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Indian femlock -
A widowed Shanaya Hardikar runs a sari shop and is both popular and hated for how quick she can figure out what people want and are hiding. One day, Retd Captain Dr Jameela Watwe walks into her shop looking for a proper sari for her medical college’s 10th Anniversary Reunion . Read on to see how they grapple with new feelings and fall in love when they move into the apartment above the shop .

Look guys I wrote something!!! 

I’ve been meaning to put this to paper for a while and I finally took it out of my diary and actually typed it out.

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Charles the Hobbit & Erik the Nazgûl

So I’ve decided that the next instalment of my series “The Adventures of Charles the Hobbit and Erik the Nazgûl (retd)” will have them meeting the Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood, only Erik is really, REALLY bad at names …

Celeborn:  Welcome to our hall, honoured guests.

Erik:  Thank you, my Lord Celinedion.

Celeborn:  It’s ‘Celeborn’, actually.

Erik:  Apologies, Lord Jellyhorn.

Celeborn:  C e l e b o r n .

Erik:  Sellingcorn?

Celeborn:  It’s CELEBORN, you filthy, undead, Sauron-loving, Saruman-sucking, ex-Nazgûl cretin!



Erik:  OK, take it easy, Lord Ceilingporn.

anonymous asked:

You fucking Muslims are the terrorists! you do not have to face terrorism as we have to in the West. we are all sick of you! GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! STOP KILLING OUR PEOPLE! #KILLALLMUSLIMS (i stand by the hashtag!)

First of all, As’salam’ Alaykum (which translates into “peace be upon you”. A very ironic Muslim greeting you must think!)

I shall address your message bit by bit so that you don’t have much problem following me and my thought process. I am however, sorry to know that you feel hurt so deeply about us Muslims (/our existence) and bothered going to so much effort to make sure, I, a fellow Muslim am aware of it. I appreciate it, really. 

You fucking Muslims are the terrorists!

I believe the best way to start this is by referencing the authentic phrasings from the Qur’an and the Hadith (a collection of traditions containing sayings of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم (pronounced ‘Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam’ and it stands for “peace be upon him” a blessing which is affixed to Muhammad’s صلى الله عليه و سلم  name whenever it is written.) which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunnah), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Qur’an.) and what they have to say on terrorism or to simplify it further - killing of non-Muslims. 

  • Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم  said in an authentic Hadith reported by Imam al-Bukhari (a Persian Islamic scholar who authored the hadith collection known as Sahih al-Bukhari, regarded by Sunni Muslims as one of the most sahih (authentic) of all Hadith compilations.), “Whoever kills a non-Muslim who has an agreement with the Muslims (meaning they are not threatening them for their faith or land) then he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

Transgressing against a person without any due right and taking a life without any right is a great crime.

  • Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم  said, “A Muslim person will not cease to be clearly and correctly upon his religion as long as they do not spill blood which is impermissible for them.” 

On a side note but interlinking it to terrorism - Muslims are warned against treachery and deception. Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلمsaid that the one who breaks his covenant or contract and is deceitful that Allah will expose him upon the Day of Judgement. And Allah will make him known on the Day of Judgement amongst all of the creation, that he was deceitful.

Let me now connect this to my point - when a Muslim enters into a country by law they need to abide to the rules and the system of that country. They need to maintain a safe environment and not trespass their limits that they have promised to keep so when an apparent Muslims causes terror in a place they assured to keep tranquility in, then they are labelled as being deceitful and are looked down by Allah. 

To support this here is a verse from the Qur’an - 

  • “and fulfill [every] commitment. Indeed, the commitment is ever [that about which one will be] questioned.” (Al Israa: 34) 

The adherence to this sacred pledge is of both religious and legal nature, highlighting perfection of faith and leading those who abide by it to enjoy higher ranks in Paradise. 

Another verse says - 

  • “O you who have believed, fulfil [all] contracts.” (Al Ma’idah: 1) 

Any breach of those engagements is considered failing in religion and loss of rights. The Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم  said, “whoever loses the attribute of fulfilling obligations has discarded his religion.” Therefore, Muslims have to commit fully to whatever agreed on in contracts as is mentioned in the following Hadith: “Muslims are liable to their stipulations." 

Furthermore, terrorism is often associated with oppression. In this case, oppression of non-Muslims. The Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم have been very stern regarding this matter.

  • The Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم states in al-Bukhari that - “Oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgement.”

It prohibits oppression even if this transgression is against someone that we hate. It is still impermissible. We have to be just when dealing with everyone. This statement is supported by a verse in the Qur’an that says, “And do not let the hatred of a people cause you not to be just. Be just, because it is closer to piety.” (Al Ma’idah: 5:8) Another translation of the same verse is - "O You who have attained to faith! Be ever steadfast in your devotion to God, bearing witness to the truth in all equity; and never let hatred of any-one lead you into the sin of deviating from justice. Be just: this is closest to being God-conscious. And remain conscious of God: verily, God is aware of all that you do." 

To explain this in simple English, it says that if you and another individual hate one another, it is still not permissible to oppress him or transgress against him. And it is not permissible to oppress him; rather it is obligatory that you deal with him justly. It is obligatory upon an individual to still fulfil their covenant or contract that he has with them, even if you hate them.

