Hard hit to my Culture.

You know I usually reblog fandom stuff, but now I need your attention, dear followers. Please, read and reblog, we need to get more diffusion of what kind of repression we’re going through.

I live in Spain. Its First Language is Spanish, which is co-official with others in some parts, such as where I live: Barcelona.

Here we learn Catalan and Spanish at school, having equal hours of study for both and enabling us to be bilingual from young age, hence making it easier for us to learn 3 or 4 languages easily, because we already know two.

Now, this poor excuse of a human being (google José Ignacio Wert) wants to list it (along with the other co-official languages such as Galego and Euskera*Basque*) with the importance of a 4th language (Learning hourspan at school like this: 50%Spanish, up to 50% English, then ANOTHER language and, last, Catalan), while now we have a 40~40 Spanish~Catalan and 20%English, with French or German as 4th options.

This are the facts. And now, the motive:
Minister Wert (and others within the spanish government) think that learning Catalan is what makes us desire independence from the rest of Spain. Disregarding the fact that we’ve only been spanish for the last 3 centuries (we were annexed in 1714 as a result of a lost war), they seem to think that our language is what makes us rebellious, and that we need “Spanishizing” (Yeah, he really used that word, he said he wanted to spanishize catalan kids. My opinion is that if you need to spanishize something, it means that it ISN’T spanish, so… You’re doing it wrong). Moreover, this is not the first time that our language and culture has suffered such blows, for example when we lost the 1714 war, we were stripped of all our rights, parliament, forced to accept a monarchy we didn’t want and forbidden to speak any other than spanish. It also happened more recently, within the dictatorship of one Francisco Franco, who too forbade the use of catalan anywhere, and those who spoke it publicly were sent to prison and tortured for secessionists. Luckily, we got out of that, and since then we’ve developed a great immersion system consisting of using both languages continuously, using catalan in our parliament and both for official and unoficcial purposes, while using spanish to deal with the government, and english with the rest of the world.

It is confirmed that the most difficult is learning a 2nd language, and after that, our brain finds it easier with each language we learn, and so making us more proficient in comunicating.

Due to that, us catalan (and basque and galaics) have higher knowledge of Spanish than other non-bilingual communities, and are also more open to communicating in other languages, being it easier for us to talk in english and ready to learn more. That’s proven with the general marks for the nation-wide tests known as “Selectividad” where we score higher than the rest of communities.

And yet, this man, in what is clearly a jump backwards to that shameful dictatorial years, wants to turn us into illiterate people such as he is, incapable of even carrying the most simple conversation in english, just because we feel, we know we don’t belong in this country that once and again keeps kicking our rights, ignoring our plights and profiting of our productivity while giving back only uppercuts to our culture, without respect whatsoever for the people and their opinions.

So, when people ask me why do I want freedom and independence, I say: Because I’m tired of being abused.

Comentari a la notícia de les retallades de paper de vàter

omi - 05-12-2011 - 13:05:58h
No, Arturo Mas tiene uno de esos inodoros japoneses que te limpian tus partes y luego te lo secan con un chorro caliente. Lo he probado en casa de un amigo paralítico - para él es imprescindible, ya que no puede moverse para limpiarse con papel - y da un gustorrinin!!!!!


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