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Fairy Tale Retellings, Sleeping Beauty: Slumber

“Tell me your symptoms.”

The girl tucked a strand behind the rosy shell of her ear. She did it slowly, as if raising her arm and touching her black hair with her fingers was something that required all her concentration,  all her energy.

Nettle folded her hands and placed them on the desk in front of her, giving Min a patient smile.

“It feels as if… there is a vine growing in my skull.” Her words came in a halting fashion, almost in a drawl, as if they had to drag themselves out of her lungs and had to crawl out of her mouth. “A vine,” she continued, “that digs into my head. It has thorns, and they split my brain.”

She touched her temple with trembling fingers. Her skin had a sickly hue and shone with perspiration. It looked like wax. “It hurts.”

“When does it hurt?” Nettle asked.


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It’s #FairytaleFriday! Won’t you pay dear Rapunzel a visit? She doesn’t get many guests. You can experience her story The Hair Woven Rope, complete with narration, original score and gorgeous color art, free when you download Beyond Books today.

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Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl… .

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

Fairy Tale Retellings: The Little Mermaid, Salt

“Put it off, you filthy thing, or I swear I’ll cut it off,” Constable Zand hissed. He had his hands folded around the selkie’s neck, nails digging into her scaled skin.

She hissed at him, baring sharp, white teeth that could easily tear flesh from bone.

Constable Zand just squeezed tighter, leaving his fingerprints as blooming bruises on her throat.

“Maybe we need a muzzle,” Police Trainee Andersen offered.

“Let go of her immediately!” Marina said, resisting the urge to put her gloved hand on Constable Zand’s shoulder.

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If you’ve been following along, you know I’m a sucker for a retold fairytale (aren’t we all? We say they’re overdone, yet we keep coming back). I found this series (An Unfortunate Fairytale) on Goodreads, and since my library doesn’t own physical copies of the books, I’m way too lazy to do an interlibrary loan, way too cheap to buy the books unless I know I’ll read them again, and always like to have an audiobook series to listen to, I checked out the audiobook. This book was a pretty good one to listen to on audio (aka the narrator does a good job and keeps you enthralled and it’s not hecka long so you have to renew the book/check it out fifty times to finish it and you still forget what happened in the first half of the book by the time you finish listening to it).
The story follows Mina, a normal teenage girl who discovers she’s the descendant of the Brothers Grimm and doomed to die in the repeated unfinished fairytales they wrote down unless she survives them all and completes the tales.
At first, this read (or listened?) like the typical unpopular-girl-in-high-school-dealing-with-mean-girls-and-boys, but it picked up, and I found myself invested in the story. I would be more coherent and intelligent in this review but since I was kind of invested despite what I first thought, I have a bit of a ramble to get out, so here’s where the spoilers begin and the review degrades into my thoughts and rants.
Speaking of boys, can we talk about Brody? I didn’t know what to think of the guy. The whole time he was being super pushy about getting to know Mina and stalking her and following her around my opinion swung between the pendulum of “aw this is kind of cute, he’s pursuing her” and “BOY YOU BETTER CALM DOWN, THE LADY DOESN’T WANT TO BE AROUND YOU.” Still not sure which side won out. And speaking of Brody, I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was a bad guy. The entire time he would do things and say things and make sure he was around Mina all the time and ask her again and again where she lived and I would be like “he’s evil! he’s evil! stay away, Mina!” But no, she was all swoony over his “chiseled jaw” (literal wording, I kid you not, I rolled my eyes and said “please” at my desk while I was in the middle of a project because I couldn’t take all the descriptions. I’ll spare you the rest, but suffice it to say Mina tried to “block out his glorious being” by closing her eyes). Actual dialogue: Brody to Mina: “I don’t want to be your friend.” Me: YAS HE’S EITHER GOING TO SAY I AM YOUR FRIEND OR IM’ HERE TO KILL YOU. Brody: *kisses her forehead* “I want to be more.” Me: *tableflip*
And then Jared shows up and for a while and he actually starts to make me miss Brody for a small second but more on him later
More evidence that Brody is Evil—Jared said the wolf man (who was stalking Mina and trying to get the Grim book from her) wouldn’t have gone after Mina on his own and “someone with enough power sent him” clearly that person is Brody!! And there’s this scene where it says he “nuzzled” Mina like twice and I’m thinking, you know what else likes to nuzzle people? Dogs. As in wolves. As in THE FAIRY TALE CREATURE THAT IS TRYING TO KILL MINA
All the signs point to it, I’m telling you. And Mina’s mom calls Brody out in a glorious scene that made me realize how far gone I am when I agree with the mothers in all these books and Brody walks out and I’m like oh goody, looks like it’s Jared time. Brody’s out of the picture and we have to have another inordinately attractive man to follow Mina around. But no, Brody comes back and wants to help her and I’m still thinking he’s evil.
And then the ending actually surprised me with Brody forgetting everything that happened and that he liked Mina at all (or did he? Was it all a fake? Is he a fake? Is he pretending to have amnesia? I’m probably giving the boy too much credit). Still, there are four books to go in this series, and I think it’s safe to say I’m in it for the long haul, and I still think Brody will end up being evil.
I’ll end my rant/review with the quote of the week: “She was a helpless victim of her irrational bitterness.”
Me too, Mina. Me too.

