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If you ever want to know who the bullies and harassers are in a situation, look for whoever is asserting some sort of power over another. Similarly to abuse, bullying and harassment are about power and exploitation for personal pleasure and gain.

I’d like to know what Reylo has ever stolen an antis art, manipulated it, and spread it around this hell site for shits and giggles? I’d like to know when and where Reylos have ever condoned that level of shitty behavior.

I’d like to know when Reylos have stolen fan fic almost word for word by replacing only the name of one character.

I’d like to know how antis can actually justify defending either of those actions. I’m not saying Reylos never make mistakes - awhile back a Reylo made fun of anti art.

BUT GUESS WHAT HAPPENED - Reylos flooded the post with comments like “dude not cool” and “you need to take this down, it’s fucked up.”

And they did take it down.

We did the OPPOSITE of passing their shitty, mean post around and called them out. Look, I’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over a month. I can’t speak for the entirety of Reylo history.

But I know what I’ve seen in this last month. And it’s a group of bullies who have entire blogs dedicated to hating a ship and its shippers, vs people who just enjoy fictional characters in a fictional world. I’ve seen people call me retarded and make fun of my autism. I’ve seen people call Reylo POC racist and others homophobic just to win arguments - the actual words and actions of the accused were not those things. It was manipulation.

I’ve seen antis using all the classical bullying tactics and Reylos use none.

Antis base most of their behaviors on being “anti-abuse” or anti racist, from what I’ve seen. But… if that’s the case, then why are you engaging in a community committing such vile acts without taking a stand? If you’re such a humanitarian why are you hurting real people over fiction? Why are these fictional people more important to you than the real people behind a screen?

The truth is, your social justice causes are a veil over the truth - and I’ve been saying that for awhile now. The truth is that you like and want to bully and harass people, that you like and want the internet drama and the power it gives you. This is what bullying is about. It’s a high from power dynamics that lean in your favor.

So just call it like it is, antis. Unless you’ve actively called people out for their shitty behavior, you are a bad person. Full stop. You’re a bully. And if you have called out antis for their shit behavior I recommend you be wary of your own community. Bullies lie and manipulate to continue their power game. Ask for receipts of whatever they say Reylos did. Because bullies will do anything to prevent their game from ending. And if you buy into it, you’re just as bad as they are.

To the Reylo community: at least we know we’re not on the wrong side in this. Don’t fall for anymore reblogs that call you out for things. Instead, refer to Reylos who are POC, or LGBTQ, etc. and ask if what you said or did was wrong and how you can fix it. Antis are obviously not above any kind of manipulation or ill behavior.

So just don’t give them the pleasure anymore unless you feel confident you can handle your own against them.

Finally, I’m so sorry to those whose works have been manipulated and stolen. As a fellow artist it sickens me to think anyone would do that to your hard work. There’s no excuse. And antis should be ashamed of trying to give any.

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Ichiruki fans aka the progressive disease that ruins Bleach, I'm surprised that they don't accept most of their fans are whiny, annoying, liars and suck it up and drag their trash into their own garbage

What ever do you mean~?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oh, you can’t mean the ichiruki fandom?

You mean the nice, graceful, respectful fandom of ichiruki~?

The one’s that don’t hate, bash, insult innocent characters because they don’t bend to their will?

The sweet fans that don’t follow Orihime hate blogs and like their bullshit?

The fans that keep to their own lane and don’t crosstag?

The same one’s that didn’t care if Kubo didn’t make ichiruki canon?

The one’s that said that ichigo proposed to rukia on the musical?

Or that Kubo called their relationship “more than friends but less than lovers”?

The fans that didn’t call Kazui “retarded” and make fun of him?

The one’s that called Rukia and Orihime friends, but when they get moments they twist Orihime’s character into being a rude bitch?

Aka the one’s that don’t jump into other people’s conversations like stalkers?

Man I have so many good things to add to this list, but for another time lol.

