“I don’t have the receipt, can I still return this?”

“Don’t you have any more of these in the back?”

“I want to speak to the manager!”

“Oh I’m not going to buy anything, I’m just looking!”

“I know you’re about to close, but I just need one thing!”

“It didn’t scan, it must be free!”

"Can you slap my children for me?"

The other morning, a mom was telling her kids the bottled water along the wall in the grocery section was hot, and of course they’re like “No, Mom, it’s normal tap water temperature, it feels fairly cool”. The mom disagrees, then turns to me, shoves her kids towards me, and demands that I slap them for her. She looked pissed when I refused, since that’s definitely against store and company policy, not to mention my personal ethics. This woman literally tried to complain to a manager because I refused to hurt HER kids due to HER petty argument. People are wild.

s/o to all the customers who don’t even look at you when you ask how they’re doing, the ones who slide their cards before you’ve rung up their first item, the ones who ask to speak to the manager because no, you cannot discount their purchase just because it’s their birthday

You ever have those customers that are so nice, they’re sweet as fuck and you have no problem helping them because they’re treating you the way you should be treated? But once you say something they don’t like, like “we don’t have this medication in stock” they turn into a demon and their head spins and they start cussing you out? And you’re like “Damn, Margaret! I thought we were friends?” But they just proved you wrong like chill bitch I can order it for you!

Don’t get me wrong, I love bargains as much as the next person, but if a retailer doesn’t accept a coupon that the “other store” accepted, just go shop at that other store then. Trust me, you will not die if you have to pay full price. If you truly believe that it is reasonable to cause a scene and hold up our line over $2, take your business elsewhere and go rethink your priorities. You’re somebody else’s problem now.