shot bonus.

…Shooting Bomb Arrows at your feet works as you would expect it to.

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JonSa AU where Jon is a Robin Hood type highwayman&Sansa is a rich debutante who cares and is actively involved, along with her other family members, in social causes. Starks are different from corpulent Lannisters/Baratheons. Ned's renowned for being honorable. Jon stops Sansa's carriage to loot it or something sparks fly etc. I'm really bad at this. Smut, if you please. Or roleplay where Jon's highwayman and Sansa a passenger. Or Jonsa!Robin Hood&Maid Marian whatever tickles ur fancy. Thnx

Okay, so I am FINALLY getting around to this (blame the person who gave me the prompt that spawned the Mrs. Robinson series!), and I decided to do a little something different with it AND incorporate it into the Jonsa Summer Challenge for @jonsa-creatives

Here is Day 3′s installment under Gifts. 

The Highwayman’s Gift 

England, 1835

Sansa knew she shouldn’t even think something so indelicate and crude, but she was, quite simply, in hell. As the carriage rattled and rolled down the path to her home, she kept, as best she could, a serene smile on her face while Lord Joffrey Baratheon prattled on about his hunting exploits. She was tired after a night of having her feet stepped on by Lord Joffrey and his terrible dancing skills. She had hoped to ride with her brother and sister-in-law, but as they had not yet left the ball…here she was.

Lord Joffrey’s mother sat beside him, smiling as though her son was the sun, the moon, and the stars. When she glanced at Sansa though, Sansa swore the other woman’s lip curled a bit. 

Lady Cersei did not like her. That was fine considering Sansa didn’t like her. Or her odious son. Her son whom her parents might just end up betrothing her to. Her father didn’t want to do it, but her mother was not swayed and would not listen to reason. How Catelyn Stark had missed the rumors bandied about the ton about how Lord Joffrey liked his whores and his gambling, and a bit of blood play was beyond Sansa. And it terrified her that she might actually have to marry someone who would want to let her blood in the bedchamber! What if he wanted to do worse?  Her brother Robb swore he’d seen Joffrey drown a box of kittens in a pond just because he wanted to. 

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Imagine Wash sitting with Carolina in silence on the ground, waiting for word on the fate of the Reds and Blues.  Out of the corner of his eye, Wash watches Carolina drawing in the dirt in a distracted sort of way - a holographic lock. She adds lines around it, like a child would draw a sun, then seems to realize what she has done and reaches out to erase it. Wash grabs her wrist to stop her, and next to it he draws a cupcake with a reticle on it. Carolina makes a sound that might have been a laugh, draws a door and murmurs “Wyoming”, getting a genuine laugh from Wash.  The icons slowly spread around them in a circle. She didn’t ask why Connie was a daisy with a smiling face, and he didn’t ask why South looked like a turkey on a platter with wheels - they accept each other’s interpretation without question.  They finally run out of names, and settle back into stillness. The peace lasts only a short while.  Carolina’s breath catches, and as Wash turns to look at her, she presses a finger into the dirt between them. She freezes there, then  seems to give up, her her head falling to her chest, shoulders slumping.  She cups her hand over the dot protectively.  Her voice is choked to nothing, but he can still read her lips - “Epsilon.”