The Bread Basket Bakery

A new bakery has come to town with an upscale urban feel. It contains baked goods on the shelves ready to sell; a garden for your chefs to cook or bake most recipes; and an upstairs loft for the owner.


  • No CC
  • Lot size: 20 x 15
  • Cost: $91,113
  • Lot location in my game: Comfy Cubby, Newcrest
  • Lot type: Retail
  • Lot trait(s): Chefs Kitchen / Homey / Great Soil


  • I have all expansion, stuff and game packs.
  • Enable the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing the lot.
  • Remember to lock the kitchen and the loft so that the customers cannot enter.


This lot can be found in the Gallery under my Origin ID: erisema or via: #simgurl