HallowSims Skysims125 retexture

  • 75 swatches in natural tones
  • 75 swatches in unnatural tones
  • Dark roots
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Texture credits to @pooklet
  • Mesh credits to @hallowssims - you need it [xx]

Download my natural tones here [xx]
Download my unnatural tones here [xx]

Can we stop reporting Hallowsims by the way, please?


Former Knight-Commander Cullen

  • Completely new textures throughout
  • Simple changes to armour that match Cullen’s personality and add a bit of realism to it
  • Stupid looking knee plating removed
  • Fabric pattern retained with minor changes to better match the other Templar armour seen throughout the game
  • Inquisition heraldry on sword belt to match Inquisition sword Cullen carries
  • Templar heraldry on vambraces
  • Absolutely no needless embellishments!
  • Mesh edit to remove the ridiculous and useless hooks from the cuirass (Ultra mesh settings required)


- 36 colors
- HQ textures
- hat category

credits: @newseasims​, @cazycx​, @pooklet.

I do not own these meshes. I simply edited them out of hairs and made into “hats”. I don’t use any ads in my downloads so I’m not making money off of anyone else’s work. I wanted to write this just in case. And also if you intend to recolor/retexture it, I ask you to not attach any ads in your download . Thank you and enjoy!


SO YEAH! I’ve decided to give you guys a gift for being so cool and amazing. I’ve gotta tell you, I miss making retextures. So here you go!!
4 hairstyles, all 36 colors! Enjoy!


MESHES: 1, 2, 3, (NEEDED!)

credits: @coloresurbanos, @sclub-privee, @wingssims, @pooklet.

oh boy, my first clayified/recolor/anything to do with hair EVER!!! this updo by wingssims is absolutely gorgeous and i 10000% needed it in my game immediately, but since i dont do alpha i decided to clayify it myself!!! i hope u enjoy it as much as i do!!! :^)

some info!!!!

  • YOU WILL NEED THE MESH!!! you can pick up the beautiful mesh from wingssims here!!
  • recolored in all EA colors and @pastry-box‘s gorgeous saccharine palette, and retextured with a mashup of EA and my own hair textures!!!
  • tag me if you use this hair!!! i wanna see your sims looking beautiful!!!
  • available in EA, saccharine, or merged together!!!
  • PLEASE let me know if there are any issues!!! this is my first time doing anything with hair, so its quite possible there could be mistakes!!!
  • if the links aren’t working, right click and open the link in a new tab!!! :^)

download EA colors here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download saccharine here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download them both here! (no adfly | simfileshare)

Thedas’ Nature at Dragon Age: Inquisition Nexus

Hi goons!

I got done with the first part of my mod and I did release it to see if my goons have any interest in it. :D If you want to get it - go ahead it’s right here in the provided link. :) 

Thedas’ Nature  - 300+ new textures atm.

I AM going to update it, today I just exported architecture maps and there is a lot of work to be done, but it will be done. :D 

For more information read the Nexus description. :)



credits: @adedarma@pooklet

Also if you like what I do, you can check out mysupport mepage. No pressure tho. <3

side note: I’m feeling a little bit better so I decided to publish a retex that I had ready before but didn’t make a preview so now I did and here it is. I’m not gonna be that active yet so no replies but I will try get to it soon. Again, sorry for that. 

WingssimsOS0508 Retextured by Julie J

Mesh not included - You need the mesh by Wingssims at TSR HERE

Enabled for Male

Credit: Wingssims - Mesh and Pooklet for the textures and colour actions

More colours than pictured



credits: @darkosims3@pooklet.

So yeah. I said I was on hiatus and all that… well. I was feeling happy today (which is really great since I wasn’t feeling too good for the last few weeks) and decided to make something. So here it is. I might be making other stuff whenever I feel like it, but I won’t be taking any suggestions or anything. I don’t want to be stressed about anything. I want to make cc if I feel like it, not because I promised someone I will. I’m currently focusing on my mental health and stressing about sims is the last thing I want to do. I want to be able to create but also play games, read, watch movies and not worry that I won’t have a piece of cc to publish. So yeah! Wcifs are still open btw, just no requests please. Thank you and enjoy!


Recolors and retextures are allowed so go ahead! And please, tag me! I’d love to see it!

BONUS Genius Hair Skysims 211 - Retexture

DOWNLOAD + MESH (needed)
(not compatible with HQ mode + note that bangs are acc)


credits: @elzascarlet-yan​, @pooklet​, @genius66613

Look who are doing hair textures! It’s always good to learn new things. If you have any trouble with that retexture, contact me! If you want to insult me for this crappy texture or photoshop edit, contact me! Bye.  💜

ps: ignore that annoying shine dot on the hair, my PC it’s not so good, my lightning runs on low, it’s not on the hair

Please, don’t forget the MESH by LeahLillith 

DOWNLOAD (15.4mb)