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Rethinking Pink

There’s something very sexual about the colour pink. In thinking about chromotherapy pink is quite seductive and more suggestive than red I think. The meaning of colours changes depending on context but I think red represents passion, and since pink is subtle it reminds me of soft human flesh. It feels like an intimate colour as well.

Our Product by Pamela Rosenkranz has caught my interest in her use of colour. I admire her use of gradient colour along with the water to represent raw flesh. It alludes to human intimacy, sensitivity and sexual emotion.

Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Coin de chasteté, (Wedge of Chastity)’ has also attracted my attention in representing humans through a different medium. Instead of reflective water he uses clay against a rock, contrasting texture to represent different human characteristics.

Both artists use pink, or any light shade of pink to represent a sexual side, inner emotion, human sensitivity and desire.