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It's not ableist to insult someone's intelligence. Sure the terms dumb is ableist, insulting someone with such a low intelligence that they actively would be classified as having an intellectual disability would be ableist, or making fun of learning disabilities too. But making fun of a non disabled person who is just unintellegent wouldn't be ableist. It would be mean spirited and possibly classist (if they're just uninformed due to lack of resources to educate) but not ableist.

even if you use words/phrases/insults that are offensive to minorities towards people who aren’t minorities, they are still offensive to minorities. i get where you’re coming from, anon, but the word “retarded” doesn’t stop hurting me and other autistic people just because somebody says it to someone who isn’t autistic, and making fun of somebody’s intelligence might not seem ableist at first, but you’re literally being like “HA, YOU’RE UNINTELLIGENT, JUST LIKE SOCIETY CONSIDERS PEOPLE OF CERTAIN CLASSES AND DISABILITIES”

friendly reminder that words like “idiot” and “moron” literally originated in modern language in reference to intellectual disabilities, just like “retarded”.

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Consider this: the news hasn't identified the terrorist as Muslim beliefs. They don't even know who the fuck he is yet. Y'all are retarded straight up down syndrome retarded

Okay but most of the terrorist attacks are foremost by muslims, and I don’t need the news to know who attacker is or not.

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Retarded means slow so get over it. I call someone with a disability disabled, not retarded. I call people who are retarded, retarded. It's easy to just try and go on the offensive and try to point out something wrong (when there is nothing) in what others are saying instead of addressing the point. What you said was bigoted af. Imagine "Got a group with a bunch of asians next semester. Send help." Something's off if you dont get it. I believe u see it and are being willfully ignorant.

Lmfao ok

Ecology contra democratic, pro-immigration humanism

Democracy is incompatible with radical environmentalism because people will not vote to lower their living standards to any significant degree. The rabble is too concerned with comfort and democratic politicians are too concerned with votes to do the right thing if it’s not politically expedient. Furthermore, both the public and democratic politicians (especially politicians) have very short time-horizons. Both think much more about the next month, year or few years than the next 25, 50 or 100. They are not going to be serious about addressing environmental problems which can take decades or generations to materialise.

Third world immigration is incompatible with environmentalism because when someone moves from an undeveloped area to a highly developed area, every form of pollution increases dramatically. It also destroys the instinct to conserve your area because a multiracial commons belongs to no one. When your area doesn’t belong to you, you don’t care about conserving it. Mass immigration is dysgenic and destroys national unity, which retards advancement in pro-green technology and reduces the proportion of the most pro-ecology group on the planet by far; intelligent Europeans.

Humanism is incompatible with environmentalism. The “human right” to exist is contrary to ecological preservation because humans must engage in pollution to survive. Ecologists should not support welfare, foreign aid or medical aid for the third world; all of which increase the population of dysgenic parasites and future breeders. Mass sterilisations and military interventions to cull the herd are necessary to prevent the population explosion. While most greens support abortion, contraception and euthanasia, they should also support deportations, guns, lethal self-defence and mass executions.

It is impossible to take pro-democracy, pro-immigration, “ecological humanists” seriously. It’s contradictory to favour these policies if you genuinely support ecology. These same people tend to be anti-natalists and we do need fewer people but we need more environmentally-conscious people. If ecologists do not breed, the anti-ecologists will inherit the earth. Having children anchors you to the future, which gives you a strong interest in environmental sustainability.

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Hey, really <3 your blog! Re: South Asians using the n-word and "retarded", I think part of the problem is also a tendency, at least with South Asians, to use language that's offensive even within our own communities when you have privilege from caste, skin tone, economic class, etc. We fail to value how that makes people on the flip side feel. I've been frustrated lately with South Asians who support Trump only to wonder why white people attack us, telling us to go back to our country.

Thank you! :D

But definitely. And to add, when people come from caste, skin tone, privileged classes, etc., it’s like they’re taught to discriminate against those that are “under” them. In fact, we all may have some sort of privilege that discriminates against someone else so we should try our best to unlearn that.

