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just got this out of the way to take my mind off things.

Before DA:I was released I was planning on making a Qunari Inquisitor, but they eventually molded into Feyrien over time. So.. thought I’d make Fey into a Qunari. He’d be a tiny one, considering. I kept the dark sclera’s because Bioware was dumb to retcon that detail.

Everyone’s all salty about the “all heroes love pineapple on pizza” response from Jeff but I’m sitting here like - 

This is it. 

It’s now canon that Winston bribes people to join Recalled Overwatch with Hawaiian pizza.

Every “Team Talon joins Overwatch” story must now involve Hawaiian pizza.  

We need to retcon Dragons so that Genji offers Hanzo pizza with pineapple on it.  

aleph-ozone  asked:

BTW, the manga didnt have purple zamasu, or sky zamasu, or trunks' new super sayian form. What it DID have was fused zamasu making a bunch of clones. Like, not like picolo or tien can do, actual 100% beings, just as strong as the real deal.

See, that kind of thing is just irritating to me.  How many different ways do we need to have this story told?  I’m not saying the anime was better than the manga in any particular instance, but making them different only invites the comparison.  And if they’re going to be different, why not just unmoor the manga altogether and let it tell completely original stories? 

The last time I discussed this, I got a bunch of replies from people trying to explain to me how DBS is produced, with Toriyama preparing a general plot, and the writers of the anime and manga developing scripts independently of each other.  Let me stress: I understand that’s how it works.  I just don’t agree with it.  I find it redundant and confusing to have two similar but contradictory versions of the same story.

This is why I’m not too bent out of shape about all this so-called “Goku character assassination” taking place in Dragon Ball Super.   Super can’t even maintain continuity with itself.  If the comic can’t line up with the cartoon, why should I care if either of them try to retcon ideas from Dragon Ball and DBZ?  They can’t even agree on how the fight with Zamasu went down, so why should I buy the line about Goku never kissing his wife or being there when his son was born?

Every time I run the Deathwing raid for transmog gear and mount drops, I’m forced to relieve the anger and disdain of Chris Metzen retconning how the Dragon Soul was destroyed like 6 years prior to the start of the WoW timeline just so his self-insert OC could be Goku.

Blackwall and Here Lies the Abyss

So I was thinking about Blackwall. I thought it was canon that Wardens could sense other Wardens, in the same way they can sense darkspawn, but this does not seem to happen when Blackwall is in Alistair/Loghain/Stroud’s company during Inquisition. Sounds like a plot hole to me, but then I got thinking. 

Here is my theory and possibly my head canon:  Alistair, Loghain, Stroud and the HOF were initiated with the blood of archdemon Andoral that was killed during the Fourth Blight, the Blight prior to Origins. This is what creates the connection—the sharing of the same Archdemon blood. Blackwall, had he been an initiated Warden, could have joined post-Blight and therefore would have used the archdemon blood from Urthemiel, a different archdemon, and therefore would only have a connection to other Wardens initiated post-blight. All wardens know this and therefore aren’t surprised by the lack of a connection.

I wonder how long it will take Thedas to forget Lavellan. Branding them an upstart elf taking advantage. Who says it wasn’t just magic they used, not truly the Maker? After all, why would he send an elf when you think about it? A heathen at that. Everybody knows what happened in the Dales when they turned their backs on the Maker and attacked innocent humans. Corypheus was after elven ruins, wasn’t he? Who says the elf wasn’t in league with the darkspawn after all. Maybe Lavellan betrayed him in the end for their own gain.

Alternatively they’ll simply start erasing their identity - more so than they already do, completely ignoring their non-Andrastian faith and origins. Maybe one day Lavellan will be known as a devout Andrastian human like Ameridan, depictions of their elven ears hacked off like Shartan.

Any good they do for their people will eventually be taken away, as the Hinterlands were taken from Mahariel and the Dalish.

I have absolutely no faith in either Thedas’ ability to remain grateful to elves, or the writers ability not to retcon positive developments.


Now, Solas. Don’t get all…hard-boiled on us.

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