Am I the only one that finds Steve Retchless on America’s Got Talent ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE? Oh, and talented too. It’s not his fault that Peirs can’t pole dance phenomenally in stripper heels the way Steve can…(In fact, the thought of that frightens me beyond belief…) There are too many people that, just because they’d rather watch a generic female stripper pole dance than a unique, talented man like Steve, pass him off to be a “twirling faggot who doesn’t deserve to win.” Yeah, well that twirling faggot is one of the best pole dancers I’ve ever seen, and has a great taste in clothing, so he’s a win in my eyes.

Yeah, these are the times when I honestly despise certain people…GET PAST HIS SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND REALIZE HOW TALENTED AND SEXY HE IS!

…If Steve ends up not winning just because people think he’s gay, I’m officially planning to leave America as soon as possible.