retarded stuff

I feel so sorry for new followers because everytime I say retard, racist stuff about natives or The latinos or women i always get unfollowed and honestly i don’t blame them I am so sorry

Sangwoo is confusing tbh

So I’ve heard so much about him drawing the line at rape and he seems to have many morals that are pretty set in stone (think when he was talking to Jieun like he was a saint) but yet he still calls people faggot and retard and stuff like that. I know it’s hard to debate his morals obviously but I almost want a chart of what Sangwoo does think is ok and what he doesn’t. Like on the list of “ok” things we have: murder, slurs, kidnapping! But on the other hand: judging people based on appearance, rape, and maybe some other stuff idk are unacceptable!

Why do we hate gency?

Ok so today I read many text post’s in the gency tag. And there where things like" ugh all gency shipper are racist,homophob and stupid!!“ Like c'mon guys. It’s okay when you don’t like the ship but that doesn’t mean you have to hate people because of this? So let me tell you a few things about me: I’m neither racist nor homophob and I support lgbt and stuff. But I still shipp gency? And I don’t hate other shipping’s? You can’t judge people because they ship gency ya know. It’s kinda rude tho. I’m fine with every other ship and won’t judge people because of it. I mean I guess I would support them because they love it and it makes them happy. You hate gency? I’m fine it’s your option? Do I hate you for this? Noo why should I?? So guy’s please stop saying every gency shipper is retarded or stuff. That’s not nice. Thanks ( it can that something is wrong with the grammar because it’s usually not my language lol)

Brother: You’re Kpop stuff is retarded

Me: Well that’s your opinion

Brother with other sister in the room: Raise your hand if you want to never listen to Kpop"

*both siblings raises hands*

Me to my sister: You have a Jhope jacket!!! Give it back if you dont like Kpop anymore-

Sister: No I paid for it. Besides idk where it is.

*they both then continue to condemn me for listening to Kpop while I sit there trying not to let my anger issue take over*

pie-the-memer  asked:

let me rephrase that. Why haven't you deleted your blog

because I don’t see a reason for it  to be deleted sure it may be a bit controversial, but all I do is reply to stuff retarded honestly if you don’t like it you don’t have to look at any of my posts last time I check broken any rules or laws

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hey what do you use to replace sugar when you want sweets help 😢

Hmm you’ll see me eat ice cream or chocolate when i feel bad but then i feel instant regret and it ruins my day, but i basically live on diet cookies that are made of oat flakes google it it’s called wellness here and i love eating a lot of bonžita too, maybe you’ll find some alternatives in your country. I’m that retard who only buys stuff if it’s written DIET on it lmao editing this cus i forgot that i eat A LOT OF HONEY when my mom isn’t around cus she would kill me if she saw me sitting on the kitchen table and eating honey w a spoon!!!!!!!

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I'm beginning to think Gavin mcinnes was completely on point when he recently wrote an article on why all liberals/antifas might as well be assumed degenerates. It's the only thing that adds up in their constant need to defend perverts or keep turning out to be perverts themselves.

Got a link? Didn’t come across that one.

Gavin is a cook, though. Sometimes he’s moderately funny and has moderately good points, but other times he’s just a parrot or needlessly edgy. His speech at the last Berkeley thing was a mess and his little gang initiation stuff is retarded.

immortalhdonut  asked:

Can you please give a reason on why you think it's okay to use the word 'retard' and stuff? I'm not attacking you I just really want your answer, since when Aleks was asked he didn't really understand the question. Thank you!

Obviously trying to get a rise, even if this isn’t an “attack” lol. I’m not Aleks and i don’t really use the word “retard and stuff”, i dunno if that’s 1 word all put together or like a phrase?.. Whatever that even means. I will tell you my mother calls me retarded almost every time she calls me. I’m gonna ask her this exact question next time she does it.

and this is why Joji and Max are my faves, these boyz know how to stay out of problems. they know limits, how to be reserved and discrete. no wonder why there are not anymore so many videos together. 

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Julian completely drunk on The Howard Stern Show. If you haven’t listened to this yet, please do.