Tale as old as time 🥀


Absolutely one of my favorite fairytale retellings. I finished this book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down! The story line was rich. The world building was amazing within the first couple of chapters. Rosamund Hodge was very descriptive Which I loved. It created vivid scenes and made me feel all the feels. Beautiful read. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on more of her retellings.

“Don’t look at the shadows too long or a demon might look back”

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Thank you so much for your posts about Snow White, Sarah! :) I remember that when I was a child, I saw in a video store a Snow White movie but it seemed very tough so I didn’t pick it up. It was directed by Michael Cohn, and the main actress was Sigourney Weaver. Do you know it?

Yes, I’m familiar with this one! It’s called Snow White: A Tale of Terror. It is definitely a dark and creepy version of the story. It’s not really to my taste, but I was pretty young when I last tried to watch it.

First Friday Fairy Tales: October Edition (My Thoughts)

“Snow White,” Unrooted, and Me

Because this month’s fairy tale is one of such personal significance to me, I wanted to dedicate a post to my connection to Snow White and how it influenced my debut novel, Unrooted. I’m quite excited to share, because you may learn things about the book that I haven’t yet shared on this blog. Find out more below the cut!

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The Royal Advisors

Afterwards, he says he’s going to appoint them all as advisors.

“I can’t,” Snow says immediately. “I’m still the princess of Albarn, even if I was supposed dead for seven years. And Briar can’t either, she’s eight.”

“I probably shouldn’t either,” Red adds. “I mean, legally I’m a minor. Oh hell,” she curses. “Does that mean I have to go back to Mother?”

Cinder instinctively refrains from shaking her head, but the small puff of sparks from her fingertips gives her away. Briar grabs her hand and holds on tightly, a tiny shield against the age-old fear.

“I can get you emancipated if you want,” Tristan offers. “It shouldn’t be that hard. You’re a hero, and the Oxeni practically worship you. If the Large Council won’t agree you could probably ask them to riot for you.”

“Perhaps a riot wouldn’t be in the city’s best interests, your majesty,” Brother Joseph says.

“What if you appoint her as the Oxeni representative to the Large Council?” Snow offers. “They won’t argue against anything then. They’d rather have a mage girl than an Oxen, and all Council members get lodgings so going back to the house shouldn’t be a problem.”

Red nods and smiles, and they all start to plot out the proposal. Tristan wants start with a list of Red’s services to the crown, which she heartily agrees to; Snow would rather open with mentioning the Oxeni seat in the Council and lead up to revealing Red’s identity from there.

Cinder relaxes and lets the sound wash over her. Red will be good in Council, for all that she’s barely seventeen. She’s a quick study and she loves to argue. She’ll be happy representing her Oxeni.

Briar squeezes her hand and tugs on it. Cinder leans down so that she can whisper in her ear, “Can I stay too?”

“Maybe,” Cinder replies. Briar still hasn’t told them much about her family and she doesn’t seem too eager to go back. She never seemed unhappy, but then again Red didn’t either and she’s currently making plans to walk away from her old life with a smile. “Do you want to ask Tristan?”

Briar shakes her head and tugs on Cinder’s hand again. “Do you want me to ask Tristan?” Cinder says, and Briar nods and smiles. Then she stands up and reaches over to grab Cinder’s other hand. She pulls her over to stand next to Tristan and smiles like she just won a game at a fair and bounds over to Snow, who is very politely not laughing, and Red, whose face is turning a bit red and who is definitely biting the insides of her cheeks to keep from smiling. Brother Joseph looks calm as ever, but his hands are clasped and he’s looking at them all like he’s waiting to see what comes next.

[Briar may or may not be trying to get Cinder and Tristan together. Cinder and Tristan may or may not tell their future children than an eight-year-old had a better understanding of their relationship than they did]

Book Reviews : Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I actually liked this for Scarlet because in many ways I could relate to her. We were both close to our Grandmothers and have the same relationship with them. I thought the way she met her Wolf was clever and I liked this book because of that. I was not a fan of the insta-love.