I’ll summarise this into eight points on how Islamic Law forbids Terrorism

  1. Terrorism is above all murder. Murder is strictly forbidden in the Qur’an. Qur’an 6:151 says, “and do not kill a soul that God has made sacrosanct, save lawfully.” (i.e. murder is forbidden but the death penalty imposed by the state for a crime is permitted). 5:53 says, “… whoso kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”
  2. If the motive for terrorism is religious, it is impermissible in Islamic law. It is forbidden to attempt to impose Islam on other people. The Qur’an says, “There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” (The Cow, 2:256). Note that this verse was revealed in Medina in 622 AD or after and was never abrogated by any other verse of the Qur’an. Islam’s Holy book forbids coercing people into adopting any religion. They have to willingly choose it.
  3. Islamic law forbids aggressive warfare. The Qur’an says, “But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace. And trust in God! For He is the one who hears and knows all things.” (8:61) The Quran chapter “The Cow,” 2:190, says, “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.”
  4. The killing of innocent non-combatants is forbidden. According to Sunni tradition, ‘Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, the first Caliph, gave these instructions to his armies: “I instruct you in ten matters: Do not kill women, children, the old, or the infirm; do not cut down fruit-bearing trees; do not destroy any town … ” (Malik’s Muwatta’, “Kitab al-Jihad.”)
  5. Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law, which groups it with brigandage, highway robbery and extortion rackets – any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power. The principle of forbidding the spreading of terror in the land is based on the Qur’an (Surah al-Ma’ida 5:33–34). Prominent Muslim legal scholar Sherman Jackson writes, “The Spanish Maliki jurist Ibn `Abd al-Barr (d. 464/ 1070)) defines the agent of hiraba as ‘Anyone who disturbs free passage in the streets and renders them unsafe to travel, striving to spread corruption in the land by taking money, killing people or violating what God has made it unlawful to violate is guilty of hirabah …”
  6. Sneak attacks are forbidden. Muslim commanders must give the enemy fair warning that war is imminent. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at one point gave 4 months notice.
  7. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) counselled doing good to those who harm you and is said to have commanded, “Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)
  8. The Qur’an assures Christians and Jews of paradise if they believe and do good works, and commends Christians as the best friends of Muslims. The Quran does not preach violence against Christians. Quran 5:69 says (Arberry): “Surely they that believe, and those of Jewry, and the Christians, and those Sabeaans, whoso believes in God and the Last Day, and works righteousness–their wage waits them with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.”

I think this will be enough with the first bit of your message.

Moving on.

you do not have to face terrorism as we have to in the West.

Since I am originally from Pakistan, I think it will be best to talk about something I know firsthand and have witnessed. 

Here is a list of terrorist incidents in Pakistan through the years 2000-2014 (Heavily incomplete list but you can see the rest here.) 

Year 2000

  • 17 January — At least 7 people killed when a bomb exploded in Karachi.
  • 5 February — At least 5 people killed in a bomb attack in a train in Hyderabad.

Year 2001

It saw 2 terrorist attacks resulting over 20 deaths and 10 injuries. This was the beginning of War on Terror after the 9/11 attacks

  • 28 October — Attack on a Protestant church in southern Punjab city of Bahawalpur resulted in 16 deaths and 6 injuries. The casualties were all Christian worshippers except one police officer.
  • 21 December — Pakistani interior minister Lt. Gen. (retd) Moinuddin Haider’s elder brother Ehteshamuddin Haider was shot dead by assailants near Soldier Bazaar in Karachi.

Year 2002 

15 terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported that killed 60 people and injured 150.

  • 26 February — At least 11 Shi’a worshipers were killed by indiscriminate firing by a group of masked gunmen at the Shah-i-Najaf Mosque in Rawalpindi.
  • 7 May — Noted religious scholar Prof Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik, his driver and a policeman were shot dead by two gunmen in Iqbal Town, Lahore.
  • 16 October — More than eight people were injured in a series of parcel bomb explosions in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.
  • 15 November — An explosion on a bus in Hyderabad, Sindh killed two people and injured at least nine others
  • 5 December — Three people were killed in an attack at the Macedonian Honorary consulate in the city of Karachi. The dead – all Pakistani – were tied up, gagged and killed before the explosion at the office.

