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Story time!

A few months ago, a skype video chat request popped up on my screen out of the blue. I nearly accepted it (one of my friends was notorious for doing this unsolicited at the time) before realizing that it was no one that I knew. I was pretty new to using skype, so I wasn’t aware that strangers could ping me in this way.

I tried to ignore it, wait for it to time out, but the tone kept sounding for an annoyingly long time and the call persisted. Eventually, I clicked decline, only for another video chat request to immediately spring up. I declined it again, and another insistently popped up in almost the same beat. This went on for six or seven iterations before I finally got fed up.

Like I said, I was new to skype and was not only unsure about how to block this person in between the frightening barrage of chat requests, but I was also morbidly curious as to what they wanted from me. I didn’t actually have much on my profile, just my name (which I quickly deleted after this ordeal) my age (ditto), and a shitty cartoon representation of me as my icon. So I sent this person a message over the chatroom system like ‘who the fuck are you.’

Unsurprisingly, it ended up being a dude. He apologized profusely for bothering me, said he only was looking for friends. I did not accept his contact request, despite his wheedling for me to do so. He said he was 25. (His skype profile said he was 38.) Our conversation started out cordial enough; we talked about respective employments, our favorite cities. Then he professed his love to me. (Of course.) Then he started badgering me for pictures of myself, nude or otherwise. I’d refuse to, and he would apologize, we’d change topics, but he’d consistently steer the conversation back to him asking for pictures of me. I quickly got pissed off.

Eventually, tired of refusing his demands for selfies, I started sending him pictures back. Pictures of my favorite sniper rifles. (I’ve been fascinated by war aesthetic since I was little, sorry.) When his simpering request for just one picture of me came through for the umpteenth time, I dropped an image of a PGM Ultima Ratio I got off google into the fileshare box. He accepted the file eagerly and immediately. Then silence.

'What is this?’ he asked. I told him what it was, why it was my favorite, chattered enthusiastically about range and ammo and specifications. He laughed it off as a joke, asked me what I really looked like. I sent him a picture of a SAKO TRG-42. This continued sporadically over the course of several hours. I must have sent him over fifty pictures of guns I liked, blank files that he accepted with increasingly manic desperation in the hopes of finally seeing a picture of me. His messages became discernibly nervous. I cluttered his inbox with pictures of ordnance.

He finally blocked me after I sent him an image of a Barrett M82 laid out in the desert, in response to one of his feeble demands for me to finally show my face. It’s one of the most hilarious things that has happened to me to this day.


Some Firewatch screenshots. (a.k.a. Beautiful Foliage Simulator 2016)

The color palettes in this game are really nice. Coupled with the simple textures it makes it feel kind of like a painting. Loving that last one especially.

I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the reticle, but I did try to hide it in bright spots in a few of these.

overwatch tips for yall

I’ve spent over 50 hours playing this game so i have a ton of tips that can improve your win/lose, or just help you and your team play better (screenshots included) (most people probably already know these) 

spend time (sometimes hours) customizing the settings of most/all heros. if you dont want to mess up all their settings you can do one at a time:

- you can customize certain settings for the following heros:

- reticles, also important (you can customize individual ones or the one for all heros) 

- if you’re playing as torbjorn and you have full scrap, USE IT ON YOUR TEAM

- if your team needs a tank, be a tank, i don’t care if you main mccree your team needs to be fit/fair, why do you think team tips exist? 

- protect Mercy, most other healers can take care of themselves, if mercy goes down your team can lose so fast. Mercy lets out voice likes such as “im being attacked!” listen for it and be ready to protect her before she dies

- combine ults and use them more often 

- communicate using the voice lines they provide

- reinhardt is best for defending, use him when you need to 

- dont be afraid to switch heros mid game 

-its okay to leave during quick play but PLEASE dont leave during competitive play, because then your whole team is fucked

- please dont cuss/yell/get pissed at your team, its just a game, and when one person is upset the whole team is upset and you’re guaranteed to lose 

- we dont need 3 junkrats, winston and 2 pharah’s, learn to play around your team dont play like youre the only one 

- grouping up is the best way to level up fast

- use your ults, dont save it, if you only get one/two kills dont sweat it, that ult wont be your only one. 

