retard nation

The entire Walmart stopped what it was doing, from the shop-lifters to the white trash buying their no-name brand beers, to even the little old lady that occasionally forgets ‘the coloreds’ isn’t acceptable language any more. They rallied around the 6 month old, not out of surprise that it could talk, because #BlackGirlMagic permits it; no, they rallied around her because everyone knew, everyone has always known, 


They all cheered and clapped, raising the second coming of black-baby-female-Jesus to the sky, cheering profusely at her melinated greatness. As they did, rays from the heavens themselves pierced the roof of the Walmart, illuminating her in the royal glow she now reflected on the outside, as well as within. 

The child then gave a dissertation on how the evil scientist Yukab created the race of white Devils on an island off the coast of greece, and these white devils destroyed the advanced black civilizations (this is actually something radical black nationalists and Nation of Islam members believe, not fucking shitting you), toppling the proud black empires. At the end she called for the extermination of the white devil creatures….

and the whole Walmart clapped.

anonymous asked:

! I wanted sasuke to become hokage and change the ninja system and have a family , with someone who knows him well likekarin .​ After all he have been through ,sasuke and his team , team taka deserve better ..

I don’t think Sasuke should become Hokage cos I just don’t find it believable he’d ever have love for that shitty place after what they did to him and his clan. And his plan to change the system wasn’t any good, it’s a rehearse of Nagato’s plan. But I’ll let that slide, cos since the MC himself had no plan, the plot required all other characters to have bad plan. Anyway, Konoha doesn’t deserve a good Hokage, they should just stay fucked up and disappear into oblivion like how it is in history for the ninja.  If Sasuke is still invested in changing the ninja world, maybe he could find a new village and establish a better system. Konoha isn’t worth anyone’s time.

Some Konoha characters’ reaction after the Uchiha massacre reveal were so off putting that, it gives you the feeling that Konoha people are generally corrupt, lacking decency and humanity.

When Kakashi heard the truth about the uchiha massacre, his reaction was “let’s not tell anyone about this, cos it’d hamper the rebuilding of the village”. Fuck you Kakashi, this is as ridiculous as Germany saying “let’s cover up the holocaust cos it’d hamper the rebuilding of Germany post ww2!”. Then when Itachi met Naruto, he told him the same damn thing, Itachi was like “This should never see the light, Naruto, promise me you will bury this under 100 feet of concrete at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean”. And Naruto was like “sure, this secret is safe with me.” Fuck you Itachi. Fuck you Naruto. That’s THREE konoha apologists who’re advocating covering up a genocide.

I also want to talk about how much this interaction between Itachi and Naruto damaged Naruto’s credibility as the hero in the series. Naruto was never a good MC but he’d never been a supporter of killing and elimination as a way to resolve conflicts until that point, he liked talking better (although mostly about himself). If there’s any consistency to Naruto’s beliefs and ideals, he would’ve been appalled by Itachi’s action which was just mass murder because he thought some of those people were a threat. Naruto didn’t kill Pein even AFTER he murdered half of his village, there’s no way the same Naruto would condone Itachi preemptively massacring innocent people. But Kishimoto was such a brain dead Itachi fanboy he literally treated every other character including the MC like a Itachi wanker plot device. Every character who so happened to be in the same scene as Itachi is obligated to wank Itachi, agree with his retarded nationalism, and validate him as a hero. Eventho it’s been previously established Naruto and Itachi’s views on killing and conflicts are miles apart.

Now back to Sasuke in your ask. I can’t see him making peace with what Konoha did and continue to do, and go back there like nothing happened. They’re fucking genocide deniers and history revisionists, ewwwk.

I agree he’d be better off with Taka and away from Konoha. He.seems calm and mellow when he interacts with Taka (except when he’s going after Danzo), so . But I don’t think he needs a wife or a family, or get together with Karin, cos he doesn’t seem romantically interested in her.  He’d be equally happy and fulfilled with Taka and some pets.