Alesso (Anto) Darko (Teen to Elder)

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Got a hair you want retextured? Send me a message, and I’ll see if I can get it done!

Enjoy! 8)


End of Summer followers gift…

I present to you Gerber Graduates Snacks! These were def missing from the game, now you have snacks for all of your little ones to take on the go. I hope you all enjoy these and don’t forget to tag me in your pics, I follow the hashtag #thesimfanaticlove

**RETEXTURES by me {thesimfanaticlove}**

Little Crunchies

Rice Cereal


**MESH CREATORS *Sandy @ ATS3 and Tankuz* **


W’s 30 Days of Sim Making

Day 4 - Berry Sweet Sim - Samuel Scoop

This quirky creature is Samuel Scoop, my spin on a Berry Sweet Sim (berrysweetboutique). He’s based on Neapolitan ice cream, and looking at him I’d definitely say that retexturing that hair was totally worth it. I was more comfortable avoiding custom skintones and hair colours, so I ended up creating a Berry Sim that is more of an brightly dressed ‘normal’ Sim. I think I’ll leave the truly weird and wonderful Berry Sims to the experts!


Meet Revas Lavellan, my canon/dammit Solas/getting-ready-for-Trespasser Inquisitor. She’s a total cinnamon roll.

I went with as few mods as I could for this playthrough, because I’m aware new DLC doesn’t want to play nice with mods and I wanted her to look like herself when I play Trespasser. Here’s a list of what you can see:

P.S. Please draw her koric

The Signs As RPG Boss Cliches
  • Aries:The one that becomes a miniboss in later levels
  • Taurus:That One Boss that everyone hates
  • Gemini:Your ex-friend
  • Cancer:Boss with several stages
  • Leo:The outrageously large boss that involves climbing it
  • Virgo:The boss that's weak to that One Item you Just Found
  • Libra:The underwater boss
  • Scorpio:The harder version of an earlier boss
  • Sagittarius:The dragon
  • Capricorn:The Final Final Boss
  • Aquarius:The mediocre boss that has Really Great Music
  • Pisces:The Obnoxiously Large Insect
  • Bonus Ophiuchus:The hacked shitty Goku retexture of Gemini

Skyhold Wardrobe Fashion Show, Part 2: Modded Formalwear and Standard Armor! Featuring Aeric Lavellan. ;)

I’m using skara888‘s Winter Palace Outfit Retexture mod, so the updated wardrobe changed the color of the formal outfit, from dark blue to dark brown (?), teal, and silvery. A little too formal for just wandering around Skyhold, but maybe he’ll wear them for judgments every now and then.

As for the armor options… I really don’t know what to make of them. The first looks like Aeric is about to go do experiments in a clean room environment, and the second looks like he’s about to go dispose of hazardous biochemical waste. Oh well.


~*~ HAIR DUMP 10 ~*~


Alesso Aphrodite [Frey-sims’ Conversion] (Teen to Elder) - Mediafire / MEGA

Alesso Himiko [Frey-sims’ Conversion] (Teen to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Alesso Paris [Simsway’s Conversion] (Teen to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Cazy Marion [Deggdegg’s Chop] (Teen to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Cazy Marion (Child to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Sintiklia Angel [Artemis’ Conversion] (Teen to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Skysims 74 [Pastry’s Edit] (Toddler to Elder) - MF / MEGA

Stealthic Vivacity [Neisims’ Conversion] (Teen to Elder) - MF / MEGA

  • Credits: Alesso, Frey-sims, Simsway, Cazy, Deggdegg, Sintiklia, Artemis-sims, Skysims, Pastry-box, Stealthic, Neisims, Shockshame & Awt
  • Please don’t reupload or state it your own

Thanks to all the CC creators!


Skyhold Wardrobe Fashion Show, Part 1: Modded Casualwear and Standard Outerwear! Featuring Aeric Lavellan. ;)

I’m using the Dalish Elf Skyhold Outfit Retexture mod, so the updated options for the standard Skyhold outfit changed only the beige portions of the modded outfit’s shirt. I think all the new options for Casualwear and Outerwear look good on Aeric, but for now, I’m sticking with the blue version of his modded outfit.


[elliesimple] - Hair recolor ombré (Hide by Alesso)

Hello all ! sorry for this loooooooooooooong absence T.T I was busy ! Whatever this is my new retexture !

Hope you enjoy !

                                            ~ DOWNLOAD ~

if you use my recolor tag me at #elliesimple.

please don’t claim as your own !


Dalish Elf Skyhold PJ’s Retexture

Dalish-themed retextures of the Skyhold jammies for female elves only. Loosely based on some in game assets, concept art and fanart. Finally our dalish quizzies don’t have to wear full boots, this texture has more elven looking toeless boots but they can look a bit odd when seen up close. It’s the closest I could get to emulating the other elven foot wear in the game without modifying the mesh.

This mod can be downloaded here