Always laughing like a retarded seal while watching this.

It’s my favourite Jedward’s masterpiece.

~Dancing to B.Spears
“What are we doing John?”
“We’ve got our snacks and we’re ready to talk”

“Would you like a drink boys?”
“Yes please…”
“Oooh, Cherryade…”
“Oh no, it’s too extreme, I don’t want to be like, waking up on Saturday,…”
“It’s not alcoholic, love!”
“It’s cherryade…Edward, there’s a picture of a child on it!”

“You’ve never had a psychiatric test to go on that show?”
John starts cleaning Edward’s face…
“What are you doing? Don’t you ask eachother when you’re gonna start…you just let him do it ”
“No…every single day Edward’s like - you have food on your face, John you have food on your face..and I’m like - where is it? …and Edward’s like - you still have food on your face…I always have food on my face!”
“ My head hurts…” - Alan puts a hand on his forehead “Let’s have a breathe, shall we?”
“Let’s talk about Let loose, it was on the beach when you busted you leg, he pushed you! Why did you push your brother?”
John pushes Edward
“Stop that now!”
John pushes Ed one more time
“Oh sit there, you naughty little shit!” - Alan grabs a pillow and hits John and forces him to apologize to his brother. x)
“I didn’t push him …”
“You did bloody push him, I saw it!”
“Well yeah I pushed him like because I was, I was like aaah, and I looked down and i was like what was going on? like…why’s he on the ground? And then I just kinda pushed him to bring him back on his track…”
“Is it really?”
“it was a really weird moment because like, normal people like break their legs in privacy…”
About the speed dating…
“It was really weird like we’re in a movie when 40-year-old virgin…goes…speed dating?”
“Do you know who I think you would be good for?”
“The cheeky girls”
“They’re too old…they’re like really old”
“What’s wrong with the cheeky girls?
’‘They’re like as old as our mom is”
“Somebody likes that…What base would you go with the cheeky girls, first base, second base?”
“We don’t play baseball!”
“Oh, I aint talking about baseball love…’'♥