Dear world,

Yes, my girlfriend has autism. Yes, she is a great person. Those two things DO NOT contradict each other. She is a person like you, with feelings and thoughts, and when you have the audacity to call things ‘retarded’, I’m sorry but of course I’m going to get mad. Of course she’s gonna correct you.

You can quit treating her like glass and more like a person. She has feelings, trust me, she’s just not good at showing them and there’s nothing wrong with that.  

Quit telling her to look you in the eyes, she can’t do that. She wont do that, she’s not comfortable with it, leave her alone. 

She’s not being ‘rude’, she’s being herself. She doesn’t do small talk. If you have a problem with her being open about her special interests, then you can leave my life.  

“She doesn’t look autistic,” you say? Well you didn’t look stupid, but I guess we were both wrong. 

My girlfriend is beautiful, strong, and inspiring. Don’t EVER tell me otherwise. 

- Her boyfriend

Lmao all these sore retards yapping about how gun culture losers are the worst.
I own about a dozen, from a .357 revolver to a .223 rifle, I’m just not a troglodyte right-winger who does everything the NRA says.

Feminists are now saying an anime about adult women butt fighting is child porn.

Is there a chemical compound involved in becoming a feminist that turns its adherents completely fucking retarded?

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hey... so earlier my dad was tickling me on my shoulder and i didnt want him to so i said "dont". he got mad. later he said "listen i know you're 13 and changing but you dont need to be a b****." i said "im uncomfortable with you touching my shoulder" and he got mad at me. what really made me mad was that after that he said "you dont even know whats normal anymore, those retarded youtubers make you think that tickling is wrong" (what???)... that upset me, but is it my fault for saying "dont"..?

ugh that sounds like such a disgusting experience!!
I understand why it makes you uncomfortable, it happens too when mom and dad mess with me with stuffs like that, It just makes me super uncomfy…

Tho, your dad’s answer was super rude! and thats such a toxic behavior, you have all the right to be upset, mad and uncomfortable!!

I would personally stay like that for a while and see if they notice… on the other hand, staying as far as posible its my best advice…

[10/24/2016 5:31:37 PM] bright: basically izayaorihamha was this tumblr user from like 2014 who treated his followers like a cult and spent his time harassing people. at one point like 7 people all came forward at once with accounts of being abused by him and he was promptly run off of tumblr, but now he’s back and trying to act like it never happened. he continues to harass a really close friend of mine and forces him to remake every time he finds his new blog, claiming he’s his abuser when in reality, izaya was the one who abused him.

Yikes actually there were not any real abuse claims just some kid who said they were abused by me even though I had 0 close friends back then besides Amar, they hated me and had my mutuals block me. If I abused someone show proof, show me proof this happened instead of ganging up on the retarded kid with shit you made up.

glad to know you still friends with Coine after he been called out for trying to get me raped and you even admitted in our chat that you know I didn’t abuse anyone and you were just mad that I got in drama with your friend. You been friends with Coine / Ryoje for a long time and I find it interesting that you still talking shit after it was proved I didn’t abuse anyone, fake my race, or do any of the shit you claim. But I have tons of proof that my abuser that you’re defending is an ableist, racist sexual predator and you are STILL defending him. Why can’t you stop talking about me? @ireallylovehalloween 

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Anonymous said:October 26th 2016, 11:14:00 pm · 4 minutes agoHoney, pls stop, you aren’t even a lawyer. A lawyer would busy with doing that Annalise Keating shit but u here making this poor boys life so much worse like lol

Anonymous said:October 26th 2016, 11:15:00 pm · 3 minutes agoIt’s actually pretty funny how much bullshit you pour into this blog

Anonymous said:October 26th 2016, 11:16:00 pm · 2 minutes agoIs Harry a part of the PR clause ?!?!? How do we get him out of it!


Thank you for sending so many of these so that I can block you and still publish this nonsense. Thanks!

Aujourd'hui j'ai finis exceptionnellement les cours à midi. Crevée, je rentre chez moi et enfile mon pyjama-de-revision et mes grosses chaussettes pour bosser ma montagne de cours en retard sous ma couette.

14h, une dame m'appelle pour un rdv pour mon mémoire.

“Je ne suis disponible que cette après-midi, j'habite a l'autre-bout-du-departement et vous devez venir avant 17h”

Et c'est reparti.

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southern slut i bet you self diagnosed you're not really autistic or have anxiety you're just a southern retard hick

Oooh, Abelism and slut-shaming!!! Love it. I’ll be sure to tell JSS Behavioral Services and Dr. Honick, psychiatrist, that they didn’t diagnose me, I did it myself!!! Good to know. What else do you know about me, O Psyhic One? I also tell my parents how much money they wasted on me and my mental health needs!!! THANK YOU RANDOM INTERNET NONNIE WHO APARENTLY KNOWS THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD.

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A shamanic theocracy would be terrifying as fuck. Just a bunch of unwashed, long bearded retards overdosing on their prescribed psychotropic medicine and having spasms and seizures.

in what way does that not sound like me?

Hey, SJWs, did you know your made-up word, ableist, completely contradicts the basic rules of linguistics that most people have down at, like, age ten? You see, when you add a suffix beginning with a vowel (IE, -ist) to a word that ends in a silent E (IE, able), you drop the E because it is no longer needed. For example, like + -ing = liking, not likeing.

And no, able is not different just because it ends in LE. Let’s take a word that ends with exactly the same sound, like scale. Scale + -ing = scaling, not scaleing. Therefore, able + -ist = ablist, not ableist. It’s deliciously ironic that people who rail against others ‘insulting’ people partially because of lesser intelligence demonstrate such a lack of intelligence.

“But English grammar rules were invented by white people!” I hear some fragile SJW protesting. So were computers. So was the internet. So was tumblr. If you don’t like utilizing things made by white people, stop using all of those things. LOL.