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This series of images continues my exploration of anthropogenic, post-natural landscapes - the constant state of flux that exists around us. In essence, I discover places I never knew existed and document evidence of surreal relationships between humans and their natural and man-made surroundings.

There is evidence of extreme alteration of the land, co-existence with nature, subversion of man-made environments and of nature’s retaliation.

The question can be asked - what is natural? Is it natural for humans to shape their surroundings? Is a pile of unearthed coal natural? Is a playground natural? This exhibition portrays all these aspects of the world as natural.

It was important to evaluate each scene without pre-conception, documenting with impartiality. I studied the evidence before me without drawing conclusions as to what has been, or what is to come.




All images and text © Chris Round

trash--universe  asked:

LevTora. Again. Lmao. I was just thinking about Lev discovering how FUZZY the buzzed sides of Tora's head are. And now he just rubs at them ALL THE TIME. He rubs his cheek against it, his fingers, his lips - because the fuzzy wuzzy feeling is so addictive. Tora freaking turns AS RED AS A GOSHDARN TOMATO. But honestly he likes the attention and thinks it's super cute so he lets Lev do it in private. In public tho? Lev best be ready for a tickle assault in retaliation for making Tora blush.

eybjknewnkf this is!! so cute!!

Imagine them just chillin one afternoon and Lev’s gently stroking the fuzz with his hands and Tora’s falling asleep bc it feels so nice

Retaliation by Tom Fleming

Flavor Friday: An Abridged Magic Story History #6

The Brother’s War (Dominaria)

About 4,500 years ago, the brothers Urza and Mishra - both talented artificers - discovered the locked portal to Phyrexia and inadvertently re-opened it. Manipulated by the Phyrexian Gix, war between the brothers culminated with a battle on the island of Argoth. Facing impossible odds and both his own army and his brother under Phyrexia’s sway, Urza used magic through Golgothian Sylex to level the island, causing massive ecological upheaval over the plane of Dominaria, ushering in the Ice Age. Urza’s planeswalker spark ignited. This is event caused another rift in the fabric of the Multiverse. (The Brothers’ War)

The Queen’s Wish

Interesting though, Emma hurts the Queen and the Queen’s retaliation reaction is to give Emma the life she’s always wanted, the life she should have had. It’s like the Queen sat down and went “Even Emma hates me. This just won’t do. Maybe she’ll hate me less if I send her to a world where I never cast the curse.” It’s like the Queen’s twisted version of


She takes the lamp and of all the things she could have wished for herself, instead of making her heart’s desire come true, she wishes for Emma’s wish to be true. Because Emma’s wish coming true would hopefully lead to Emma not wanting to kill her anymore. That’s it. That’s the Queen’s wish. Not for Emma to love her or for Henry to want to stay with her, just for Emma to not want to hurt her anymore. 

She just wants what was given freely to Regina even right after Regina inadvertently almost killed Henry and Emma found out Regina had once been the Evil Queen.

So excuse me for loving the Queen and being in a constant state of 


when it comes to her and how everyone treats her.

Ok Obi-Wan should have definitely broken some bones with that fall off the catwalk

But let’s talk about Qui-Gon’s bad ass double strike on Maul that sends him flying

I can hope that was in retaliation for nearly killing his padawan

Question, when antis do shit to try and piss off larries or to “poke them with a stick”, why y’all gotta give them the attention they’re craving by talking about what they did? Just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen. They do it JUST so you will talk about it and make them and their actions relevant.

My little sister would do it to me all the time. She would do little things like continuously poke me or call me names that weren’t even that insulting and she would keep at it for a good few minutes. If I retaliated or let her know it bothered me, she’d keep on doing it. If I ignored her and pretended it didn’t affect me, she would get bored and go do something else.

Don’t give antis the satisfaction of bringing attention to their stupid little stunts.

anonymous asked:

For a christmas prompt, how about a reader catching uf!sans by surprise under a mistletoe to get him to blush with a kiss and he retaliates by giving them ticklish kisses on their neck, like butterfly kisses, nips and nibbles? And if you like, it can escalate into a tickle fight till they're breathless and have some hot chocolate and snuggle afterward. (sidenote, I would really like uf!sans to refer to reader as doll or sweetheart but you don't have to.) I hope you like this prompt. ^-^

YES YES YES YES 1000 TIMES YES i love this so so much god bless

4R’s: Encantadia (December 1, 2016 episode review)


Ybrahim and Wantuk went to Ascano and bought new weapons using the treasures of Sapiro. Asval came and was angry that Ybrahim spent Sapiro’s wealth without his consent, Ybrahim retaliated and told him he doesn’t need to ask permission from him and emphasized that he is the heir to his father’s throne, thus the entire kingdom including it’s riches belongs to him. Asval was offended, he and Ybrahim engaged in a duel. Wahid intervened and asked both princes to respect their home, Asval and his men left. Ybrahim and Wantuk took everything they bought back to Sapiro.

