retarded idiot

Yo @walkingmelonsaaa you do know that someone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t necesarily have to stop being your friend and stop supporting you right?.

Because, being all like “Oh you support THAT?, we are not frundz anymore!” Is like the most retarded, idiotic, close-minded, pathetic, and childish thing someone can say, and you should NOT in any way feel affected by it.

People like that does NOT deserve to be called your friend in the first place, much less being looked upon on.

So honestly Alyssa, screw that, I’ll buy you a coffee and roll you into a sushi until you feel better.

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Why do people keep saying it was forced, rushed, or fan service? If I remember correctly I read somewhere that Genndy based this entire season on dreams he had where he traveled the world with his crush so that means he had this planned from the very beginning.

I dunno man, that’s just the sjw/half of the SJ fandom being a bunch of retarded idiots acting like whiny little bitches in my opinion. In fact, I think it’s VERY hilarious how upset they are, Like it’s canon bitch, get the fuck over it. And if your gonna keep on complaining and not respect genndys route? Then stop watching the Show already and do something else with your life’s. Instead of bitching about the damn thing. Cause ya’ll are sounding like immature children at this point, and your complaints are invalid, like- it wasn’t rush. it may seem like it to you outside of the show (did that sound right?), but in the show itself much time has passed for them to grow a romantic relationship. But I guess that’s his fandoms work, they bitch and cry whenever they don’t get what they want, like a fussy baby. I just CHERISH how salty the antis/hypocrites are after episode XCIX, and I’m drinking their tears at the moment! And now they’re powerless, can’t do much to convince people to join them, and how pathetic they’re turning out to be. No chance for father/daughter relationship now! And certainly NO CHANCE for florashi ever happening! (if this somehow gets in the florashi tag then I apologize to you all who’s seeing this while searching through the florashi tag. I’m sorry man- but I just don’t see them together IN THAT WAY, and that ship will never happen, and you know that. Because 1.) they do not know of each other’s existence. 2.) it would feel VERY rushed of them to suddenly have a romantic relationship! Cause we don’t know of floras background that much (other than being the Scotsman daughter- RIP Scotsman) and I doubt they have any chemistry. It would take them awhile to know each other, like in a few episodes and- OH wait just realized- there’s only two episodes left, so chances of that happening are slim to none. 3.) she wasn’t on for that long, like Jesus Christ- she was JUST on screen for 5 MINUTES! … ok I’m done taking about it. Look- I not trying to start anything against it, Okay? It’s your weird crack ship that won’t ever happen, who am I to judge you for it? No one that’s who. I just think that florashi is an invalid ship. So chill aight? No point in getting worked up over nothing. And again, I apologize.) So this has been the best weekend I’ve have had in quite awhile! :)

holy shit that was long … whoops … Wasn’t my intention.

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Today was a shit show in the sdmn fandom. I can't believe people would rush onto the field. But can we please take a moment to take about Freya's tweet? I get being frustrated but it is never ok to call some idiot kids 'retards'. The worst part is that everyone is agreeing with her and no one is calling her out for saying something like that.

It’s never okay to call someone a slur. She is angry, I completely get that (I was also angry about the fans running on the pitch), but under no circumstances should she have called them that.

(Also, I don’t think it was a complete shit storm, most of the match went extremely well but it was just those selfish fans at the end that ruined it and also the commentators)


*** For the record, I know that ‘retard isn’t very polite or politically correct but I used it for the sake of the story. 💕***

 "Juice, you fucking retard!“ 

The guys laughed along with Tig, all of them looking over at Juice. He smiled and blushed, looking down. He was telling the story of the time a bully of his gave him brownies as a 'peace treaty’, only for Juice to later find out that they were laced with exlax. The guys continued laughing but Juice looked over at you and mouthed "Shhh” to you, seeing how annoyed your face was. He knew you liked him and he liked you. You’d flirted quite a lot and kissed each other a number of times. No one knew that though. 

 "Don’t call him that.“ 

The guys and turned to look over at you instead, their laughing subsiding a bit. Tig rolled his eyes. 