The king and the queen held a ball to celebrate the birth of their daughter and invited all the wise women in the kingdom - all but one. There were not enough good plates for them all and the king was too proud to give one a lesser plate.

The wise women that were invited gave the newborn princess blessings so that she would grow to be a good queen. It was the turn of the last one when the one wise woman that was not invited turned up. Angry that she had been overlooked, she cursed the princess to prick her finger on a spindle before her sixteenth birthday and die.

After she left, the last wise woman used her blessing to save the princess’s life. She would not die, but fall into a deep sleep from which she would awake by the kiss of true love - or just a kiss by some guy seeking to marry her. She wasn’t too specific.

The years went by. The princess, now almost sixteen years old, stumbled upon a spindle when exploring the castle. She had never seen one before because the king had banned them all from the castle after she’d been cursed. An old woman sat spinning. The princess had no idea what she was doing or what the spindle was. She inspected the needle with curiosity and touched it. Naturally, it pricked her. The blessing the last wise woman was going to give her before she was cursed was that of intelligence, so the princess lacked it.

The princess fell into a deep sleep, but didn’t die. Everyone else in the castle fell asleep too, not to awaken until she did. The castle was embraced by roses, which rose around it like a fence.

A hundred years went by. The tale of the sleeping princess was considered nothing more than a myth. Only an idiot would take it seriously. One idiot did, and he began his journey in search of the castle of the legend.

It was many days before he found it. He recognised it as it as surrounded by roses. The boy found a path through to the inside of the castle and then up the tower were the princess slept.

Without hesitation, he kissed her and she awoke, and along with her all the castle. They rejoiced and held a ball in honour of the boy.

The princess agreed to marry the boy, even though he had no title. A hundred years cut off from all other kingdoms, there was no one rushing to make a marriage alliance with her kingdom, so he was the best option. They lived happily ever after.

(275/365)“Genealogy Of Fairytales ~ Part IV”//G.M. Kar

Unfortunately, their happiness didn’t last long. The prince’s wife died shortly after giving birth. The prince was crushed. He was plunged into sorrow so deep that not even his new baby could console him. He became blind to everything good.
The only thing to awaken him from his despair was a dancer that came to perform at the palace per the prince’s parents’ request, in an effort to cheer him up. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. After a year of neglecting himself and everyone around him, the prince became infatuated with the girl. He showered her with gifts, including a gilded mirror, a true work of art.
He married the girl, and when he was crowned king, he made her a queen. For years they lived in wedded bliss. The queen loved the now king more than anyone else, apart from herself. She had fallen in love with herself as the prince had, and loved nothing more than to gaze at her reflection in the mirror he had given her. She was indeed, as the king thought, the most beautiful sight one could behold.
Several more years passed, when one day the queen looked in the mirror to find she was no longer the most beautiful sight to behold. That was her husband’s daughter from his first wife. The queen was now second in his affections. Mad with jealousy, she set her servant the task of killing the girl without the king finding out. She only wanted her heart as proof of the deed and to eat it - perhaps if she consumed the heart of the one most loved by the king, she would become first in his affections once again.
The queen’s servant chased the young princess to the other end of the woods - once the girl had become aware of his mistress’s intentions, she did not give up the run. When after much effort he finally had her cornered, he found that he could not kill her. He would not be the sort of man to kill an innocent young girl because of his mistress’s whims. He let her go, after making her promise to never return, and presented the queen with a pig’s heart instead of the girl’s.
The princess wandered the forest, alone and scared. Thankfully, she found a little house before it went dark. Having no other option, she went inside to sleep. The house was small, furnished with seven tiny beds. She had to lie across all of them to fit comfortably. Tired after a full morning’s chase, she fell asleep.
She awoke to find seven short miners watching her. At first she was alarmed, but soon found they were friendly. They allowed her to stay with them free of charge, as long as she took care of the house. The princess agreed and from that day on started living with the little miners.
One day, a curious old lady selling apples passed by the house. The princess would not have normally bought any, but they looked too good to pass up. The old lady offered her one to try and the princess took it. She had hardly tasted the apple when she felt faint and the world suddenly went dark.
The seven miners returned to find the princess dead. They put her in a glass coffin and mourned her.
Attracted by the crying of the miners, a prince and his entourage appeared at the site. Upon seeing the dead princess, the prince “fell deeply in love”. As a collector of beautiful things, he demanded the miners give him the coffin with the girl in it. The miners reluctantly agreed - it wasn’t as though they could stop him.
The prince returned home with his fools carrying the glass coffin. One of the men stumbled on a rock and almost dropped it. The motion dislodged a piece of apple that had been stuck in the girl’s throat and she awoke.
The princess was puzzled to find herself in a glass coffin carried by men she didn’t recognise, but the prince explained everything to her. While she thought him weird, she agreed to follow him as long as he helped her exact revenge from the one who poisoned her. She knew it was the queen, since she was the one to set her servant to kill her. She was the only one she knew of who could want her dead.
The princess was engaged to the prince and the prince invited the queen to the wedding, without mentioning who his bride was. The queen, not one to miss an opportunity to show herself off, turned up, only to be seized at her step daughter’s orders and forced to wear scorching-hot shoes made out of iron. The princess laughed and ordered her to dance. The queen could not do otherwise due to the agony caused by the shoes. The princess laughed her heart out at the sight while the prince watched on with horror, both at the dying queen and his new bride’s abominable behaviour. He immediately regretted marrying her and wished he had looked a little beyond her appearance.
Unable to do otherwise because there was no such thing as divorce in that world, the prince lived in moderate happiness with the princess. He could never forget the incident from their wedding dinner, and neither could the girl’s father - he never forgave her, despite her telling him how many attempts the wretched queen had made against her life. However, because he had no other children, the princess was the one to inherit the kingdom after his death. The prince and the princess became king and queen of not one, but two kingdoms. Eventually, they were blessed with a child too - a new princess.
—  (274/365)“Genealogy Of Fairytales ~ Part III”//G.M. Kar

