Some classic examples of ritualised aggression interactions in the main pack, mostly between Kanti and Bicho. In these high arousal moments you will hear a lot of growling and snarling from Kanti paired with posturing and muzzle grabs (sometimes hard, if Kanti is over threshold) as well as pinning, mounting and agonistic puckers. Bicho will display exaggerated pawing, licking and whining. A lot of the times Bicho is the one who initiates this and often will elicit these responses from Kanti.

Why he does this is unclear. There has been many times where Bicho has pawed Kanti in the face and caught his nail on his mouth, which makes Kanti retaliate. 

Behaviorally, these two are very interesting to watch.

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it's not that we don't hate nazis, it's just that we think punching them on sight will either cause them to retaliate or that they'll use their "victimization" as a platform to recruit more people. we'd rather police take care of them. i hope we can remain in a civil discussion about this

You know, I get that. I really do. But I don’t know if that’s a viable option, and we don’t really get second chances here.

My country tried the passive route before in WWII. We tried to stay neutral, have someone else take care of them while we didn’t interfere. We ended up getting sucker punched, steamrolled in five days, and were rewarded with five long years of nazi occupation.

These are not people willing to work within the system. These are people who will destroy and circumvent the system the second they see the chance. They don’t respect you. They don’t respect anything. You can try to treat them fairly, but they would never give you the same courtesy.

Am I taking a hard stance? Maybe. But my grandfather can tell you stories about the alternative.

Honestly I feel like if you’re like retaliating to a post on this site you also need to think about how that post even got in front of you in the first place, like is it really an opinion that you think most people have or has its note count just been massively inflated due to it being a hot button issue? If the vast majority of notes on a post are already people calling it ridiculous then maybe it’s just one person being ridiculous and not actually a commonly held belief and your contribution isn’t necessary

Anyways funny how Robb’s war was triggered by Ned’s death yet no one says that Robb just wants the North to be an independent nation again so they can be politically powerful and that it’s not righteous vengeance

Or how no one says that Robert’s Rebellion was less a retaliation to the extrajudicial executions of Brandon and Rickard Stark and more of a political power grab

But if those dirty Martells go out and ally with Targaryens who are 100% sympathetic to what happened to Elia and her children then they’re just doing it for the power lol I can’t believe that shit was reblogged by @asoiafuniversity in all seriousness how horribly embarrassing 

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Can we have a crack imagine where Richian meets the whole Elgang and starts crushing onto one of them (who is the "senpai" is your choice! I love your blog a lot!)

“Senpai! Wait up!” Called a voice behind the group as they were turning around to walk away.

“What the hell..?” Raven growled, turning around just in time to get tackled to the ground.

The poor accessories merchant got it back tenfold as Raven retaliated from habit.

“S-Senpai! That hurts!” Richian yelped as Raven’s Nasod arm dug into his neck.

“Raven let him up!” Rena called, shocked.

“Ahhh.. Senpai… Thank you!~” Richian cooed as Raven helped him up.

Add, meanwhile, was laughing his ass off in the background.

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What all instances of flirting, like I missed so many lmao


  • :16 dan is acting out what they’re like in these bomb videos and immediately seizes the opportunity to playfully punch phil’s arm repeatedly. phil, for his part, just sits there and looks adorably bemused while dan is yelling. love it
  • :33 dan does some sort of sketchy fist gesture, phil immediately reacts to it even though it was generally benign, in a blatant subversion of their normal roles w making innuendos/sexual jokes. they both giggle
  • :47 phil goes into a whiny voice to say how he really wanted to do an exotic bomb and then hums the generic vlog music they always use. dan tries to look annoyed but just giggles some more
  • :56 dan’s like ‘so i reckon we need to actually beat more than one in this section’ and leans in all close to phil and phil’s like ‘alright! okay!’ in the flirtiest voice ever i wanna die
  • 1:16 ‘so I’m gonna bomb first, i think you should read first,’ says phil and the ensuing exchange where he’s just cheekily giggling while dan is acting all exasperated is just so cute … and uh, i can’t be the only one who thought there was a pretty blatant sexual undertone to phil saying ‘just tell me what to do. i’m your putty. mold me into whatever shape you want.’ … and dan’s eyes go momentarily wide while he says it. nice
  • 1:52 dan calling phil ‘felipe’ lmao what even
  • 5:32 when they’re epically failing and they’re about to lose, phil does his instinctual pat of dan’s arm to tell him they have fifteen seconds left and it’s cute
  • 5:50 the look they share immediately upon losing, before phil just breaks into giggles
  • 6:14 phil going ‘what is something that flops like more than anything else in the world’ with an utterly impassive poker face purely to wind dan up and see him laugh is one of the most simultaneously adorable, hilarious, and impressive things i have ever witnessed
  • 6:36 thIS WHOL E EXCHANGE w dan asking if phil thinks it’s his (dan’s) fault that they didn’t do well that round and saying ‘you can be honest’ with wide puppy eyes, and then phil saying yes, he thinks dan was pretty bad that time, and then dan trying to look shocked n appalled while still grinning:
  • and then screeching that phil is supposed to lie!!!!! and phil just consolingly being like ‘well you were flustered …’ like trying to be a bit reassuring,, honestly fucking end me, that was one of the cutest bits in this whole vid, they’re just so comfortable w each other and I’m dying
  • 9:33 onwards when dan is retaliating by telling phil he should be able to decode this morse code thing just bc he litro can’t let phil’s criticism go. he is a child. i love it
  • 9:53 when phil says it’s too hard, dan’s all ‘NO WE CAN DO THIS PHIL’ and slams his hands on the table and leans into phil’s space just to grab the manual and its all v cute
  • 10:27 ‘shut up rat’ omg i lost it at this. and then a few seconds later ‘shut up turd.’ dan is really top notch at verbally abusing his partner
  • 10:53 phil v abruptly shush-ing dan in order to cut off what was sure to be a long and hysteric rant about how unfair the last round was. i love how instinctual that was for phil, like he just knows dan’s about to go off and neither of them have time for it, and then dan immediately complies when phil tells him to shush hahah
  • 13:25ish during the really stressful new one that they didn’t really understand i noticed that they kept bumping arms until they just decided to keep their arms touching for basically the rest of the time until the bomb goes off and it struck me as maybe being a way for them to subtly kinda be like ‘we’re all right it’s all good’ and ground each other. cute
  • 14:04 the look they share AGAIN when they lose
  • and the whole exchange up until like 14:35 where they’re debriefing and just talking to each other, sort of forgetting the camera exists. I LOVED watching that even though the v obvious jumpcut suggests they cut a bunch of it out bc it was just dan walking phil through the instructions for the new module and phil just leans in all close and lets dan guide him and i loved their facial expressions during that part AHHH it was just so comfy n GOOD
  • 15:35 dan telling phil about the new module they’ve never done before by singing it, i felt like this was yet another example of him trying to keep the energy light and non-stressful so that phil would stay calm and it’s cute that these videos have so many instances of them trying to look out for each other like that (but then dan is actually kind of bad at this and spends a lot of time screaming when he’s doing the bomb and i cried laughing at the bit at 18:11 when he’s jst high pitched squealing for a few seconds)
  • 18:26 the looks they share!!! YET!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! when they lose!!!!! (partially obscured by the explosion effect lol):
  • 18:51 dan proudly proclaiming that they probs have above average communication skills when they’re not stressed or trying to be entertaining bc apparently they are unable to do one of these vids without mentioning or alluding to their psychic connection and best friend mind meld