"Why? That’s what he is. Only a retard would eat brownies from a person that hates you. Which believe me, there’s a lot." 

 The guys laughed again and you furrowed your eyebrows, looking down at the table and playing with your nails as you tried to control yourself. You hated when they talked about him like that. They were always calling him stupid or a retard or an idiot. You knew they were teasing but you still didn’t like it and it made you a lot more upset that you cared to admit. You tried to hold off and not seem so over protective but it was hard. Over the course of the last few months, you’d developed a thing for each other and it really bothered you to hear them talk about him that way.

 The guys continued to poke fun of him and you finished the last swig of your beer, grabbing the bottle and walking away to go sit outside, Juice following you out. You knew better than to get into it with them but you were finding it increasingly difficult to be able to let it go. This was already the 3rd time in 2 days and you knew that if you kept it up, someone might begin to catch on. Not to your knowledge, they already had.


 "What the fuck is up with her? She’s been all pissy lately.” Jax chuckled. “Maybe it’s that time of the month.“ 

Chibs threw back his shot and shook his head at Jax and Tig. 

"No. She’s only like that when we make a wee bit of fun about Juicy. I think she’s got a thing for the boy." 

"You think so?”

 "I do. She jokes around with us and is fine until it gets to Juice. Then she doesn’t want to be with us anymore. Every time we tease him, she takes off.“ 

Hap nodded, as he too had come to notice your behavior. 

"Maybe we should see if we can get to her. We’ll talk shit when Juice is on a repo or something and then we can know for sure." 

"Sounds like a plan." 


 "I swear, Juice is the dumbest guy I’ve ever met in my life." 

You clenched your jaw and continued to tighten the hubcap on the car you were working on, ignoring Tig. 

"Can you believe he’s even made it this far in life being so stupid?" 

Jax laughed and added in. 

"Seriously. No wonder we’re his only friends." 

You suddenly stood up and tossed over your wrench, the guys looking over at you. 

 "I can’t believe you’ve all made it this far in life being such fucking assholes. I can’t believe you have friends at all with how shitty you treat them. At least Juice is a decent fucking guy. Can’t say the same for you.”

 You roughly shrugged off your work shirt and walked out of the garage, shoving past Tig as he held his hand to his heart.


"Fuck off." 

Once you were back into the clubhouse, they all turned to each other smiling from ear to ear. 

"I guess we know who’s got a little crush on the Juice.”

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Which line of Levi's did they change in chapter 51?

The line everyone and their mothers made a fuss about. Conveniently, I have Crunchyroll’s version saved for posterity!

This is accurate to the Japanese version, as far as I can tell. (You’ll forgive me if I don’t have an image on hand)

Japanese: エレンには・・・死に物狂いになれる環境が相応しい (For Eren…An environment where he can become desperate is appropriate.)

ishuhui (JP->CH): I will give Eren, that idiot who doesn’t cherish his own life, a new environment that suits him.

AND THEN someone translated “idiot” as “retard” and someone else translated “doesn’t cherish his own life” as “doesn’t value other people’s lives” (which to be fair the Chinese translation doesn’t actually say “his own” but the implication of “his own” is obvious.)

and it ended up being, as you can probably already imagine,



So then people were all very embarrassed of themselves and swore never again to write meta based on 2chan spoilers, telephone translations, or the specific wording of a specific line ever again. Except apparently they totally didn’t wow much shock very surprise.

Sibling Abuse

This is indeed a real thing. I have lived through it, unknowingly from the of eleven a couple weeks ago when I found out it was a thing. I’m still going through it. Sibling Abuse is not something that should be taken lightly or shoved to the side as mere Sibling Rivalry. Sibling rivalry is usually between both children, they try to one up each other or get into little tiffs but at the end of the day they still love each other and it’s very evident. Sibling abuse is when one child targets the other. It can be mental, physical, emotional and even sexual, and it does not have to be from an older child to the younger My brother is younger by four years and he abuses me in almost all these ways in varying degrees of intensity. It’s easy to tell the difference between rivalry and abuse:

  • One child avoids the other
  • One child is always being blamed (Don’t see this as that child tattling, I can tell you from experience that that just made it worse. Do not teach your children tattling is bad because that will only make it harder for you to realize it’s abuse because the abused child will think what is happening is normal and thus won’t tell you when bad things are happening to them. Also the abuser will reinforce that tattling is bad thus making it even harder)
  • One child is more aggressive
  • And one child becomes more  of a pushover and a lot quieter

Sibling abuse can have a lot of effects on the abused child depending on how they are abused. My brothers main insults to me are retard, fatty, idiot, stupid and various others of the like. These are also insults bullies use to get a response out of there victims. My brother is the root of many of my mental problems, my stage freight because he constantly deters me from singing, my body image problems because his constant remarks on my weight and physical appearance and a whole lot of my other insecurities. A child can be abusive to another sibling just like a parent can be abusive to a child or a spouse can be abusive to there significant other. 

I feel like this doesn’t get enough said about it because people don’t consider it abuse. It’s like how when a female abuses there male spouse, it’s seen as funny and joked off. This is much the same, it’s seen as mare rivalry and laughed off as normal, usually the abuser is praised for being strong and this just makes it continue and get worse. It needs to be seen for what it is, abuse. So please reblog this so other people know they are not alone and others can know what might be going on with there child. There are a lot of ways to tell and fix it so please stop it from happening before it can be reversed. 

And if you are going through this know that you are indeed not alone, you can talk to me if you want or you can contact your local child cervices, talk to your parents or an adult, do something because having a sibling is important and if you fear yours then you can’t get close and it will ruin any relationship you have in the future. 

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if you don't like sex and find it gross then why do you reblog sex gifs and tag it as 'daddy'? lol cringey

because I dont need to justify my actions to a retarded idiot (aka you)


Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Prompt 14 | Elliot Nightray

“Don’t just casually… call me by my name!!! You stupid, idiotic retard!!! Besides, what the hell was that scythe doing there? You know how seriously odd that is!? And remember not to hurt my adoptive brother, got it!? In the end, I don’t give a crap whether you’re a Vessalius or not. Just seeing you pisses me off!!!”

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A letter was left for Jhin regarding Zoey. "How could you love a failure of a demon that girl is? She'd be better off dead." That was all the letter said. No name was left in regards to to sender.

He blinks looking at the letter then takes deep breath. ‘Whoever sent this is either a retard or an idiot….’ He says calmly and rip paper then throws it in the air.

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Wow- u missed the point completely. I'm the anon who submitted that bullying anon- and yeah, I'm on anon cause last thing I want is to be harassed by you and your friends. In fact, your friends actually PROVED the point I was making- on that ask alone I was called "lowlife" "asshole shithead" and other shit, even though i never called u those things, and still haven't/won't. I wasn't talking about destiel; I was talking about how mean you all can be, and you proved my point perfectly.

referring to this foolishness

i see what you put in your tags, you call destiel shippers “pathetic assholes” “retards” “absolute fucking morons” and there’s worse
I don’t use the word ‘retard’, IDIOT. (I do use that word a lot :p)
I don’t have a tag ‘pathetic asshole’. 
Nor do I have a ‘absolute fucking moron’ one. 

Oh were your wittle feelings hurt because @hello-nicolexoxo-love​ called you a “lowlife”? Damn, poor you. 

I’m not sure who called you an asshole shithead, but you know what they say about the shoe that fits. 

Not going to explain for the millionth time the difference between destiehellers and destiel shippers. 

Now run along, I hear your mom calling you for supper. 

I swear, there is nothing harder than getting progressives to stop using ableist language against people they disagree with. What a fruitless battle.

Calling people words like moron, cretin, lunatic, idiot, retard, nutcase, crazy, deranged, psycho, etc is not another way of saying that they’re wrong about something. It is only a way to say that they do not achieve your personal standard of mental/intellectual ability, and it’s doing so using words that get attention and carry weight *specifically because* they have historically been used to literally shut people away in mental institutions and violate their civil rights. 

If that’s the history you want to allude to, fine. But know what history you’re alluding to.