And not that I’m trying to attack anyone, but there are pages like Hindus for Trump or Indians4Trump and to include others, there are Chinese Americans for Trump and Immigrants 4 Trump. Like fucking WHY? Trumpf and his regime is a continuation of the European colonists who destroyed our cultures, bombed our homelands, and killed our people. So I’m with you on that, it’s extremely frustrating knowing that some of our own people support the very colonists who ruined us (and still do).

Angry Asian Guy

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I'm in London, first reports state it's one black guy and one white guy. We've had a multicultural society here in the capital for decades, the only thing we don't like here is fuckin racism tbh. Stick it up your arse pal.

Lol hey guess what, I’m in London too retard and no, the first reports did not say that at all. The BBC only just reported that there MAY have been a second guy but they stressed the fact that it’s unreliable and shouldn’t be taken as credible, which is exactly what you’ve hilariously done! Omg you actually tried to pass it off as a factual report lmao! 

Did you see the photo of the guy who committed the attacks? I can’t be sure but his brown skin and Muslimy beard doesn’t really scream “white guy” to me, I could be wrong though…. I love how the tiny microscopic chance of a white guy to put the blame on terrorism you jump on it, instead of just admitting we have a real problem with Islam and people’s fear of Islam isn’t Islamophobia, it’s legitimate as they’re the ones being slaughtered and attacked while people like you tell them to just shut up and accept it. Just as Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan tells us, “terrorism in our cities are just part of the parcel.” Fuck that. 

You don’t like racism but you’re cool with it as long as Muslims are doing it right? Oh you’re just so predictable and so pathetic haha I’m still laughing at you trying to use that report to claim a white guy was involved even though they specifically said DO NOT TAKE THIS AS CREDIBLE INFORMATION. So sad. 

Update: It was a single Muslim guy. Once again. Sorry anon, your wish for white Christian terrorists to exist to deflect needed attention away from Islam is just going to have to wait another day.

“Jebote, koliko si ti to zaljubljena u njega pa se isključiš čim ti pošalje poruku i ne prestaješ da se smeješ kao neki retard.”
Eto, toliko sam zaljubljena i mnogo mi je lepo

To the kids who stare blankly at empty screens where text messages and emails should be,

To the kids who hear time and time again that they’re not alone but you’re drowning in the overwhelming feeling that you are, in fact, alone,

To the girls who are called fat and ugly because you’re not a size zero and your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical,

To the boys who have your masculinity questioned constantly because you care about more than just sports and sex,

To the kids who have learned to feel ashamed of the color of your skin or the way your facial structure is laid out,

To the kids who worry constantly about what tomorrow holds because for you it’s more than a math test or facing your crush,

To the kids who are called ugly, faggot, loser, retarded, fat, worthless, unwanted, unloved,

I love you. And that’s just one more reason to keep going.

Surprise Road Trip

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Filth Smut

Summary: Jungkook likes how your lips curl around that lollipop, but he’d like them better on him.

Word count: 5,536

A/N: You might want to have a fresh, clean pair of panties handy.

You chuckled as you got out of the car, but quickly stopped as strong chilly night wind blew across your face, sending a deep shiver through your body.

“Woah…” you shuddered, regretting your stubbornness about leaving without a coat.

Completely on a whim, you and your boyfriend decided to take a quick vacation just the two of you. After a nice warm bath together, you thought you both well deserved a private vacation, so without his managers and his group mates knowing, you packed a small bag and left in the middle of the night. Luckily, tomorrow (or today since it was about quarter past midnight) his schedule was empty and you planned to be back by the afternoon the next day, perfect time to escape to a resort on the country-side of Korea.

You shivered your way to Jungkook who was reading the instructions on the rest stop’s gas pump, a frozen red finger to his lips. You crashed onto the side of his body, wrapping your arms around his right arm. He smiled and looked down at you.

“Give me your coat.” you said, tugging at his sleeve.

He giggled devilishly.

“What did I tell you before we left huh?” he said, sliding the arm you weren’t clinging onto out of his coat. “But noooo! Noona won’t listen to me.”

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