Reblog if you think Cami is being Wrongly Attacked

Because guess what, SJWs are a pain in the ass. I’m Autistic, have ADHD, and do Poorly in school, and am I offended that she used the word RETARDED?! No! I’m offended by all these Social Justice Warriors who are giving us RETARDS a bad name! So what if she used the forbidden “R-Word”? Suck it the fuck up! She wasn’t using it as a degrading term towards us, she was using it to describe an asshat who stole her work! So all SJW, please shut the fuck up you’re just giving Autistics and other mentally challenged people a bad name. Please, all who agree, Reblog with the hashtag. #IStandWithCami Because people need to learn to calm the fuck down.

Please. She’s the creator of the amazing Glitchtale Series and doesn’t deserve all the hate.

Sammy Sosa is the light definition of a Dominican that says “I’m not black I’m Dominican . Dude said he used a bleaching cream every night since 2009

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