-MacKom’s Lioness Hair Retexture/Recolor-

@pastry-box saccharine palette

• retextured in all 18 ea colors


• softer texture to look less harsh as you can see:


EA Colors: SimFileShare | MediaFire

Saccharine Palette: SimFileShare | MediaFire


***I have not been able to contact the creator of the hair & texture, therefore if the creator does see this and wish for me to take it down please reach out to me! I do not take credit for anything. However, I did find a couple of reblogs of her hairs and this one doesn’t say the TOU, yet all others ALLOW retexturing.***


Cazy Hair Retexture Dump - Part 1 (100+ Follower’s Gift)

  • Cazy Midnight Wish - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Leah - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Last Call - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Roulette - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Unofficial - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Weary Star - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Sweet Misery - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Over The Light - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Denial - Download: MEGA
  • Cazy Jodie - Download: MEGA
  • Or, you can download all of them at once: MEGA

Not sure which hair is which? Each picture is labelled with the hair name when you click on it :) Custom thumbnails included for all hairs.


Got a hair you want retextured? Send me a message, and I’ll see if I can get it done!

Enjoy! 8)


Sintiklia S27 Lime Retexture

This is my first retexture without changing the alpha, so it had to be on this beautiful hair by @sintiklia!

I’ve improved my textures and added 6 new ones to my 36! I’ve added a head texture to this retexture too ^^ 


if you use it in your pictures please tag #simpliciaty!
Thank you! ♥


            [Elliesimple] - Hair retexture ombré (Night by                                                              LeahLilith)

  • 10 swatches
  • Mesh NOT included *click here*
  • Texture by me
  • Hope you enjoy !

                                               ~ DOWNLOAD ~

if you use my retexture tag me at #elliesimple.

please don’t claim as your own !



Once I retextured the Resistance style, I thought I’d try my hand at another. Patia’s long-gone Peggy Conversion seemed like a good candidate. After some trial and error later, here we are. There are a few small issues with this hair (mostly in the mesh, which I don’t know how to fix), but it’s overall still very much functional.


DOWNLOAD (Male Only) ( .package / 8.5MB / Mediafire )


2 Stealthic hair retextured ! No CAS Thumbnail, somehow it didn’t worked :/

CREDIT : Mesh : Stealthic / Nothisisthesims / BillSims

Only Sims3pack / Teen to Elder / Please tag #shimydimsims / No reupload =>No sims3planet

More creations by Me



[elliesimple] - Hair recolor ombré

Hello ! I come with A LOT of recolors !
8 hairstyles with 8 different ombres. it took me like SEVERAL hours to do all those hairstyles x.x

Hope you enjoy !

                                             ~ DOWNLOAD ~

if you use my recolor tag me at #elliesimple.

please don’t claim as your own !



(TS4) Granite Falls Mod V1.0

Here is a new project i made after I having done my “outdoor packs" so i thought that it’ll be the moment to surpass me and make retexture for a whole world and now and after your reactions from my two last post about it, i finally decided to share you as a gift for you, my followers and to thank you to following and support me who is really important for me so thank you again and enjoy it !! ^^ ♡♡

————————————- ✂ ——————————————  


  • ⚑  Requires the “Outdoor Retreat” game pack
  • Compatibility : tested with these versions of game : &, it should work with the old version too*
    • If you have problem, report to me ! 
  • 90 % retextured, not include the garden plants




Here, i propose you 1-3 quality of texture for each elements presents from world according the capacity of your computer, make your choice !

But please, look at the “Readme” to know more info and instructions before to use the mod : 

  • Trees  (Part 1 & 2)
    • 3 textures : (HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW texture) 
  • Plants (Part 1 & 2)
    • 2 textures : (HIGH/LOW texture) 
  • Rocks
    • 3 textures : HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW texture)
  • Terrain Paint
    • 3 textures  (HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW texture) 
  • World Objects & Backdrop
    • 1 texture (BASE texture of game)


Here, i propose 3 folders (HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW quality) that i already prepared according the capacity of your computer, just choose one of them ! 



  • Low texture : 128 - 512 (max) **recommended for low capacity computer**
  • Medium texture : 512 - 1024* (max)
    • *Some elements like trees, all terrain paints and the big rocks are the textures of 1024x1024
  • High texture : 512 - 1024/2048* (max)
    •  *Some trees and plants are the textures of 1024x1024, all terrain paints and only the big rocks are the textures of 2048x2048  
      •  ***WARNING : use the textures of 2048x2048 at your own risk***

  ————————————- ✂ ——————————————

  ✎ OTHER (optionnal) : to have a better bright effect, i can advice to use this SweetFX by @brntwaffles

————————————- ✂ ——————————————

  • If you like it, let me a “like” or reblog me ! 。◕‿  ◕ღ
  • Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own.
  • Tag ‘conceptdesign97sims’ or ‘conceptdesign97′ so I can see it.

The following retextures are updated to my new color palette:

Stealthic Misery (+ Ombres)
Skysims Hair 140
Skysims Hair 187
Butterflysims Hair 099

If you redownload them, please remove the old files from your mods folder.
The old filenames are:

Aveira_Stealthic Misery (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Stealthic Misery (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 140 (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 140 (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 187 (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 187 (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Butterflysims Hair 099 (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Butterflysims Hair 099 (Retexture) Natural colors


Sintiklia’s Hair S20 Alia Alpha Edit & Retexture

Here’s a new alpha edit that I made, it’s crazy how changing the alpha you can make a completely new hairstyle xD I removed the bangs and shortened it and it looks like a new hair xD
It’s my first time using my own new textures, I hope you guys like them !
(btw, does she look like Lilly Collins? I made this random sim and when I was editing it I thought it looked like her, and i don’t even think I saved her, fml -.-)


Sintiklia’s Alia Alpha Edit & Retexture: [x] (YOU NEED THE MESH FROM HERE! [x])(Thank you @sintiklia!♥)

If you use it please tag me in your pics! 

If you download please leave a like/reblog!

Thank you! ♥


Stealthic Heaventide Hair Re-texture

23 natural colors

19 unnatural colors

12 ombre colors

swatches in order

hat available

teen - elder


custom thumbnail

You must download the original mesh by Stealthic, it can be found: Here

Download Naturals Only:  HERE

Download All Colors: HERE

Please only pick one to download!!

Download Ombres: HERE


   Please do not re-upload, or re-edit without linking to this post

   Feel free to write me if you have comments or issues.

   Feel free to tag me in your photos. I would love to see them. :)

Credits: Textures by: Pooklet. Colors actions by: Pooklet, AlmightyHat, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, AlfredAskew, Ortheka, and myself. Made with Sims 4 Studio