ahhhh watching them work together in this game is the fucking best and they were just so happy in this one, it was so palpable and hilarious and fun to watch, as though all the fun they have together is actually contagious. i love them and this video series so fuckin much :((

(keep talking and no one explodes #3


Some covers are great! This one of Dean’s theme is extremely beautiful 😍

After the attack occurred at Finsbury Mosque, muslims were angered and tried to retaliate and hit the attacker. The imam of the masjid prevented that from happening and protected the attacker, not because he had any sympathy for him but he knew it would’ve turned into a blood bath.

Imagine seeing the people that pray behind you at the masjid being killed and still having so much courage to prevent any further conflict from happening. I pray that I have as much courage as that imam and that those have been impacted are granted paradise.. This has been just a sad, sad week for all of us.

“What’s life without a little risk?” 11 year old Sirius whispers with a wolfish grin, convincing Remus to sneak out of the dormitory for the first time. They end up almost getting caught on the way back from the lake, but Remus can’t help but admit that there’s almost something exhilarating about getting away with it.

“What’s life without a little risk?” 14 year old Sirius shouts as he runs away from a couple of Slytherins who were all covered in boils. Remus couldn’t help but smile as he knew it was only retaliation for them making fun of his scars the day before.

“What’s life without a little risk?” 17 year old Sirius responds, when Remus asks him why he stays with him for the full moon. This past moon had been particularly rough for Remus, and, even though Sirius was a bit bruised from a night of roughhousing with a werewolf, there was a smile on his face as he brushed his fingers through Remus’ hair.

“What’s life without a little risk?” 20 year old Sirius mumbles before collapsing, bloodied and bruised, on Remus’ doorstep. Remus never did find out what happened on that Order mission, other than they were ambushed and it went terribly wrong.

“What’s life without a little risk?” 36 year old Sirius argues when Remus tells him that it’s a trap, and that it would be best if he stays at Grimmauld Place. Sirius goes to the department of mysteries anyways, determined not to let another Potter die.

“What’s life without a little risk?” Those six words echo through Remus’ head as he watches Sirius fall through the veil, barely able to hold a screaming Harry in his arms. As Harry breaks away from him, he looks back at the veil and a different six words enter his mind.

“What’s life without you in it?”

INTJ ESFP arguments are the most pointless thing I have ever done
  • ESFP: Good Morning!
  • INTJ: *hums* good morning
  • ESFP: *imitates in grumpy voice* 'Uhhh good morning'
  • INTJ: It's early, I'm still waking up
  • ESFP: It's 11 o'clock!
  • INTJ: Actually it's 10:40.
  • ESFP: That's still silly. Wanna come with me shopping?
  • INTJ: *making breakfast* No
  • ESFP: Please?
  • INTJ: No.
  • ESFP: I'll buy you sushi.
  • INTJ: No ESFP, I just want to have a quiet morning and eat my breakfast in piece.
  • ESFP: It's not early!
  • INTJ: So you've said, now can I please just have some time to myself?
  • ESFP: *offended* you don't have to be so rude about it!
  • INTJ: It's not my fault you can't sense the tone of the room.
  • ESFP: Well it's not my fault you don't know how to talk to people!
  • INTJ: I know many people who like to talk to me.
  • ESFP: You could've said it with some dignity.
  • INTJ: Dignity?
  • ESFP: Get some self-respect?
  • INTJ: Self-res- I do respect myself, I'm awesome. Do you- do you know what dignity and self-respect mean?
  • ESFP: I can't talk to you when you're like this!
  • INTJ: Like what?
  • ESFP: Like that!
  • INTJ: Like what, this is just what I sound like when I'm tired and annoyed.
  • ESFP: *storms about the house the rest of the day*
  • INTJ: *sigh* wouldn't of happened if she just listened to me the first time.