Every girl of marriageable age in the kingdom turned up to the ball - they would be stupid not to. If they had to get married to be provided for, who better for the task than the prince himself?

The young prince was spoilt for choice. Had he been presented with a few options for a wife, the decision would have been easy. But with a hall full of girls all vying for his hand, it was impossible to get to know any of them better.

That is why he was relieved to see her. Her dress was distinct from everyone else’s; evidently poorer, but she was radiant. She was classes above all the other girls in beauty. As though the choice had been made for him, the prince went over to her.

They talked and danced all evening - until midnight. The girl then suddenly got anxious and left before he could even learn her name.

The prince asked his parents to arrange another ball so that he might meet the girl again. No one else had caught his attention, so he thought he might as well go after her.

The girl did show up, but the same thing as the first time he met her happened. He still didn’t have her name, but this time she left a shoe behind in her hurry to leave. The prince took the shoe and decided to use it to find the girl. He visited every girl that he knew had attended both balls and tried the shoe on each. It fit several of them, but none could produce its pair.

He was fed up and ready to give up, when his servant convinced him to visit one last house. There lived three young girls, two of which had been to the balls. It fit neither of the girls. The prince and his entourage was about to leave when the prince caught a glimpse of the third girl. She was the maidservant, dressed in rags and covered in soot. He would not have suggested trying the shoe on her had he not noticed a strong resemblance between her and the girl he was looking for.

The two girls and their mother rejected the notion as ridiculous, and the girl in question was reluctant to try on the shoe. But the prince insisted. She tried on the shoe and it was a perfect fit. She was also able to present him with the other shoe.

Her identity confirmed, the prince proposed to her on the spot. She accepted. The royal entourage insisted she wash and change into better clothes before they leave the house so they could at least pretend she was of nobler birth than she was.

On the way back to the palace with his wife-to-be, the prince learned of her life. Apparently her mother had died when she was young and her father had remarried. Her new mother had been distant but civil while he was alive, but when he too died, her behaviour and that of her own two daughters drastically changed. She was reduced to a servant, unable to do anything but comply with their unreasonable demands lest she be thrown out and left to fend for herself. The prince felt sorry for her but also happy to be saving her from such a life. It was a situation she had found herself in due to the loss of a man and one only a man could get her out of, such a world that it was that a woman could not rely on herself. A girl would follow any man to escape such deplorable circumstances, no matter how low he was and how high her dreams. But what more could she want than a prince? No one was better for the task.

They married and lived happily ever after. The prince had the most beautiful woman in the kingdom by his side and the girl had left behind her cruel step family. It wasn’t long before she started her own family; a beautiful baby girl came to complete their happiness.

(273/365)“Genealogy Of Fairytales ~ Part II”//G.M. Kar

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There are some books that just feel like comfort food for my soul, like Uprooted and The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet - usually character driven, with gorgeous prose and and a generally positive tone. What are those books for you?

This is such a great question! I would answer The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi, East by Edith Pattou, or Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (can you sense a theme)? I still need to reread the first two, but they left such a profound impact that I feel happy every time I think about them. Ella Enchanted is one I’d happily reread over and over. 