Wantuk was excited to tell Amihan and her sisters who just got back from the lair of the bandidos that they already gathered all the weapons they need, and prepared breakfast for the sang’gres. Alena however refused to join her sisters and went off somewhere, having suspicions in her mind, Amihan decided to secretly follow Alena. Sang’gre Alena went back to Pirena’s camp and told them about Amihan’s plan to attack Hagorn, Amihan successfully made allies with the bandidos and through them they will be able to get inside the palace without getting noticed, this is by using all the weapons Ybrahim bought from Ascano and make it look like gifts to King Hagorn from the bandidos, unknown to the Hathors, some Lireans including Amihan and Danaya will be inside some of those chests and will make a surprise attack when the bandidos open it. Pirena was satisfied with the information Alena gave her and came up with a plan to take Hagorn down ahead of Amihan and Danaya. As of now, all that Alena has to do is to follow whatever Amihan wants and Pirena will take care of the rest. Amihan who has been listening to their conversation confirmed that Alena was indeed the traitor.

Lira and Mira went back to Sapiro, the former kept thanking Mira for all her help to bring her back to her sang’gre form. But Mira has to go back to the mortal world because she promised Amihan she will go back there and Anthony will surely be looking for her. Lira sensed that there is something going on between Mira and Anthony, although Mira hinted that she does have feelings for the mortal boy, it is against the law of Encantadia. Mira promised she will be back soon after sorting out things in the mortal world, the cousins bid goodbye to each other and went on separate ways.

Amihan just got back to the palace, Ybrahim asked where she went but before Amihan could answer, a young encantada appeared, ran towards them calling them “inay” and “itay” (mother and father) and hugged them which puzzled Amihan and Ybrahim. Lira was beyond happy to be back to her parents but unfortunately, a part of Ether’s curse has not been broken…yet. For her parents still doesn’t remember her, Lira explained that she was that pashnea-looking encantada they took in whom Pao Pao nicknamed “Kambi.” Pao Pao was disappointed at Lira’s transformation and didn’t want to be with her for she cannot be her pet anymore. Amihan apologized at the child’s behavior and asked how she was able to change her physique, Lira explained that it was because of the fruit from the tree of Evades that helped her.

Lira went back to the tree of life and asked Evades why her parents still couldn’t remember her, and asked if she could pick some fruits for her parents to eat to regain their memories of her. Evades regretfully told her that those fruits does not have the capability of such, Lira became disappointed for she haven’t totally broke her curse. Evades reminded her, that Emre sees everything and knows what she’s going through, and that something good lies beneath all the misfortunes happening to Lira, besides, Emre will never give something Lira couldn’t handle. This means she has to figure out a way to turn Ether’s curse to her advantage and eventually break it.

Pirena proceeded to her plans and went to Lireo, there she single-handedly defeated the Hathors guarding the main entrance and disguised herself as Agane to be able to get inside. She went to Hagorn’s room and knocked out Mayca who was ordered by Lila Sari to guard the king, Pirena successfully went in, and was about to kill her own father. But Hagorn has very sharp senses and woke up at the sight of Pirena, father and daughter once again engaged in a fight, Hagorn was able to injure Pirena despite of her ability to go evictus.

Amihan told Danaya what she had recently discovered, about a certain someone who is a traitor in their camp. Amihan asked Lira to call Ybrahim and their allies for a meeting which the young sang’gre obliged. Ybrahim and the rest went in, leaving Lira alone with Wahid who was mesmerized with the former’s beauty and began flirting with her much to Lira’s distaste. Amihan told Ybrahim and the rest that their plan of attacking Hagorn the following day will not push through because someone has betrayed them, Alena sensed that Amihan knows something but nevertheless challenged her to spill the beans and tell everyone who it was, the tension between sisters intensifies.


💜 So Lira’s curse is finally broken, she’s back to her old self. But her family is still oblivious about her. This ain’t rant worthy guys you know why? Because it is time for Lira to learn how to become independent, she must learn how to solve things on her own without relying on others. Emre and Mira already helped her, it’s time for her to do her thing. Because in life, not all things are handed over to you, most of the time we have to work for it, and believe me, it’s more worth it that way. So that our Lira love will learn how to value everything she has—family, fortune, and power. And I still believe that Lira will discover something, I just know she will.

💜💗 Awww…why does Mira have to leave so soon? I love their tandem 😭. Mira, come back agad okay?

💙💚 Yaaas! Amihan you.are.slaying! Love that plan of yours, and I love the fact that you didn’t really trust your shady sister and followed your instincts, you have learned queen!

💛 Can we all just preach Danaya’s beauty? Three men competing to win her heart, haba ng hair ni bes!

❤ But of course, no one thinks like Pirena! I got so freakin’ excited at that Hagorn vs Pirena thing, it’s their fight scene I am most excited about. Both are intelligent, both are cunning, and both are skilled warriors, and you guys know me, I am so fed up with the smart villain dumb protagonist syndrome so…


🤔 I was kinda expecting that Lira will use her magical voice and sing that song she always sing for Amihan, she could try that seriously, but why hasn’t she thought of that?

Best performers for this episode:

Kylie Padilla 🌪
Glaiza de Castro 🔥

Rating: 9 out of 10 💎s

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@Rurumadrid8 (Ruru Madrid)

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Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army