- if youre playing a hero that can defend others,defend them dont just save yourself

-literally know one cares what your k/d ratio is 

- dont sweat it when you dont get POTG, even if a torb gets it 

thats all i have for now, i hope this helpped at least some!



The Chinese version of the Russian SVD, the NDM-86 was available in the U.S for a short period of time before the import ban. You can find them in two calibers; the standard and more traditional 7.62x54mmR and in 7.62x51mm, which was meant to appeal to the American gun owner and hunter. It uses a proprietary box magazine.

Note the rather large optic. Instead of a standard POSP scope, this one has an 1P21, which is a larger version with a somewhat more complicated reticle. Handguards are Russian aftermarket pieces. One important thing to consider is that the NDM-86’s in 7.62x51mm have free floating firing pins. They will pierce and rupture commercial ammo. A small spring and modification to the firing pin are needed in order to safely shoot commercial ammo.

Alaska Mauve (@alaskamauve) with a tuned up, light weight carbine with the Vortex Razor HD II

The Vortex Razor HD II is one of the most impressive pieces of optical equipment available today.  It’s optical performance with true 1X capability is immensely impressive given that it was once considered impossible just a few short year ago.  Its built in illuminated red dot is extremely powerful and bright, and the optical clarity and resolution is on par with other high performance scopes.

It’s only downside is that it weights 24 ounces… but given its performance and price (esp when compared to competitors) it’s a fantastic piece of kit, available here in the Mil reticle variant, and the simpler Bullet Drop Compensator (similar to that of the ACOG) here

Okay Industries 30 Round Magazines - Black Teflon finish

Ares Gear Aegis Belt

Centurion Arms Modular Rail

B5 Sytems Bravo Stock


Ruger 10/22 Survival Rifle

My goal with this rifle build was to have something rugged, light, and compact for hunting small game in all weather conditions.

  • Swapped original blued barrel with a new factory stainless barrel.
  • Tactical Solutions stainless barrel retaining V-block.
  • Butler Creek folding stock with a double layer, single strand paracord wrap to make it more comfortable to shoot in cold weather.
  • Volquartsen TG2000 trigger guard assembly for a crisp clean two pound trigger pull.
  • Volquartsen firing pin and extractor.
  • Power Custom extended bolt handle and recoil spring assembly.
  • Leupold Rifleman base and Leupold quick-release low profile rings.
  • Nikon Prostaff 4x32 fixed power scope with duplex reticle.
  • Promag barrel band with two short picatinny rail sections for mounting a Surefire light on a Mako quick disconnect mount.


Long range build with the parts list by the owner. Not a 100% accurate total on cost since you can shop around for better prices. This one cost quite a bit more since the action was already complete with bolt and barrel. The chassis looks different because of the Viperskin panels.

  • Accuracy International MK III 24" .308 ($3,200.00)
  • Premier Heritage 5-25x56 FFP Gen 2XR Reticle ($3,500.00)
  • Badger Ordnance 34mm Rings ($200.00)
  • Atlas Bipod ($250.00)
  • Accushot Monopod ($90.00)
  • Victor Company Viperskins Panels ($150.00)

Total Cost = $7,390.00

From @poweredbymario
SCAR17S & Sig Sauer MPX SBR - SCAR has a @usopticsinc SR8C 1-8 , @vltorweaponsystems furniture, @surefire_llc light and a @geissele trigger The MPX was done by @landersweaponsystems has a @holosunoptics 503C red dot with dual power modes and dual reticles and its on a @scalarworks mount. Silencer is a @silencerco Octane K. #fnh #fnherstal #scar17 #usoptics #308 #762x51 #sigsauer #mpx #sbr #nfa #gun #guns #gunporn #rifle #tactical #silencer #suppressor #cerakote #stippling

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