Year 2003

  • 10 March:- Two people were injured when a masked terrorist opened indiscriminate fire on a mosque in Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad.
  • 8 June:- 11 Pakistani police trainees were shot dead in what is believed to have been a sectarian attack on Sariab Road, Quetta, as they all belonged to Hazara Shi’a branch of Islam. Another nine were reported wounded.
  • 4 July:- At least 47 people were killed and 150 injured in an attack on a Shi’a mosque in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta.
  • 3 October:- Six employees of Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) were killed and several others injured when their official van was fired upon on Hub River Road in Mauripur, Karachi. A Lashkar-e-Jhangvi cadre was officially charged.
  • 6 October:- Maulana Azam Tariq, chief of the Millat-i-Islamia (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) and MNA, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen along with four others as his car drove into the capital, Islamabad.
  • 14 December:- President Pervez Musharraf survived an assassination attempt when a powerful bomb went off minutes after his highly-guarded convoy crossed a bridge in Rawalpindi. Musharraf was apparently saved by a jamming device in his limousine that prevented the remote controlled explosives from blowing up the bridge as his convoy passed over it.
  • 25 December:- Another attempt was carried on the president 11 days later when two suicide bombers tried to assassinate Musharraf, but their car bombs failed to kill the president; 16 others nearby died instead. Musharraf escaped with only a cracked windscreen on his car. Militant Amjad Farooqi was apparently suspected as being the mastermind behind these attempts, and was killed by Pakistani forces in 2004 after an extensive manhunt.

Year 2007

  • 15 January:- A powerful blast in the Jalozai refugee camp destroyed a mud-house, killing four people and injuring five others.
  • 26 January:- Two people were killed and five injured in a suspected suicide attack in Pakistan. The bomber and a security guard were killed in the blast at the Marriott hotel in the capital Islamabad.
  • 27 January:- At least 13 people, including the Chief of Peshawar City Police Malik Saad, were killed Saturday evening in a suicide bombing near a crowded Shiite mosque in Peshawar. About 60 people were wounded, 17 critically, in the 9:20 p.m. blast. About 2,000 Shiite Muslims were in and around the mosque, police said.
  • 6 February:- A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a parking area outside Islamabad International Airport injuring 5 people.
  • 8 June:- Three people were killed and seven others injured when a bomb exploded on a bus in Hub, Balochistan. The coach was heading from Lasbela to Karachi.
  • 12 July:- Seven people including three policemen were killed and several others injured in two suicide attacks, two blasts and a rocket attack in three tribal regions and Swat district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
  • 4 September:- At least 25 people were killed and 66 injured in two suicide bomb blasts in Rawalpindi cantonment’s high security areas during morning rush hour. The first blast took place near Qasim Market where a Defence Ministry bus carrying around 38 civilians and uniformed officials was hit, killing 18 people. Five minutes later, a second blast took place near RA Bazaar, behind General Headquarters. The blast was caused by explosives fixed to a motorcycle, which blew up killing seven people on the spot. This was the fifth time the Army was attacked outside war zone since the start of military operations, and the first time in Rawalpindi, the site of General Headquarters.
  • 20 October:- At least eight people were killed and 28 injured when a powerful bomb planted in a pick-up vehicle exploded in Dera Bugti, Balochistan.
  • 28 December:- A roadside bomb killed nine people, including former PML-Q minister Asfandyar Amirzaib, who is a grandson of Wali-e-Swat, in Swat District.

Year 2014

  • 8 June:- At least 24 people were killed when militants attacked a Bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Iran to Quetta in Balochistan province of Pakistan.
  • 6 September:- Pakistani Navy frigate PNS Zulfiquar was attacked and briefly captured by al-Qaeda and rogue Pakistani Navy officers before being recaptured by Pakistani forces. The attack was intended to use the Zulfiquar’s anti ship missiles to attack the U.S Navy Fleet in the Arabian Sea. 10 militants which including 4 rogue Pakistani navy officers were killed in ensuing operation to recapture the ship. One rogue officer detonated a suicide bomb inside the ship after being surrounded. 4 other officers who were involved but who did not participate in the attack were later apprehended.
  • 7 November:- At least 6 people were killed and 4 wounded in two explosion in Mohmand Agency.
  • 16 December:- 2014 Peshawar school attack: At least 132 children among over 141 killed by Taliban militants who stormed an army-run school in Peshawar city. Seven militants were also killed during the SSG recue operation.

These facts and figures are only concentrated to one country and that too very incomplete. I just wanted to give you an idea of what we have to deal with, us Muslims. It’s one thing to be killed by terrorists and then another to be humiliated by being labelled as them. How can you associate us with our own murderers?

we are all sick of you! GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

I don’t in fact live in ‘your country’ but for those who do - it’s as much theirs as it is yours. No Muslim should have to live under the weight of the actions of someone else. They have as much a right and I don’t think anyone can make them feel otherwise. I would appreciate if you would stop spreading terror amongst the hearts of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters because really you are not supporting any cause by trashing another. How are you fighting terrorism by provoking terrorism?


As far as I know, I am quietly sipping my coffee and listening to aggressive heavy-metal music. If that is considered violent I am sincerely sorry. 

And I am sure most Muslims have better stuff to do anyway. Our average day goes by as ordinarily as anyone else’s and if you regard us as the one’s killing your people then surly you are highly mistaken. How will blaming over 2 billion innocent people over the actions of someone else justify the wrong? How will it bring about justice? How is it dealing with the problem?

There is no “our people” or “your people”. We are all fruits from the same tree, some rotten and some forgotten. 

#KILLALLMUSLIMS (i stand by the hashtag!)

I hope killing us all really satisfies you and gives you a sense of accomplishment because how good would that feel. If I didn’t know better I’d have mistaken you for a Muslim. My bad. 

I hope you have a great day. Stay safe.