It wasn’t often anyone passed by his castle; much less to steal a rose. That is why he imprisoned the man. It was this sort of hard-heartedness that had got him into this predicament in the first place, but he didn’t care. He ought to punish the thief. But then the man started bargaining; “please let me go and you may have whatever of mine you desire”. He had no reason to keep the man, and taking something of his was a fitting exchange for his theft. He agreed and let the man go, not without first making him promise to send back the first living thing of his he saw upon his return.

A few days later, a beautiful girl arrived on his doorstep. She was the youngest daughter of the man and the first thing he had seen as he went home. She had agreed to come not because of the promise between her father and the beast, but because she was the one who had requested the rose to begin with and thus got her father in trouble. It was only fair that she pay the price for his freedom, she said, but she was not happy about it. She never could be.

He could tell the girl thought him hard-hearted, unfairly harsh over one rose. She didn’t understand why the beast couldn’t just forgive her father. In truth, neither could the beast. “He is as monstrous on the inside as he is on the outside”, she thought.

He dearly wanted to prove her wrong - not just her, but the woman who had put him in this state too. He offered the girl all the roses she liked, access to all the rooms in the castle, her choice of bed, the very best of food, and even livery and fine clothes. But none of it made her happy. None of it could make her forget that she was no longer free.

Yet the beast did not let her go; if he did, she would never come back. He had kept her at a distance as much as he could, only making arrangements to have her cage gilded. He was afraid. He knew that only love could break the spell and she was his only chance. He couldn’t waste it.

But as he kept his distance, nothing happened. He did not grow to love the girl and she did not grow to love him; in fact, she resented him more and more with every passing day. So he stopped showering her with gifts, and instead just turned up. He talked with the girl, asked her about her life. She hated him too much to open up, but mellowed once she heard his story. They talked every day, more and more and about different subjects. Eventually, they were friends.

But the girl still wasn’t happy. She missed her family and her freedom. After many days of deliberation, the beast finally relented and let her go. Her happiness was more important to him than his fate.

And that is when the amazing thing happened; he was turned back into a human. He could not believe it. The girl had not loved him and he was not sure if he loved her. How had he then transformed back into a human? It was then a voice in his heart told him that he had become human because he had put the girl’s needs above his own and that was love.

Many months went by, and the prince had his first visitor since the girl’s departure. It was the girl. She was back to pay him a visit and bring him gifts from her home town. She was surprised to find the beast turned into a human - pleasantly so. Her visit became an extended one, and it wasn’t long before the whole kingdom heard of the upcoming nuptuals of the cursed prince to the girl who broke the spell.

They got married and lived happily ever after. Soon came along a child, a baby boy. As the years went by, the boy grew into a handsome prince, ready to take a wife of his own. But for the heir to a kingdom long cut off from all the others, there was no marriage to be had between him and any of the royal houses in the land. Something else had to be thought up. His parents had just the idea; “let’s have a ball”.

(272/365)“Genealogy Of Fairytales ~ Part I”//G.M. Kar

World Building...

So I want to do some aesthetic mood boards for the kingdoms of The Girl Fairy Tales Forgot! 

But I thought it would be fun to do a little vote on which ones you guys want to see first. So, reblog/reply/send an ask and let me know which of the Kingdoms you’d like to know about first:

Paige’s Kingdom
Skye’s Kingdom
Leo and Henry’s Kingdom
Kai’s Kingdom

And I’ll post the winner on Monday night ^O^

Currently Reading: Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust! (Not my photo, only using for cover purposes.)  I finished Shimmer and Burn by Mary Taranta last week, and I’ve been working on this ever since. I’ve got about hundred pages left, and I’m enjoying it. A feminist retelling of Snow White, complete with magic, secrets, and betrayal? I am so on board. Shout out to my local library for getting it to me. What are you guys currently reading this weekend? 

“Entreat Me”, by Grace Draven


  • FEMINISM all over the book
  • The conversations here are SO IMPORTANT and SO ON POINT
  • Consent
  • A woman who confesses to her lover that she pleasures herself thinking of him
  • Talking about the menstruation openly
  • A man respecting the woman because all of the above
  • Talking about women’s worth beyond virginity/reputation
  • disfigurement/diseases/curses/magic
  • Love… oh so much love here
  • I mean, it even has cursed roses
  • and THE MIRROR to watch over her father!
  • Maedieval-ish setting (Fantasy)
  • A castle that’s protected by sorcery
  • A woman willing to support her lover through his “crisis”
  • Tears… my tears!

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