retail therapy


Retail Therapy

The criminal justice system has been so fucked up lately, all I’ve really done this week is wallow in a sea of rage, despair, and grief. I want to live in a country where laws and grand jury procedings apply equally to everyone—black, white or purple, badge or no badge. My heart has been heavy.

Apart from wallowing, I’ve been picking fights with people, both online and off. And I did a little retail therapy. The faux leather leggings I ordered from Nordstrom arrived, and I love them so. They fit like a glove. The layered evil eye necklace I ordered also arrived.

Leather leggings rarely solve systemic racism and injustice, but they can make you at least look like your heart isn’t weighted down by it all.

This has been a strange post.


Oh hi!  Nice to see you.  TCAF was amazing, huh?

If you’re preordering Twelve Gems and don’t already have my previous book it’s your lucky day.  I also have copies of a recent zine called Mors Ultima Ratio #2 which contains one lewd, distasteful tale. 


112 page graphic novel, 8 full-color pages and 104 black and white, Fall 2009 Xeric grant winner.  7.5”x5”


14 pages b/w, 5.5” x 8.5” zine


DEATH TRAP / Mors Ultima Ratio #2 - USA

DEATH TRAP / Mors Ultima Ratio #2 - WORLD

"Organized Grime" returns on sunday

Mother's Day

I’m late. On EVERYTHING really, right now, but on Mother’s Day shopping too.  (The psychology of my reluctance to take care of it this year probably has something to do with Polly having died so recently and her notable absence from the shopping list.  My subconscious has never been particularly subtle.) 


Uncommon Goods wrote me this year and asked me to do a Mother’s Day post and I’m late on that too.  So.  This is it.  

Now, I’m not in the habit of doing posts for sites, but Uncommon Goods  is a B-Corp and supports Women for Women International, which is, along with Girls Leadership Institute and the Trevor Project, one of my favorite charities.  (Some of you might recall that in 2011, I was lucky enough to raise several thousand dollars for Women to Women International with your help.)

So… that’s the why of this.  If you’re wondering.  

Now on to the fun stuff!  My Mother’s Day picks —

This upcycled cotton sari robe goes for a very reasonable $58 and is chic as all hell. (My friend Chelsea Cain would REALLY rock this, I think. She’d figure out some way to wear it to a cocktail party and still look cool. I’d have to limit myself to after the shower, alas. I’m going to pretend it’s a height thing.)

It’s spendy at $180, but I remain terribly charmed by this Octopus Garden Sculpture. (For a more affordable alternative, these garden creatures are only $24 for a set of five. Those of you who have read PRETTY DEADLY will be unsurprised to learn that I am partial to the crow and the bunny from this set.  See also this butterfly map.) 

(It’s not from Uncommon Goods, but I can’t help but point out ACTUAL BONES BUNNY for, you know, Weird Moms Like Me.)

Speaking of my books, shopping for a CAPTAIN MARVEL fan? 

If she already has the Hala Star necklace from Etsy, you can’t go wrong with this paper airplane.  I kind of love the though of Kit and Carol sitting around the Statue folding paper airplanes.  I bet Carol has lots of theories in that regard.

And as long as we’re just IN for a retail therapy post, look what’s up on Zulily today

All right. I think that’s enough.  I’m out! 

Happy Mother’s Day. 


Brussels Sprouts and Vanity.

This was the 2nd last stalk of brussels sprouts, probably rejected by all the shoppers over the weekend. Trying a Speculoos and Chocolate Tart recipe for Thursday, and these parsnips were too plump to pass up.

Did not really plan to go in to Steven Alan on the Westside today, I am sure they already pegged me as the guy that comes every once in a while and tries that jacket on but just buys socks. We strolled over there anyways and the jacket I’ve been stalking all year went on sale. It is unlined so it will be comfy in balmy Georgia weather. The salesperson that looked like Fabio Costa on Project Runway had me at “oh it’s a great fit”. Time to book more piano gigs to justify this jacket(secretly planning to wear it for my 40th birthday celebration that I may or may not be planning for next year).