Ichiruki will never be the pretty label they try to be paint over their two-faced fandom~

Originally posted by rainhagretchen

For the record, some people shipped StormPilot initially because we are LGBTQ,

and we also picked up on the Reylo dynamic (for me because I have a lot of background in art/literary analysis, with some film) and I shipped BOTH simultaneously - and NOT in spite of each other, either.

Some of us - after the disappointment of Kathleen Kennedy LAUGHING at the prospect of StormPilot - picked up on the idea that FinnRose might become a thing. And we got excited in the face of the disappointment of losing StormPilot.

And I’ve said before - and will say again - I am not interested in going around the internet and PROCLAIMING from the hilltops my identity.Antis - PEOPLE DON’T OWE YOU THEIR FUCKING LIFE STORY TO JUSTIFY LIKING A FICTIONAL GODDAMN SHIP.

But needless to say, having an Asian woman and a Black man in a relationship is really important to me, too. Take from that what you will - I’m not going around talking in depth about who I am and why I’m here on Tumblr. Not your business. Regardless, I am personally invested in the ship. Period. Ok? We good now?

AND, for the record:

I relate to REYLO because I am a childhood abuse victim and I see Kylo Ren/Ben Solo as a victim of childhood abuse via Snoke.

You may not see that, BUT I DO. You don’t get to invalidate that reading. It’s very personal to me. That’s why REYLO is important TO ME. So y’all are being a bit ableist, if I’m honest, by assuming all kinds of things about why someone would like Reylo. Trauma and mental illness can be a reason to see yourself in a ship, too, not just race.

Not only that, but your own people have called me retarded and make fun of me for being autistic on multiple occasions - yet I don’t see y’all apologizing on behalf of your “community’s” ABLEISM. Because you don’t care as long as you “win” some goddamn subjective argument.

TO CLARIFY: Antis - you guys are going around assuming WHY people are shipping things. You are not keeping your heads on straight.

You are USING social justice as a ruse. It’s gross. It’s wrong.

Because if you had bothered to ask me WHY I ship FinnRose, you’d have backed off upon knowing the answer - if you had any decency left in that withered, shrunken muscle you call your heart, that is anyway.

But then, maybe I’m expecting too much there. You are - after all - a part of an online group LITERALLY dedicated to spreading negativity, making sweeping judgments, and harassing strangers you know nothing about, over a FICTIONAL universe.

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Cars 3 made fun of my generation and Lightning McQueen wrote this


Request:  a one shot where the reader gets expelled from school and you have to tell your older brothers Sam and Dean

Request:  Hi!! I absolutely love your account omg!! Can u do one where you are sam and deans little sister and they pick you up from school one day and find that you have a jerk boyfriend (abusive maybe) and they get all protective?? Sorry if it’s too specific thank youuu

Request:  Check out the Monday! Haha, so I’ve honestly been having a really crappy time with life and all lately because of eczema (awful friggin’ skin condition) on my face and stuff and I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is Sam and Dean’s lil sister and has severe eczema and is really self conscious about it + gets bullied in school for it but her big brothers swoop in and save the day? Thanks a bunch xx

Request: Can you do one where the reader gets really mad at someone for saying the word ‘retarded’? It’s always bothered me, and since I know your sister has Down Syndrome (i saw a story you posted, not creepy, i swear), I thought you might feel strongly about it too?? My brother has autism, and that word pisses me off so much. (This request really hits home with me. I never use the word retarded. My friends don’t use that word. Everybody in my school knows I hate that word.)

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i dont people who get bothered by the word retard... im personally diagnosed autistic and adhd(yknow, a retard) and its a fun word to use to insult people, i obviously dont mean it to harm retarded people

Words are words are words

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I hope you know that Mexicans aren’t the only undocumented immigrants here. Moron. Also, that post of immigration without assimilation is invasion.... lmao where the hell do you find these dumb ass memes

Breaking News: Our open borders and illegals overstay their visas is the issue. Of course, it’s not only Mexicans. Not assimilating is an invasion. It’s an attack on national sovereignty and the citizens. You’re a retard and have fun with that Globalists bullshit!