So this middle aged man walks up to the checkout counter yesterday. I give my usual greeting and he responds with “How tall are you?” Then proceeds to try guessing my weight. I’m very tiny so I’m used to gawking and annoying comments, but this fucker… As I finish his order he goes “You gotta eat some pasta, you’re too skinny.” I tell him “Im fine with the way I look.” And he seriously goes “Nooo, you’re too skinny!” Ok you piece of shit

1. How dare you try to invalidate my self esteem? I shouldnt be happy because YOU dont my body?

2. You are a nasty past-his-prime old man, I’m not trying to appeal to you, gramps.

3. I’m 21 but look much younger- this greasy old fuck thought it was appropriate to comment on (criticize!!) the body of someone who could be a minor for all he knows.

4. I hope nobody shows up to your funeral. And I hope the afterlife is real so your ghost can watch nobody show up.

I swear to god this happened verbatim

*answers the phone*
Me: Thank you for calling GameStop plus Cricket Wireless, this is XXXXXX how can I help you?
Them: You got that new call of duty game?
Me: Advanced Warfare or the new Black Ops? ‘Cause Black Ops 3 won’;t be out 'till November.
Them: I don’t know, the new one!
Me: Well, if you’re looking for Advanced Warfare I should have it; what system?
Them: What?
Me: What system?
Them: Call of Duty!
Me: What system do you need it for?
Them: Whatever system will play it!
Me: I have it new for $60.
Them: $60?!? Are you kidding me? I’ll go to Walmart and get it for $20!
Me: enjoy your expert service while you’re there…

In her appeal to Amazon, she concedes that the independent publishing community is a small one and that she may have had social media interactions with the author, but “knowing of an author online, and personally knowing an author in real life are two different things. By your definition it would mean that bloggers such as myself are being barred from reviewing books they legitimately purchased, which in turn contravenes with the notion that reviews for a verified purchase are highly encouraged.”

Imy says it is “unfair to the authors whose work I love, to be punished for a claim that simply cannot stand. I don’t know any authors on a personal level.”

Her appeal fell on deaf ears, as the response from Amazon simply restated, “We removed your Customer Reviews because you know the author personally.”

MY INTERVIEW WENT GREAT im v v likely not gonna work in cosmetics or fragrances which tbh thank god i dont wanna have to put that much effort into my face every day bUT ill probs work as a sales associate bc the interviewer said i have a good personality for sales and was v much what they were looking for in a sales associate and i should hear back from them by the end of the week!!!!!!!!
i hope i get this job!!!! i wanna help rich people actually have a sense of fashion!!!! and dress up the mannequins!!! bc they all look like they were done by someone w zero fashion sense nor any understanding of how colors and textures and patterns work together!!!!!! i want this job damn it!!!!!

Young lady problems #1

Me: I don’t know if I want kids
Old lady: yes you do
Me: no but like maybe not like that’s not something i can return
Old lady: you will change your mind as you get older
Me: ehhh we are pretty over populated as it is….
Old lady: *disapproving look*

Customer comes up with three used games during one of our B2G1 free sales. There are two games that are 39.99 and one that is 54.99.
Him: I want this one for free *pushes the 54.99 game closer to me*
Me: Sir, the cheapest of the three is the free one.
Him: yah that’s what is says on the sign but I want this one for free *pushes it even closer*
Me: Sir, I can’t give you that one for free, you can get one of the 39.99 ones for free though.
Him: Well how about I just get these two *points at one 39.99 and the 54.99* and you give me this one *the 54.99 game* for free?
Me: But then it wouldn’t be buy three get one free.
Him: Why does it have to be three games? Why not two? Or four?
Me: Because it says three on the sign…
Him: okay fine I’ll take this *hands me a bag of candy* can I get one free if I buy three?
Me: *this is only my first customer of the day!!!*

Retailing in China: Walmart v Wumart

Walmart, the American giant, entered China in 1996, five years before the country joined the World Trade Organisation and liberalised its retail industry. Yet despite starting early, it has advanced slowly. In 2006 it took over Taiwan’s Trust-mart, which added more than a hundred shops to its Chinese operations. Today Walmart has 338 shops in 124 Chinese cities, with 90,000 employees and annual sales of some $7 billion. Not bad, but that is less than 3% of its sales in America.

Wumart, the Beijing-based chain, was founded in the early 1990s by Zhang Wenzhong, who had developed an IT system for retailers while at Stanford University, but found that he couldn’t interest any retailers in it. He returned to China and opened his own chain of stores. By 2005, Wumart had more than 450 hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Happy 4th of July

Me, answering phone: “______ bookstore, how can I help you?” 

Customer: “You’ll be open on the 4th, right? What are your hours?”

Me: “We’re open normal hours.”

Customer comes in on the 4th to pick up books: “Man, it really sucks that they make you guys work today.” 

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